Great Deal On Sheba Cat Food At Publix

UnknownYou guys with cats will love this next deal. Use the upcoming Sheba coupon with the Publix coupon I posted earlier to grab a great deal! This would also be a great deal if you donate to the local pet shelters!

Sheba Cat Food, 3oz, 10/$5
-B1G1 Sheba Premium Food For Cats (up to $.65) 4/6/2013 RP (exp 5/18/13)
-B2G1 Sheba Premium Paté or Cuts Cat Food Assorted Varieties, 3-oz can  
Grab six and three manufacturer's coupons and two Publix coupons to pay 50¢ for all six cans!

NOTE: If your store doubles, the BOGO coupon should mean two for FREE (since the coupon amount input will be 50¢ will double to $1)

Thanks to the amazing Happy!


  1. kimberly roman says

    There were B1G1 Free Coupons on top of the ones at my store…..Only wish my cats actually liked this food..I wound up giving it all away.

  2. AM says

    Where can I find the B1G1 Manufacturer’s coupon? Will it be in the RP this weekend? It says 4/6 but that is a Saturday. Thanks for your help! :)

  3. christy says

    Can you not use one more publix coupon since they accept coupons on a free item? Or is a manufacturer coupon the only kind you can use on a free item? When it comes to stacking them b2g1 free kinda coupons, it confuses me lol.

  4. Amy says

    I plan on getting 40 cans of this for $10 after my Publix B2G1 and the MFG BOGO coupon,My cats like to eat wet cat food every now and then. If they didn’t eat this then i would take all 40 cans to the local shelter they give can food to the kittens and sickly cats.

  5. Christa says

    I am just not getting how you get 6 for $.50. I get 3, but not 6. Which ones are stacking where to make 5 cans free?

  6. Kira says

    Can someone confirm that the manufacturer coupon is doubling? I will send them to my mom in GA (I live in FL) so she can use them, if they are in fact doubling.

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