Weekly Totals 5/31 – Share Your Savings (& Your Mom Of The Year Moments)

d63fbb644cdd7c18d217abf27a05da2cHappy Friday everyone!

It's official - summer break has started at my house. I am not sure if I should be happy or terrified!

The first thing that comes to mind is that I might actually get to sleep in past 6 am. Then, I remember that my children have a wacky little internal alarm clock and they are up by 6:30 even on the weekends.

Next, I think - at least there's no more running around doing carpool twice a day at two different schools. Then it hits me...my few hours of freedom to run errands, have an uninterrupted phone conversation, shop solo and just think without constant interruptions is now OVER and will not return for over 2 months!

Just as I wonder if I am the only mom out there who is a little sad to see school end, I get a link to a phenomenal post by another mom who is not afraid to admit her shortcomings. Half way through her post, I was crying because I was laughing hysterically! What a relief to know that maybe all those times I think that I'm the only loser mom out there...perhaps I am not alone after all!

I have to giggle a bit when I read emails from you guys. You are all so wonderful to offer such praise for the efforts on my sites and often ask how I manage to do it all. The truth is - I don't do it all. Often what I do actually manage to get done is rushed and quite pitiful.

I wake up very early each morning and go to bed very late each night. I have high hopes for what I can accomplish each day and very, VERY rarely actually complete a small fraction of those tasks. More often, I am barely scraping by just getting the very basic things done...

laundryHow about a peek into just a few of my "Mom of the Year" moments this week -

  • The basket above is just one of three baskets in my home currently overloaded with laundry.
  • I actually grabbed a pair of capri pants from the basket above to throw on before my friend came to pick up her son yesterday...you know because I had yet to get a shower by 4 pm! ¬†I totally neglected to see the big glop of what I think was peanut butter that had crusted up. Hopefully she missed it too - geez!!
  • My children and their guest ate Chips Ahoy Cookies, Pop-Tarts and a Capri Sun as their after school snack yesterday. This was the snack they chose when I somehow agreed that they could get their own snacks. It seems my oldest chose to ask for a snack at the exact moment that my cell phone notification went off letting me know I had a text from my husband who needed to know what size batteries I needed, my home phone began to ring, the Skype noise on my computer started dinging repeatedly, and the dogs were losing their mind because the UPS man was at the door wanting me to sign for a package! I suppose I should be thankful that Jake didn't request the keys to my car to head out to Chik-fil-A. Obviously I would have just handed them over in my oblivious state of what to deal with first. Tania...if you see this - so sorry I think they only had maybe 3 - 4 cookies...and it was fruit juice...does that at least count as semi-healthy? tee hee ūüėČ
  • I cleaned noodles and fed them to my youngest son this week for lunch. Yes - I cleaned noodles! Instead of cooking up a new batch of noodles when he wanted "regular spaghetti" for lunch, I just rinsed peanut butter sauce off of what we had. Go ahead and grab that "Mom of the Year" crown and plop it right on my head.IMG_0949
  • I allowed my 5 year old to go to the store as "Super-Farmer Jeb." I just did not have the energy to argue with him about changing clothes. I am sure he found those pajamas in one of the three dirty clothes baskets described above.
  • I substituted gummy bears for vitamins. We ran out of vitamins and instead of walking upstairs to search for a new bottle of gummy vitamins, I actually grabbed 4 gummy bears and gave them to my children and passed them off as a "new vitamin" before bedtime. My bulldog always has a fit about wanting to go to the upstairs room when he sees me headed that way and I just did not want to deal with him. Uggh....gummy bears before bed!
  • My boys have been sharing a bed for a couple of days. Of course they each have their own bed, but one is not usable because the mattress pad is in one of those dang dirty clothes baskets. My son has to be cut off from drinking any water after 7 pm each night or there is the possibility that he will have an accident. He knows the rules but this week we were at a baseball party until after 8 pm. I couldn't refuse his plea for water with his pizza & cake. I am pretty sure the bed linens are somewhere in the middle of basket #2. Hopefully I can get them back into their own beds within a day or so...sigh.
  • The last two days of school included two half days. That slight change threw me so off schedule that we completely forgot about swim lessons...you know the ones I pay for in advance and can't make up unless I give them notice that we can't make it...grrrr!!
  • We all know school is pointless the last week. My rule-following Jake informed me that his homework folder indicated that he needed to read a book for homework. I was so tired and really just needed the boys to go to bed. Instead of grabbing a book before bed...even a short book - I told him that he could turn in one of his homework passes if his teacher asked about the book....how sad :-(

