Kellogg’s Family Rewards Double Points 4/5


Heads up guys, if you are saving your Kellogg's Family Points codes you will want to hang on to your codes and enter them on Friday 4/5. From 4 - 9 pm EST, they are offering double points.

If you are not already saving these you are missing out on some great opportunities. The points can be exchanged for nice little rewards including some great coupons. Besides the coupons you can get with the rewards, they also send out great coupons in the newsletters. The coupons in those email newsletter are often higher value coupons and are user specific so you will only be able to get them if you sign up!

If you haven't yet joined, sign up HERE then get your codes ready to enter on Friday and grab double points!


  1. Linda says

    How does one get the codes? How do I sign up for the newsletter? I don’t see anything on their home page.

    • kk says

      linda–use the link above in the post and sign up
      read the website when u get there
      explains everything
      great program

    • Shelley says

      Most Kellogg’s products have a code inside the box that you enter on their website after signing up with the Kellogg’s Family Rewards.

  2. Abby says

    Here’s a quick question: is there a limit to how many of the same coupon you can print? Like, with the Eggo breakfast item, am I limited, or can I “purchase” as many as my points will allow?

    • Linda says

      You will be able to print each “purchase” 2 times. As far as a limit on how many you can “purchase” it probably says on the website.

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