New Running Out? Run In Coupon Sheet With Publix Coupons

publix couponsMelinda emailed with the new Running Out Run In coupon sheet that she found at Publix. The coupon has a bunch of great Publix coupons valid 5/4 - 5/26.

  • $1/10 Yoplait Greek 100 Yogurts
  • $1/1 Yoplait Frozen Smoothie
  • $2/1 Pampers Diaper
  • $1/1 Gain 100 oz+
  • $1/1 Betty Crocker Potatoes wyb 2 Green Giant Canned Vegetables
  • $1/2 Old El Paso Dinner Kits
  • $1/2 Charmin or Charmin Basic
  • $1/1 Always Pads or Always Tampons
  • $1/2 Bounty or Bounty Basic

Plus the sheet announces the upcoming Publix gift card offer where you will get a $10 Publix gift card when you buy $30 in participating products (5/15 - 5/30). You can check out the details and print your form HERE.

  • General Mills Cereals Wheaties
  • Cascadian Farm
  • Honey Nut Cheerios Medley Crunch
  • Total Whole Grain Cereal
  • Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper
  • Suddenly Salad
  • Totino's Party Pizza
  • Pizza Rolls (40ct, assorted varieties)
  • Yoplait Light Yogurt with Granola (assorted varieties)
  • Go-Gurt (8ct pkg 2.25oz, assorted varieties)
  • Gain Laundry Detergent (100oz, assorted varieties)
  • Dawn Dish Detergent (20-24oz bottle, assorted varieties)
  • Charmin Basic Bathroom Tissue (12 double roll pkg, assorted varieties)
  • Bounty Dura Towel
  • Bounty Paper Towels (1 King Roll, 1 Big Roll)
  • Crest Toothpaste (8.2 oz)
  • Oral-B Indicator & Complete Manual Brush (1ct)
  • Herbal Essences (6.0 -10.7oz, assorted varieties)
  • Vidal Sassoon Shampoo/Conditioner (12oz, assorted varieties)


  1. terri says

    I haven’t gotten mine either. I emailed them to see if I could find out anything, but no response yet.

  2. Karen says

    I can never get these in any of the 5 Publix stores in my vicinity, so I was Ebay today & found people selling them in batches of 10 to 20 for upwards of $4.00…..Very Very SAD 8-(

    • Cassie says

      Karen… I grabbed a handful from my Publix and have enough to share. Email me at cinnamon stick at gmail dot com… take out all the spaces, and swap out the “i” in stick for a “y”. I’m scared of spambots, LOL!!

  3. terri says

    I emailed them yesterday and this is the reply that I got:
    Good afternoon Terri – your rebate information was received and
    processed. Our fullfillment center will be mailing them out today so
    you should have them by Friday.


    Sandi Wynn and The RunningOut?RunIn Team

    So I guess we will see

  4. teresa martinez says

    does anyone know how you account for the BOGO that are included for this? are they categorized together since they are BOGO like1.99 combined or individual to receive rebate???

    • terri says

      They will total up what the items ring up: example: Suddenly Salad BOGO 1.99 “true bogo” will ring up 1.99 for 1st item and 0 for 2nd item, “half price bogo” will ring up 1.00 for 1st item and 0.99 for 2nd item. you will not get 1.99 credit for both items – it will be 1.99 total.

  5. Cassie says

    What we need is a shopping list enabled entry for this with the coupon matchups and all… Its breaking my brain to figure it all out! LOL

  6. michelle says

    I just did this. You have to be careful because my Suddenly Salad only rang up at $1.53 each, even though the main shelf said $1.99 each, and an end-cap actually said $2.45 each.

    (2) Crest @ $2 each
    (4) Charmin Basic @ $4.99 each
    (4) Bounty was $5.34
    (2) Suddenly Salad @ $1.53 (before bo/go -$1.53)

    My total after coupons was $20.89 with tax. I had an extra $3 off Mother’s Day q that is good until June.

    I made it to the $30 even with the difference but thought I should mention it in case someone is right at the penny.

  7. Esha says

    I just stumbled upon this and so excited..on Totino’s website, they have a $5 cashback, when you buy 4 specially marked boxes of totino’s party pizza…

    if you have this on your list, and find the marked boxes, it would be like getting $15 rebate ($10 from the running in/out rebate and $5 from pizza) :)


  8. Jenna says

    Help! I just bought all of the items to receive my rebate today, only to find that the Suddenly Salad scanned at BOGO $1.59 (the shelf said $1.99). This makes my total off by $1.64. Is there anything I can do?

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