What's scary is that those are just a FEW of my shining moments this week! Please tell me some of you have piles of laundry and that I am not alone in washing sauce off spaghetti noodles? Please just lie to me if I am really the only one - tee hee!!

So next time you see a misspelled word or an incorrect amount listed in a deal scenario please understand that some days I am hanging by a thread. For all of you who are in my shoes and about to embark on a big, fat, fun summer break...here's hoping we all survive ūüėÄ

As for my shopping this week. I spent too much- plain and simple! I had $125 in gift cards that I earned from blogging and used every single bit plus had to use $26.37 of my own money to cover the rest.

It's Friday and I am just too tired to find my receipt and type it all out. There is nothing impressive and I am honestly not sure I want to see my pitiful trip. I could have done so much more with those gift cards but I grabbed what I needed without having to bust my budget.

How did you guys do this week? Leave a comment or link to your weekly totals.

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Print These Coupons For Great Publix Deals

Dial for men coupons

I don't know about you guys but my printer has been humming today. Here are a few more coupons I would STRONGLY recommend that you print if you haven't already....I have a very good feeling that they will come in handy next week at Publix! :)

$2/2 Dial for Men Body Washes 16 or 21 oz Target Coupon - pair with any manufacturer's coupon in my coupon database and you should get free body wash next week

$1/1¬†Activia¬ģ Greek 4-pack¬†(zip¬†75034) - if these are included in the sale I have a feeling you will pay just 67¬Ę per 4 pack next week

$1/1 Gardein Frozen Entree - As I mentioned a while back that you should be able to get these for just $1.15 soon 

$0.70/1 PHILADELPHIA SNACK DELIGHTS Cream Cheese¬†-¬†these are the new name for Philadelphia Indulgence...if your store carries the packages with the new name, you might be able to get them for just 80¬Ę each!

$1/2 Gorton's Items - These should be around $2.75 after coupon 

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Sunday Coupon Preview For 6/2 – Up To Four Inserts!

Sunday Coupon Preview

Looks like we should get up to four inserts!  It looks like they are making up for not having any coupons last weekend. Head over and check out the Sunday Coupon Preview for 6/2.

Remember, coupon inserts can vary from city to city. Head over and check out the list to see all the coupons that you might find…and be sure to leave a comment if you spot a good deal at Publix.

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Coupons.com Savings Club Program Ending

coupons.com savings clubI have had lots of folks email about the notice they got that the Coupons.com Savings Club is ending. Now, don't flip out --this just affect the SAVINGS CLUB coupons. Our normal Coupons.com pages will still be available.

In case you missed the email, here is what they shared. As you can see you will want to head over and print them while you can - the coupons will not be available after 7/10.

We've made a decision to discontinue the Coupons.com Savings Club premium subscription program and want to share with you details about that decision and how it affects your current membership.

After July 10, 2013, premium Savings Club coupons will no longer be available when you log in to Coupons.com.
Starting now and through July 10, 2013 (more than a month), you will continue to have access when logged in to clip and print premium Savings Club coupons.

Effective immediately, we are halting any and all billings, so you won't be charged again. You will be receiving a separate email notice from either TrialPay or Recurly (our payment processors) stating that your subscription with them has been canceled ‚Äď but you will still be able to get premium Savings Club coupons through July 10, 2013.

