Rhubarb Cobbler – “Snack”urday

Rhubarb-Cobbler-Parfaits copyAmanda over at A Few Shortcuts has a tasty looking "Snack"urday treat for you guys today - Rhubarb Cobbler.

Ok, I will admit it - I have never in my life tasted rhubarb! Every time it's an option in my organic produce box, I opt for other fruits or veggies. Her picture actually makes me want to give it a try.

Any of you guys want to give me your honest opinion on this curious little fruit?


  1. Suzanna says

    I grew up eating rhubarb and I love it. You can chop it up and cook it with some sugar and when it cools, serve it over vanilla ice cream and it’s awesome. Rhubarb pie is really good, especially with strawberries.

  2. laura says

    I love rubarb! When I lived near Spokane, WA, it grew wild behind our house. It is great in pies and cobblers. Wish I could find it wild around here.

  3. Lori says

    Living in Florida, Rhubarb is hard to find, and when you do it’s not cheap! It’s a wonderful fruit, with a horrible name, that’s the only problem. I make a Rhubarb and Raspberry pie for the holidays and it’s always a big hit.

    It’s quite tart, and has to be cooked and sweetened a bit to eat. That’s why it’s so good in pies, it’s a tart to the sweet fruit. There are also a few dozen other ways to use it. ALL GOOD!

    DON’T be afraid of it!

  4. Deana says

    Like Laura said, when I lived in WI, it grew wild behind our house too. It is great in pies and cobblers. It is tart and needs to be sweetened. As kids, we would just pick it and dare each other to take a bite, make that sour face and laugh really hard. In pie, its very good.

  5. Cassie says

    We used to sneak the sugar shaker outside and eat the rhubarb that grew wild in the back yard. It looks and grows rather like celery, but with large leaves. Skip the leaf and chow down on the stem! It’s wonderful in pies for the tartness. Strawberry Rhubarb pie, my-oh-my. Can’t hardly get my hands on the stuff in GA, though.

  6. Shirley says

    I love rhubarb pie and cobblers but as the other lady said it is expensive and hard to find in Florida. Also Gooseberry cobbler is another great fruit but I don’t see that in Florida either. In England they will do blackberry cobblers with oats.

  7. Carrietta says

    Don’t be scared! I grew up on rhubarb sauce in CT and loved it. Just chop it up and cook it down on the stove. Once it is more of a liquid consistency, add LOTS of sugar. So yummy.

  8. Darry says

    I grew up in New England where it grows like a weed. Have not had it since moving to Florida. ($$$$$) You should definitely try it once.

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