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publix digital couponsI am getting massive emails and messages on Facebook about the new digital coupons available at Publix. I have tried to post as much as possible about how the coupons generally work. There is also a big FAQ on the Publix site you can access once you have signed up (bottom of page where you load the coupons).

As a reminder, all stores will be participating by 3/15. You can see my post HERE for details on the program.

The biggest question I am getting is really just folks wanted to hear other user's experiences and thoughts. So, I would love for you guys to leave a comment on your experience so far...the good, bad and ugly! I will then be able to direct folks who email to this post so they can read what you guys think about the coupons.

I thought I would start us is my take on Publix Digital Coupons:

I look at them as my 3rd or 4 th line of savings. I will always go with printable coupons first. They are quick, typically a higher value and easily accessible. I then look to my inserts and other coupons (blinkies, tearpads, etc..) Digital coupons will be the last option for savings. I will not load any coupons where I plan to use a paper coupon. I just don't want to deal with them interfering with each other. I see them as another option for savings but they will likely be a very small percentage of savings for me.

So...let's hear it - what do you guys think or what has been your experience so far?



  1. Kristin says

    I use them frequently at Kroger – I signed up at Publix waaaay back and looked at them for a few weeks – I never saw anything I wanted and like the post above – I was not impressed with the values and felt there were better coupons to print and double. So – I have never used them at Publix. I am now just annoyed at the register when it askes if I have any digital coupons and I have to hit “X” before I can slide my credit card. LOL.

    • maddie says

      kroger dq is way better than the publix software they are using.

      when i signed up to publix dq, and i noticed that they are the same software system as the rite load2card dq i kinda lost interest because i know riteaid’s hit or miss (mostly miss). i assume publix dq will behave just like riteaid’s.

  2. Shawn says

    I thought these were for publix digital coupons, turns out they are all manufacturer coupons.
    The only thing that I am unhappy about is that you can only load one of each coupon. So if I have more than one of that item in my cart, the coupon would only apply to one. That’s kind of a bummer but if it’s an MQ maybe there would be paper ones as well somewhere?

    • claudia says

      I was told that you have to log out and go back in to add the coupon to your “wallet” and like any manf q you can only use it, they’re ok but printables have a higher value…..thought they would be publix q’s

  3. Melissa Ramadan says

    I was very excited about them as I thought they would be the Publix store coupons, but being MQ’s, they aren’t really worth the hype. And, I can stock up on any items since they only load one. I would LOVE to be able to use this as an option, but compiling my list, my paper coupons and then keeping up with one coupon on isn’t really a timesaver for me or the cashier. And, like the others say, I don’t like being asked each and every time by the cashier and the register.

  4. Sarah says

    I totally agree with other people and think this would be one of my last options for saving money. The coupon values are pretty much the same as in the paper or online and since you can only clip one of them (and I rarely buy one of a product), it just doesn’t work for me. I have used one digital coupon in the past few weeks. I would love if they were store coupons. I am not sure who Publix was trying to target when creating this, but I don’t think the average couponer on iheartpublix is going to get a lot of use from it.

  5. alison says

    My Publix store informed me that if I use digital coupons in a same transaction with paper coupons, it could cause trouble with them allowing me to use a paper coupon that might not scan right even if the paper coupon is for a different item than the digital coupons. I may only use digital coupons in a transaction by themselves. Mixing paper and digital sounds like trouble and a headache!

    • alison says

      Just to clarify my above statement – using digital coupons by themselves is my personal choice and not a rule given to my by Publix.

  6. says

    I have had trouble getting them to work, especially at the beginning. I do like that you can wait until the end of your transaction to check them, but I rarely have one that I can use because I’ve already used paper coupons. I do wish they would have a card to use, half the time I end up having the cashier have to put it in because once they hit total, I can no longer punch it in. Generally the same coupons are available as in the paper, doesn’t double, and you only get one use. So generally, doesn’t help me, but those not serious about couponing might really like that it loads and you get some discounts.

  7. Brigitte says

    I have tried them 3x now. The first time I totally forgot to tell the cashier I had one until after I paid. NOTE: do not do this, lol. They will have to void and refund the entire purchase then re-ring everything to use it. Thankfully it was a very small order. The coupon did not come off after they rang everything back up and they guessed it was because since they refunded the transaction and re-rang everything it was a zero balance before the $1 coupon would have come off, so if you are in the negative apparently it will not give you the coupon.

    Second time I used it last week on the Planters nut-trition. There were 2 coupons for the planters. One was $1/1 the other was .75/1, I clipped both. When she tendered the order only the $1 coupon came off. She guessed it was because the second item was free already. If that is the case that sucks! What is the point? Off to CS I went for my .75.

    3rd time I am not sure what happened. It was for the bagged sliced apples, .55/1 and I bought 2 bags. She tendered it and the coupon didn’t come off. I went through the whole thing of pulling it up on my phone, showing them what it was, that the size was correct and that it was clipped. She pushed tender again and then it came off. I don’t know what happened there.

