Endorse App – Earn More Cash Back On Your Publix Purchases


I have been hearing about the Endorse app for quite a while now and I finally got around to checking it out this afternoon. I was pretty happy to find that it has some offers available right now that will earn you a little cash back at Publix!

Endorse offers vary by user. My buddies Christy and Tracy checked out Endorse with me and here are some of the offers we noticed (not all of us got the same offers):

20% Cash Back for Quaker Soft Baked Bars - perfect for the Quaker 50% Off sale this weekend!

10% Cash Back for any brand Ice Cream - matches with the Edy's Ice Cream BOGO sale

20% Cash Back for Cheerios - matches the Love to Shop Here Love to Save Here Cheerios sale

20% Cash Back for Old El Paso products - perfect for the Cinco de Mayo sales we're sure to see next week

Here's some more information about how Endorse works:

Endorse is a free downloadable app for your iPhone or Android phone that earns you cash back for shopping (kind of like ibotta). However, there are a couple things that set Endorse apart:

  • You earn a percentage of what you spent on a particular item in a single transaction - just upload your receipt
  • You earn more money when you buy more of a particular item (up to a certain dollar amount/quantity listed on the offer)
  • If you share offers marked "Upgrade this offer!" with friends on Facebook, you can earn a higher percentage of cash back
  • Right now when you upload 10 receipts, Endorse will give you $5 to donate to a school of your choice through DonorsChoose.org

The offers on Endorse change every week, and it seems like the offers definitely vary from user to user, so you may want to take a look and see what offers you have available. You may have already purchased some items this week that qualify for cash back!

Also, be aware that you only have six days from the date of purchase, up until the date the offer expires, to submit your receipts. Offers roll over every Thursday morning and you will get a new set of offers each week.

Once you have earned $25 through Endorse, you can be paid through PayPal or request a check. You can also upload your receipts even if they don't match your current offers. You earn 5 points per receipt you upload. For every 10 receipts you upload, Endorse will send you a DonorsChoose.org voucher for $5 so that you can donate it to the school or organization of your choice. Earn some cash back AND help out a worthy cause...you can't beat that! :)

Head over here to sign up and find out more about Endorse. Be sure to leave a comment if you find a great offer to match up with a Publix sale!

I will try to do reminders every so often to help us all remember to check the offers and scan in our reciepts...so I can get into the habit of doing it myself! :)


  1. Kim says

    Just a clarification, you can receive money anytime with PayPal. You don’t have to wait until you reach $25.

  2. dina bergin says

    They do subtract coupons from your total, so you may want to do your endorse items on a separate receipt.

  3. edie says

    Please note that they only pay on the price you pay, not the price of the item. Like if you buy peanut butter for fl $3.99 & use a $1 coupon you would only get cash back on $2.99. If they can’t identify coupons, like how publix scans them, then they will figure a percentage of that discount per items.

  4. says

    I much prefer Endorse to iBotta. No minimum for withdrawal (as someone else noted – if you link your PayPal account, you can take out anything you make immediately, it’s awesome) and “any” deals, including the occasional “100% off any…” whatever. (For example, I’ve gotten “100% off any coffee” which they limit to $3 off, but you can use a receipt from essentially anywhere to get that $3 – I scanned in a receipt for an online order and it worked fine. Fabulous!

  5. Valerie says

    Definitely do your Endorse items on a separate receipt. I’ve been doing Endorse for about 2 months. What I have found is that if you buy that above mentioned coffee (I’ve done this one a couple of times) for a 100% cash back and it’s on the receipt with everything else, if you saved 97% on your order they will only give you 3% of the coffee price. So you would only get 3% of the coffee price up to the limit. First time I only got 8 cents back, second time coffee was put on separate ticket and no problem.

    • Farah says

      Yes that is true. They average the amount you saved in coupons and divide it by the number of items you bought… Def put it on a seperate ticket.

    • Melissa Veltrie says

      I am sorry… I am completely knew to this, and couponing truly… what exactly do you mean by “do your Endorse items on a separate receipt?” I am trying to understand the concept of this offer and how to utilize it, but I don’t feel like I quite grasp the trick to all of it.

      • Valerie says

        Endorse only refunds the amount you paid after coupons. If you buy a lot of items and have a lot of coupons and save 90% they will only figure you spent 10% on the item you are turning in even if you didn’t actually have any coupons for it. Example, you pay $5 for a bag of coffee while they are doing a 100% (maximum $3) rebate on. You have one coupon for $2 off of it so it is $3 after coupon. If you do this item and its coupon on a receipt by itself you will get $3 back. If you do it on a receipt with a lot of other items and save 95% on everything, you will only get 25 cents back on the coffee ($5 – 95%). This has happened to me several times.

        Hope this helps, I am really no good at trying to explain things to people. 😀

  6. Chan says

    I just downlaoded this app, and it has an offer for any detergent. If I purchased this on a receipt last week, will it let me use it?

  7. Cindy says

    Hi Chan!
    Endorse wants it to be during the week of the offer, however they have accepted receipts within a 7 day window. Give it a try! :-)

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