Reminder – The Stamp Out Hunger Event Is Right Around The Corner

stamp-out-hunger-2013I told you last week that it’s almost time for Stamp out Hunger! I am giving you another reminder so you can keep putting aside your donation items. This fantastic event helps so many folks - let's make this year the biggest donation year ever!

It’s so easy to participate! On Saturday, May 11th, simply leave a sturdy bag containing non-perishable foods, like canned Campbell’s soups, canned vegetables, pasta, rice or cereal, next to your mailbox before the time of your regular mail delivery. Your letter carrier will then collect the donations and deliver them to food banks and pantries in your local community.

I have had a couple of questions come in about how this great event works. I thought I'd touch on some of the details -

One of the biggest things you need to keep in mind is that the food items need to be in non-breakable containers, such as boxes and cans. Also, the food you donate needs to be non-perishable. So, avoid anything that needs refrigeration or that will expire quickly.

Place your items in a sturdy bag so that the mail carrier can easily grab the bag and move to the next mailbox. If I have big heavy cans, I usually double bag mine so that there is no chance it will break and allow the food to spill out. Keep in mind that the mail carriers still have to get and deliver the mail. We want to help them be efficient as possible while giving as much as possible.

Campbell’s is a sponsor of this wonderful event. Check out the Publix ad this week and add a few items to your shopping list and you will make a difference to those in need in your neck of the woods. A great option in the upcoming ad is the V8 VFusion Juice. At only $1.43 per bottle after coupon, you can grab a few for your donation bag at a great price!

V8 VFusion 100% Juice or Light Beverage Blend or Smoothie or V-Fusion + Tea, 36 to 46 oz, BOGO $3.85
-$1/2 V8 V-Fusion 100% Juices, 46 oz 
-$1/2 V8 V-Fusion Tea Beverages, 46 oz 
That's only $1.43 per bottle after coupon!

So why should you participate? I wanted to give you guys some pretty eye opening statistics about hunger here in America:

50 million or 1 in 6 Americans live in food insecure households

  • Food insecurity means not knowing where the next meal will come from.

17 million or 1 in 5 are children

  • Nearly 20% of children live in food insecure households. Food insecurity is associated with grade repetition, absenteeism, anxiety, aggression, poor math scores, difficulty with social interaction, and ultimately poor health.

3 million are seniors over age 65

  • Seniors in food insecure households must sometimes decide between paying for food and paying for medicine.

The food letter carriers collect helps during summer months

  • They are able to provide assistance when school is out and free breakfasts/lunches are not available.

There is no reason not to give — you just have to take the food as far as your mailbox! I encourage you to participate - it just couldn't be easier! I will continue to give you guys a couple of reminders so you can start filling those donation boxes!  Be sure and visit the Stamp Out Hunger Facebook page for more information.


  1. Brigitte says

    I just found out a few weeks ago that we have a food pantry here in my town. I had no idea. I never could find any info on it but happened to be talking to a manager at the Publix I shop at and he mentioned the food bank coming in daily for bread. COOL! I called them and asked if the food from SOH goes to them from the PO in our town and she said yes. Great I thought! I have a bunch of food and drinks I am donating and wanted to find out about other things. They desperately need peanut butter and canned fruit. Of course I don’t have either of those in my donation but I will be watching the sales now. Since I have so much I will be taking it directly to them. Otherwise the mail man will have to go straight back to the PO to drop off all I give him lol. Check with your local pantry if you have lots of stuff to see what they need. She said I can also donate toiletries and vitamins!!!

  2. Allison says

    THANK YOU for sharing this great opportunity! I am so fortunate to have the ability to save money while I give back thanks to this website!

  3. roxanne says

    Thank you for the reminder. We do this every year. I donate all the things I don’t use (non perishable) but get for free or a ridiculously low price. I pick up canned veggies with a looooong expiration date when I shop every week, so by the time the food drive comes around, we have a TON of food to donate.

    Our mail lady told us that our area: Rotonda/Cape Haze/Placida led the entire SW Florida area in donations last year! We are definitely shooting for this goal again this year! (Our main food bank is in Fort Myers, and distributes food to the local churches and organizations. Not only is it a great cause, it is named in memory of one of my favorite singers, Harry Chapin. He donated the proceeds of all of his concerts to hunger organizations.)

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