    I had originally asked about being able to use them more than once and got 2 different answers. One being that I should be able to go back in after clicking it and be able to click again. Didn’t work. Other answer was I would have to actually use the coupon then I should be able to go back in and use it again, nope didn’t happen, again what would be the point? I finally found the Q&A on their site and see that most coupons will only be one time use. Bummer!

    IMO I will use it if I need 1 extra coupon and that is it. It isn’t worth the time of going in and clipping the coupon only to get frustrated when it doesn’t come off and having to spend time waiting in line with CS to get the money back. The first time when I forgot to use it the one store said they had to void it and redo it. 2nd store just gave me the money back and said they aren’t supposed to question anyone they are just to refund it. If I understand right this has been in use elsewhere so I don’t know why there are bugs. Maybe it is just my luck ha ha!

    • Renea says

      I don’t really care for them, but did use them once. I had the cashier do my paper Q’s first then 3 digitals I had (different products for digital than paper) and I had no problems :) however I am still leary, lol!

  8. patti doty says

    Our Publix in Pensacola will also implement a new coupon policy tomorrow. Anyone else heard this? The only change I saw in the policy was that you would only be allow one transaction per day per customer.

    • Mrs D says

      Lol on this maybe they wont let you divide up a purchase into transactions holding up the line because you are using 40 coupons, but they will let regular customers forget something and come back into the store for it. “one transaction per day per customer”I seem to get a text from hubby quite often as I am putting bags in the car and he forgot to mention he wants chips or something.

  9. Teri says

    A drawback to these digital coupons is that you can not stack a Publix coupon with these digital MQ. This was confirmed by speaking with two seperate representatives from Publix
    digital helpline.

    • Ubiquitous says

      Dooh! I was going to try to stack the “Stock Up On Savings” free Tide Boost coiupon with some high-value ones I found on the digital site.

  10. Carrie says

    I have had two experiences and they both were great. I go through the line and while my items are being rung up, I punch in my phone number on the keypad. Then, after all of my paper Qs are taken, the cashier will hit “Tender” and any additional Digital Qs are taken off, if appropriate. It makes it a little difficult because if you know you have a Digital Q for something, you don’t want to use a paper Q first, or the Digital Q won’t work. But I always have my fancy IHP list with me, so I know which Qs I use!! :) Once the Digital Qs are taken off, an additional paper Q can’t be applied (if they are both MQ, which I don’t see any PQ on the digital part as of yet). The first time, the cashier and I went over what should happen, and then he was very kind to pay attention to my order and then even looked at my receipt to see what did happen. The second time, I forgot about a Q and it came off at the end, so that was a nice surprise. The one I planned for, was for $1.50 off a FreshTake, which was much better than my $.55 off paper Q (DNDville here).

    So basically, I figure, why not load them on, and then if they apply at the end of your order, treat them like a bonus.

    • Allison says

      I agree. I plan to load all the digital q’s I think may use, but use all my paper q’s like usual. Any of the digital ones go thru? Great, bonus for me, but I’m not counting on any of them.

      I am very worried about the eventual demise of paper q’s… I’m no technophobe, but I don’t think the deals will be nearly as good. And I’m concerned about all the new policies people are reporting; it’s all I can do to get a good deal as it is here in the land of DND and no Target coupons!

  11. Brigitte says

    To unclip your coupons you just click on the My Coupons tab and it will show you what q’s you have clipped. Then just click unclip under each one.

  12. Pam says

    A young cashier here in ATL said that their store will no longer take the internet coupons just newspaper and digital. Has anyone else heard this?

  13. kimberly roman says

    SO far not so happy with the program. The first time went fine but the next three times the cashier hit something and never gave me the choice to enter my phone. I contacted corp and here was there reply to my questions….The digital did not come off with a paper coupon and I wanted a printer friendly list, not one that uses a ton of paper and ink with all those small pictures……heres what she said.

    Unfortunately, when a coupon does not redeem for your purchase we do not have any way to give a credit for it. Your coupon will stay on your account for the next use until it expires.

    Unfortunately the digital coupons cannot be combined with any other ones. I am very sorry about that.

    As for your first statement, I agree, I think since this program started as just a Pilot program all the stores that were not participating in the beginning were not informed of it. I agree this program may have run out a little more smoothly if they had all been educated. But, that’s what I am here for!

    If you store does not prompt you to put in your phone number, and your sure the cashier didn’t click out of it, it may have been that the store systems were not connected to the program at the time. This can happen occasionally and it’s an issue with the store. Usually it is only down for a couple of minutes.

    We will definitely forward your comments on for the Coupon list print option.

  14. Erica says

    I work for Publix and I think this sucks for anybody except someone who doesn’t use coupons already and will see it as a little bonus at the end of their purchases. I’m telling people who don’t want to bother with coupons just to clip all of them and always enter their phone number and it’ll be a surprise what comes off.

    I was told they were all manufacturer’s coupons, but yesterday someone tried to use a $2/1 Sundown MQ, a $1/1 Digital, and the $5/2 from the green flyer and once I put the flyer in it cancelled the digital coupon (they bought 2 sundown vitamins). The supervisor told me it took the best deal and that the digital one was a store coupon. I forgot to ask my manager what the deal was. So she got the $2/1 MQ and the $5/2 store coupon and that was it.

