Sunlight Dish Liquid Only 9¢ At Publix

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I know some of you guys had a hard time finding the FREE Sunlight Dish Liquid in stock at your stores. Well, the bottles are no longer free but they are super cheap. I know free is all of our favorite price...but 9¢ isn't too shabby 😉

Great time to stock up if you weren't able to grab your deal.

Sunlight Liquid Dish Detergent 10 oz, $1.09 - $1.39
-$1/1 Sunlight Dish item  
-$1/1 Sunlight® Dish Detergent 
-$1/1 Sunlight Dish Detergent 02/17/2013 RP Insert (exp 03/31/2013)  
Grab bottles for 9¢ - 39¢ each.

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Sunlight Liquid Dish Detergent 10 oz, $1.09
-$1/1 Sunlight Dish item
-$1/1 Sunlight® Dish Detergent
-$1/1 Sunlight Dish Detergent 02/17/2013 RP Insert (exp 03/31/2013)
Only 9¢ per bottle.

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  1. Cherokutie says

    I had the coupon, but at my store they were $1.39
    But I also had 2 rainchecks for the sale, and so I bought 24 bottles today, and paid $1.56 for all of it.

  2. Carrie says

    They are also $1.39 at my store here in Broward County. I had a raincheck for the $1 sale and picked up four bottles today.

  3. Andi says

    The regular price for the small bottles at my store in Valdosta, GA is $1.39. But I was able to get 4 free bottles last month when they were 10/$10.

  4. April Tanner says

    They are $1.39 also here is St. Augustine, FL. I was able to get 6 free bottles on the sale before they were all gone.

    • Betsy says

      Prattville,AL will also not give rainchecks on advantage items.. they were out after day one and never got in another shipment! GRR

      • Catherine Pirisky says

        Our stores in Winter Haven issue rainchecks for the advantage flyer, but only on the last day of the sale.

    • L says

      Which store in Tampa? Did you ask on the last day of the flyer? I was able to get one in Brandon (on Causeway), I just had to go the last day of the sale.

      • clipnshop says

        They told me the same thing when I first asked for a raincheck then the next time I saw there was a shelf tag apologizing and it said raincheck awailable. Now if they will ever get any more in stock!!

    • Becky says

      Advantage items usually have a long sale run. So at my store unless the sale is almost over they will not give you a rain check.It also depends who you ask at Cust. Ser.

  5. Penny says

    I’ve only managed to grab a couple of these since the sale a few weeks ago…people kept cleaning them out when they were 10/$10 with the $1 off coupon and now my rain check is gonna expire soon :/

  6. jan says

    People keep clearing the shelves at all 4 stores in Tuscaloosa & Northport,Alabama. I called and ask about it and the manager said some ladies were coming in almost everyday right when the store was suppose to put a new shipment out and getting 10 or more at a time each.I live about 40mimutes away from a Publix , but I have had no luck at even 1 bottle!! It’s getting to be a little much when you can’t even get one good deal.:(

    • clipnshop says

      It is ridiculous!! CVS and Winn Dixie both have free Dawn sales pretty regular and you know anybody that coupons regular has a stockpile of dish liquid already, but still they want to take every last bottle! I don’t understand the thrill of taking so many. Also the So Delicious was all gone by 10 am!!

  7. Jon says

    The 4 stores I visited near New Port Richey, FL had the shelves cleared during the entire sale. I was not able to get a rain check unless I came back on the last day of the $10/10 according to the woman I asked (although, I’m sure that varies from store to store). I forgot to return, of course. I had the same issue with shelves cleared and no rain check with the Poise items.
    I did see Sunlight restocked this week in 1 store for $1.39. I may buy a couple if I need a filler item to use up the $5 off $40 coupons from Sunday.

  8. Deb says

    $1.39 in mid TN stores… They would not issue rain checks (store policy) because it was not in weekly ad. :(

  9. Nichell says

    The stores in Atlanta gave me a rain check no problem. They even had the sign up saying out of stock please see customer service for a rain check. I was able to get two. I got one and the hubby got one.

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