Coupons To Print For Upcoming Publix Deals

Sabra GuacamoleI thought I'd do a little roundup of coupons that I think will come in handy soon at Publix 😉 Grab your coupons and you will be ready to grab some great Publix deals next week.

I grabbed these too based on deals from last week that should be still available -


  1. Victor says

    FYI… There’s also a 50 cent off PQ for the herbal essences body wash which can be paired with the 5/2 Clairol Q. Just bought 20 and made 10 dollars!

    • tammi says

      Does the $5/2 coupon beep on the body washes? The UPCs on the body wash don’t match the first five digits on the coupon. I only saw that the shampoo/conditioners had the matching codes.

      • Victor says

        They had to put them in manually but I saw on clairol’s Facebook page that they were gonna honor the purchase since they didn’t specify on the coupon.

        • tammi says

          Yeah I figured they would beep. I don’t feel OK using them if the coupon isn’t even coded for that product. It’s one thing if the codes match, but I’m not going to force my publix I have a good relationship with to push these ones through.

          • Victor says

            I think I had a new cashier though because I got some at cvs and they went right through

  2. Jenn says

    Both the Sabra hummus & guacamole were there for me. Since I printed the hummus Q’s before, it would not print again. I was able to print 2 guac Q’s for the first time.

  3. Sarah says

    Are the GoGo squeeze on sale? They are normally 2.99 a box some curious how they are .40 after coupon.

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