For annual subscribers, we are refunding to you within 1 week the pro rata, remaining portion of your last payment as of May 30, 2013. For example, if there are 6 of 12 months left on your subscription (half) as of today, we'll be crediting your credit card with half of your $30 subscription fee.

Our goal with the Coupons.com Savings Club has been to help you save even more on groceries with higher-value, premium coupons. While we've been excited about this, we believe that providing free savings gives our customers the best possible value.

I am not surprised since most people didn't want to pay and just wanted the free service. I have to say I am a little bummed as I liked having those nice values!

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New Upromise One or Many Offer – Little Debbie Snacks

little debbie

There is a new Upromise One or Many Offer available to load to your Publix Upromise card today. This time around you can get a $5 deposit to your Upromise account when you buy $20 worth of Little Debbie snacks before 7/3/2013.

We don't often seen Little Debbie coupons, so this is a nice way to save if these are on your list anyway....or maybe a good excuse to buy some snacks? :)

These Upromise One or Many offers are also available to load if you can use them:

If you need more information about the Upromise program, you can check out my post about it here.

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End of May Printable Coupon Reminder

Competitor Store Coupons
Here is a big roundup of the printable coupons available right now. As you guys know, some or many of these coupons may disappear tonight. If you will use these...you might as well print now! :)

Meat & Dairy





Health & Beauty


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More Unadvertised Publix BOGO Deals

 Publix BOGOHappy found another unadvertised Publix BOGO for us. Grab a nice deal on Jarlsberg Lite Sliced Cheese. The 8 ounce packages are priced BOGO $5.29. I couldn't find any coupons but the sale is a nice deal!

contadinaSabine found the 8 ounce cans of Contadina Tomato Sauce on sale BOGO $0.69 at her Publix in Evans,GA. She reminds us to check our binders for the coupon from earlier this month: $0.50/2 Contadina...which will mean a moneymaker if your store doubles!

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Free Coupon Friday 5/31 – Free Edy’s Outshine Coupons

Free Coupon FridayWelcome to Free Coupon Friday!

Today thanks to my buddy Coletta over at Klip2Save, this week THREE winners will each win (6) $1/1 Edy's Outshine Bars Coupons. As I mentioned in yesterday's Grocery Advantage Buy Super Deals post, I have a very good feeling that these coupons will make for FREE bars if you have true BOGO and very cheap if your don't. :)

If you would like to win the coupons, just click on the Free Coupon Friday banner above to enter your information. This giveaway will be open until 11 pm tonight, 5/31. Good luck guys!

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Printable Coupons – Pepperidge Farm, Aveeno, Hormel & More (+ End Of Month Reminder)

pepperidge farmThere are a couple of new printable coupons available today. Now why did they not give us that Pepperidge Farm coupon for the BOGO sale last week? That one would have meant 20¬Ę boxes of frozen bread! I am still printing it since we see sales on these things quite often.

I will work on a printable coupon list this afternoon in case I see anything we might need soon. As a reminder, today is the last day of the month so while you are grabbing that Pepperidge Farm coupon, add on any others you will use as they may not be back tomorrow!

These are also new (to me):

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New Raid Coupon For Publix Sales

raid-waspWe have a new Raid coupon available to print today for the Publix sales. There are several pest items on sale in the current Advantage Buy flyer. Grab the coupon and use it on the sale items or any other item that you might need. With the hot weather, there are sure to be a few unwelcome guests visiting some of us.

I always have to grab wasp spray this time of year...my oldest is severely allergic to all stinging insects!

Raid Double Control Large Roach Baits, 8 ct, $5.59
Raid Wasp & Hornet or Flying Insect Kiler, 17.5 to 18 oz, $3.99
Raid Ant Killer or Ant & Roach Killer 17.5 oz, $3.19
-$1/1 any Raid product 
As low as $2.19 after coupon!

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