Reminder – Stamp Out Hunger Is TODAY!

stamp-out-hunger-2013Today is the day to put our your Stamp out Hunger donations at your mailbox! 

All you have to do is leave a sturdy bag containing non-perishable foods, like canned Campbell’s soups, canned vegetables, pasta, rice or cereal, next to your mailbox before the time of your regular mail delivery. Your letter carrier will then collect the donations and deliver them to food banks and pantries in your local community.

If you feel like snapping a picture of your donation - shoot it over to me contactiheartpublix @ (remove the spaces). I am putting my bag out in a few minutes!


  1. Kristin says

    Thanks – I had it sitting by the door and almost forgot this morning (not enough coffee yet).. . It’s out now!

  2. maddie says

    this might be a dumb question but, can i use a box instead of bag? it’s just everyone is saying bag and i can’t find anyone saying box, even their website didn’t mention it.

    • Kristin says

      I don’t think it would matter – box or bag – just make sure the mail carrier can pick it up easily.

    • Lana says

      I put out a small box one time & the mail carrier would not get out of his vehicle to pick it up. Just left it sitting there. He took all of the neighbor’s plastic bags, though. So, I have only used the bags since that incident.

    • maddie says

      i put the box out and taped the stamp out hunger flyer from publix. our mail guy picked up the box with no issues.

  3. Lynn says

    They left “publix ” plastic bags ( with the stomp out logo ) in our mailbox last week. I used the one they left plus two regular publix bags. Thanks for the reminder :)

  4. we says

    The Publix in Vinings across from the Home Depot is collecting for stamp out hunger, there is a bin in the breakroom if any of mt fellow couponers want to clean out there pantry. I found lots of stuff in mine, made room for some new bargains 😉

  5. Michele says

    I put mine out the night before so I wouldn’t forget today. Used the bag they provided and hung it from the newspaper hook on our mailbox.

  6. Mark says

    I put mine out by the mailbox this morning. The carrier just dropped off the mail and ignored the bag!

    Last time I’ll respond to their appeal!

      • Cassie says

        Mine sat outside from nine am till 5… untouched! My carrier brought the mail and ignored the bag :(

        I even called my post office last week to make double plus sure they were participating.

    • Bee says

      some routes have someone to come by and just get the food. keep it out there until they pick it up. even if its not until monday.

    • says

      The same thing happened to me! I thought I had the wrong date because our Mail carrrier did the same thing…..filled the mail box and left the food bag sitting right there, by the box. I wonder who you’d report this to?

  7. Pamela C says

    Just able to feed myself and my loved ones – ok I’m a cat mommy, but because of this forum can also donate – Wolf Chili at .33 cents, .25
    cents a box pasta, and some free dog food. A few weeks ago the chili was
    all I had to eat, but I’m coming back from that. Anybody can donate.

  8. Jessica says

    I put mine in a Publix reusable bag filled with groceries and the mail carrier put my bag back in the mailbox after picking up the groceries. I didn’t mind if they took the bag, really. hee hee. I feel good about my small act of kindness though. :)

  9. Bee says

    I am a mail carrier…and if you forgot to put your food out is okay to put it out there on Monday. We generally don’t completely stop getting food until next Saturday. thanks to all who participated. The turnout was great at my post office.

  10. says

    No good deed goes unpunished, lol. We fit what we could inside the mailbox, then hung a bag of Suddenly Salad mixes on the flag, thinking the weather would be fine. I awoke to rain and had to run out in it to rescue the food! It was wet, but still edible, I think. Oh, well…

  11. Lisa B. says

    I brought 2 full paper bags this morning to my post office and dropped it off there. They had a big stamp out hunger bin for food.

  12. tiffany says

    This was my first year participating. I left a box of food out ALL day yesterday and brought it inside this morning. I am kind of disapointed. Did I do something wrong? Are boxes not allowed?I hate the idea of leaving the food out any longer do to whether, animals, and the sun. WOW I am just in shock that it was not picked up. Is there something I need to know? Thank you

  13. says

    My mail carrier was moved to tears when he got to our house (duplex). My son is disabled and left him a note that he had two boxes for him and he left it on our front steps out of the rain. He came up and got them. I had filled two bags and hung them from each mailbox. The mail carrier said no one on our street left anything, not even one can! We were the only ones! Thanks to you, Michelle, and coupons, we were able to do our part!

  14. Vicky says

    Someone wrote that the Stamp Out Hunger group charges for food. Do you know anything about that? Does it go to local food banks? Thanks.

  15. Cali says

    Mine was the only donation out of all the townhomes in my area. I am also the ONLY Single mom in my neighborhood so this really says something!! So disappointed that I am always the only one to participate. Thank you for helping me save so much money! I love this website. I was able to donate 15 bags of food to the food bank so far this year and to my mom who is on a fixed income.

  16. Stephanie says

    I placed many canned foods and lunchables that I got for free. I placed it around lunch and see it was gone with the mail carrier was filling the mailboxes. I did notice we were the only ones to place it out of all the families in the neighborhood.

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