Hormel REV Wraps

Sorry guys...I hate that I got everyone all excited. The wraps are not $1 in the ad they are $1.66. My typist used the price of Lunchables above the wraps. Ultimately it's my fault for not double and triple checking...so sorry about that!

free at publixLaurel emailed to let us know about a great freebie. Hurry over and print the Hormel REV wrap coupon and get each for 66¢ at Publix once the new ad starts on Thursday (Wednesday for some folks).

Hormel REV Wraps, 3 oz, 3/$5
-$1/1 HORMEL® REV™ wrap or HORMEL® REV™ wrap value pack (zip 55109)
-$1/2 Hormel Rev Wrap or Rev Wrap Value Pack  
You pay 66¢ after coupon.

I built a direct link for you guys. Click and if you don't see the coupon - pop in zip 55109 then refresh the page and it will come up pre-clipped for you!

Thanks Laurel!


      • johne says

        I get the next Publix ad early in the mail each week in my Red Plum mailer. Odds are the REV wraps are not 10/$10 anywhere. I think Michelle just made a mistake. The REV Wraps are listed in the ad under the Lunchables which are 10/$10 but in small print it gives the price of the Rev Wraps as 3/$5.

  1. Jenn says

    Didn’t come up at first, but input the zip Michelle gave, hit refresh and it came up. Printed twice. Thanks Michelle :)

  2. Bryan says

    One of the things I love about couponing is the opportunity to try new products when they are introduced. I bought these several weeks ago on the last cycle when they were introduced and there was a $1/1 MQ. While they weren’t horrible, I won’t be buying them again, not even at $.66. I probably wouldn’t even grab them again if they were free. Hopefully others will enjoy them more than I did.

    • angela says

      i grabbed 4 of them and had read a comment beforehand from someone saying they were horrible, but thought since they were free I would try them myself. I’m glad they were free. I tried to eat 1 and could not. It was disgusting. threw the others away. were not fit to even give away. yeah, im with you, i will not buy them again even if they are free.

    • danish says

      I had read on another thread they were gross too. Bought one for my husband to eat on a break at work bc it was cheap–I suggested he heat it up first. He said it was ok and wouldn’t mind eating them again.

      • J says

        Could you just let us know what makes these disgusting? Is it the bread wrap? cheese? meat? I suggest if you have a panini maker or george foreman grill, heat it up and perhaps it will be better. I’ve never had these so I’m going to heat it up that way when I get them.

  3. Erin says

    What section are these in? I haven’t seen them in my store (it has just been remodeled, and I haven’t seen much lately) Thanks!

  4. Genny says

    They are listed 2/$4.00 at our Publix. I don’t think I’ll be buying them even with the coupon. My son ate one & told me they were not good.

  5. Danielle says

    I have never seen them for free but I thought they were a rip off..did not seem to get very much for the money. If my kids liked them it would take 4 or 5 to fill them up.

    • michelle says

      I saw them in the store last time they were 3/$5 and they are very small so I didn’t bother. They didn’t look all that appetizing to me either.

  6. Sarah says

    I still like them for 66 cents for a quick snack/lunch on the go. Thanks for the clarification and letting us know about the coupons :)

  7. Tanya says

    If anyone has these coupons and not going to use them I will trade coupons for them have $5/30 to trade!
    Have a friend with six kids she has taken on and she could REALLY use these!
    Just thought I would ask!

    • Julie says

      “My typist used the price of Lunchables above the wraps.”
      You have a typist? I need to get me one of those…

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