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I thought I'd ask you guys to weigh in on another Ask the Readers question this afternoon. What would you say to a reader who asks the following:

I set up my new wireless brother laser printer tonight. I have owned the wired version for about a year now (got it for $50) and grabbed the wireless, when I caught it for just under $80.  After setting it up on the laptops with windows, I moved onto my iPad and phone. I was thrilled when I was able to print from both.

But it soon turned to frustration, when I could not get the coupon app downloaded for the coupon website (, etc.). I tried switching browsers on my iPad, without success. And the android app for my android makes you email your coupons to a pc. That defeats the purpose. I wanted my phone to enable me to have another two prints. Have you or others had any success in printing coupons from the devices?

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  1. amanda says

    Not sure why your Ipad won’t connect with the wireless printer. It should automatically detect the wireless printer and print. I do know that Target will not allow you to print coupons from anything other than a PC. I have the app on my IPhone and have zero problem printing two coupons from my PC and two from my IPhone. Smartsource, redplum and some others will only allow you to print from a PC and no other device so this may be the problem you’re running in to. The IPad should work with app though. Good luck!!

  2. ashley says

    i use app on my iPhone to print and i usually have no problems but i havent tried any other apps. i have a lot of trouble on my imac simply because of java theres a ton of coupons i cant print right now :(

  3. Cindy says

    I think the issue is the fact that your wireless printer is a “brother”. I was told that only “HP” wireless printers work with I have no issues with my ipad, ipod and iphone with my HP wireless.

    • nikki says

      I have an HP and an iPhone 4 and my printer stopped working with my phone about a month ago. it is so frustrating…

  4. Christina says

    I don’t know the answer, but am interested in finding out. It’s so ironic because I have gone through the exact process this week. Just bought a new wireless printer, can print most everything else from my iphone (websites, email, attachements, etc.) but the ONE thing I cannot print is coupons from app. And I TOO would like the extra two copies. Awaiting an answer……..

  5. Angela says

    I believe Cindy is right. The app only works with HP wireless printers. I have a HP wireless and have been using the app and printing for about two years with no problems. It used to tell you about this in the description portion of the app, but I don’t think it highlights this important info anymore. It seems to be a point of contention in it’s reviews.

    • Anca says

      I have a wireless hp printer too. I still don’t know how to print from my phone or use black ink only. HELP

      • Angela says

        I think your iPhone will automatically detect your HP wireless printer. Mine did. Also, I don’t believe you can print with black ink only…maybe someone else knows for sure?

  6. carter says

    Using, I can print from my iphone to the dell printer on my wireless network, but the android version of the app I have on my tablet does not let me print.

  7. Hannah Fortune says

    I would like to know if anyone with something besides an hp can print coupons from their IPhone. I just got an iPhone and I’m looking at getting a new printer as mine is eating paper! Which ones are cheaper on ink, things like that! Thanks!!

    • Tim says

      If you want to save money on ink then research a printer that can take CIS (continueous ink system). It is a bulk ink system that you replace the original cartridges with the new ones and the ink runs through tubes from bulk. Retard cheaper. EBay the printer model your interested in and put “cis” or “ciss” in the search. Install is. .. pull old out put new in. I have an Epson wireless printer with it. Looking to get a Iphone to test might be buying an hp that can use CIS.

  8. Carly says

    My android tablet won’t print using app either. Makes me wish I had spent more for the iPad. My iPod touch and our two iPhones print fine to our HP wireless, which is the only brand of printer that prints with Apple devices. That’s why I didn’t bother with a wireless brother. I just plug laptops in to the laser printer and if I need to print in color or from my iPhone I use the wireless HP. It also is our scanner/copier.

  9. Valerie Way says

    I print coupons. com from my iphone, ipad, and my droid phone to a brother printer and a hp printer. The brother printer requires a little tweaking on the printer itself so you may need to look up the information to do that. You could probably call brother to get help doing it. Good luck!

  10. southfloridashopper says

    I’ve had Brother and Epson printers/All in one machines before and when my last Epson workforce broke I got a deal on a wireless HP printer for about $60 a couple months ago. Ink is much cheaper for my HP and I find I don’t go through as many ink cartridges as before. The main reason that got me to buy HP was the fact that I knew I could print coupons from my iPhone and dh’s iPhone with the app. I was not able to print any coupons with Brother or Epson printers.

  11. nandranie says

    I try to do the same bought a brothers printer didn’t work. I went back and got a HP I haven’t load on the iPad as yet. My kids have the iPod and I print coupon from so HP is the way to go. I paid $100 for mine. I hope I helped.

  12. Brandi says

    I personally don’t like to be bullied into buying a product. Yes, app only works with HP printers. However, there are ways around it. I trade coupons with friends who don’t eat the way I do. I print a few coupons from my desktops for them, and they print for me. I also swap my newspaper coupons too. Most of the time, if you are creative, you can find ways to get your coupons without falling into marketing traps. I love my new Epson wireless. I got it knowing that I wouldn’t be able to print my coupons from my IPad or IPhones. Thanks to great friends, I’m not hurting.

  13. says

    I too found I had to email the coupons from my Android phone to a PC and I am using a HP printer…’s so NOT helpful!!!

  14. Ann marie wilson says

    Hi I also just purchased an Epson workforce printer under the assumption it would work with the ipad. I had no idea you can print from the i phone too. I am still trying to hook it up. I wish I could take it back. If you know how to make it work please please let me . Thanks for your time and consideration.

    • Ann marie wilson says

      Hi I also just purchased an Epson workforce printer under the assumption it would work with the ipad. I had no idea you can print from the i phone too. I am still trying to hook it up. I wish I could take it back. If you know how to make it work please please let me . Thanks for your time and consideration. Sorry let me know.

  15. 19chan85 says

    I can’t get my HP printer to print from my ipad or iphone on the site, but I can print anything else I want. It keeps saying it doesn’t detect the wireless printer even though it’s clearly on becaused I print emails, websites, recipes, etc wirelessly. I temporarily gave up on trying but I would like to be able to get more prints on good coupons sometimes.

  16. Heather says

    I have a droid phone and a droid tablet with an HP wireless printer; however app will not allow me to print from either one of them, it sends the coupons to my email instead. I can print anything else from my phone and tablet just not from this app. Very disappointing.

  17. tramain says

    If you are using a wireless HP printer and want to print from on a android phone then you would have to go to… Setup a quick account with them and then you should be able access the coupon through their site and print them. Good luck and you welcome.

  18. Kristen Brell says

    Hey y’all

    I also have a new HP printer and no problems to print from
    But everybody can also use the groceryIQ app, that almost has the same coupons. So in total y’all can print 4 per Iphone, 4 per smartphone, 4 per Ipod touch etc.
    it works properly and is a really biiiggg help !

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