    Not too many people are using it yet, but people seem to think it’s awesome when I explain it to them at the register. We shall see.

  15. andrea says

    I’m in alabama so they were available here first and I think one other state. I’ve used them and I’ve had no problems. I called the number on the website and asked them questions. They said right now they don’t have a way for a digital coupon to double so it is the face value of the coupon only. They are for use once and that even though the program is set up to accept a paper coupon over the digital coupon to be safe you can just use your digital coupon after you’ve given all of your paper coupons so that it will take the higher value paper coupon if given first and save the digital coupon for that item.

  16. joy says

    sounds like they have to work out the “kinks” I agree with others as a bonus or last resort and I agree with others that I wish they were store coupons

  17. Angela says

    Not happy with the program. I tried twice to use the coupons but when I entered my number it said no coupons were available?… Plus I almost always buy more than 1 item for my family of seven. so, it doesn’t work for me :(

  18. Melissa says

    I tried it once, with the Kraft Fresh Taste, and it worked, with my 1 other paper coupon and all, without a hitch. the value of the DQ would have to be higher than the coupon in my binder for me to bother though. Just a last chance to save if there were no other options.

  19. DontMisuseQs says

    Why are the cdQ ategorization not in accordance with the Publix ads? Refrigerated juice is in Produce at the store, but dQ is under grocery. Bakery categorization there were items such as Betty Crocker mixes. To me, that’s grocery (and is in the grocery section of the ad).

    Inmar is slow to respond to issues, if they respond at all. It took 3 weeks for them to fix an issue where the correct products were NOT included in their code and they said I could buy the item again (no credit for the two times I’d already bought it).

  20. Ginger says

    The digital coupons in the beginning did NOT double, but now they do. I live in Alabama and had to live through the ” trial bases” of the digital coupons. I in the passed have experienced the digital coupons not double and not show up on my receipt. I believe a lot of the errors have been fixed and it is another great way to save without using your ink and paper:-) Just make sure you remember what digital coupons you have selected and don’t forget to type your phone number in at the register. Happy savings!

  21. ashley s says

    I was in Publix last week with my normal weekly shopping trip. I handed the cashier my coupons and she started telling me about the program. Then she handed me back 75% of my coupons! She said a new policy has been implemented (2 days prior) and now they will only take one mq and one pq or competitor per transaction! (something about following the wording on the coupon EXACTLY where it says one coupon per person per day) And only one transaction per person per day! I thought for sure she was misinformed, but the CSM came over and told me the exact same thing! OMG! Are you kidding? So if you get a bogo deal you can only use 1 coupon! So I asked for the store manager and he too confirmed this ridiculous new policy. That’s why you can only load one coupon to the digital card. I asked them to allow me to use my coupons that day since I had no knowledge of thus new policy and saw no advertising in the store. I really hope this won’t truly be the case or else it won’t last long, because I won’t be able todo all my shopping there. I will have to go to multiple stores and multiple days now! Anyone else heard of this or had problems too? Any help would be great! I’m really worried!

  22. jessica long says

    OK so I just called My store already started the program. I was told that if they are Manufactures coupon that they will accept publix coupon for the same item and vise versa (they just started today and have not nailed down the specifics) I believe they are Manufactures Coupons and that Store coupons will be used in conjunction with them. She said that the computer is set up to stop you from using a paper coupon that is the same as one of the digital ones so We Shall see what happens.

    • Erica says

      This is how I was taught it would work, but I’ve already had problems (as a cashier) with using PQs with them.

  23. Theresa Q says

    I am not a huge fan of digital coupons. I’ve had a couple of bad experiences at Kroger where my higher value paper coupon was rejected because a digital coupon was applied. I forget what I had loaded to my card. My Publix starts the ecoupons next week and I think I will just scan them right before my Publix trip and load only what I may use on that trip. Plus, not sure about stacking with a competitor coupon – I’ll stick mostly to my paper coupons.

  24. Elita says

    The digital coupons didn’t even WORK for me at Publix. After a long trip with my kids who were melting down by the time we got through the line, I looked at my receipt and saw that half the coupons I clipped were never applied. I have no idea if that was a mistake on my end (buying the wrong size perhaps?) or what, but I was annoyed. I had specifically purchased Cheerios to stock up because of the coupon and then I didn’t even get the $1 off. And like others have mentioned, if you buy two or more of one item, the coupon only gives you the savings once. Never again. From now on I am only using my printed coupons. This was a waste of my time.

  25. Bernie says

    I tried it once, on one item and that was it. Now I just hit the cancel button when the “digital coupons?” and the xxx-xxx-xxxx appears on the screen where you slide your debit/credit card. I’ll stick with the good old fashioned newspaper and printable internet coupons.

  26. says

    I’m not eager to give them my phone number so I’m not signing up unless I hear some really wonderful things about digital coupons at Publix…

  27. Carrie says

    Yesterday I used a printed manufactures coupon for Lucky Charms for .50 off one. I also had the digital coupon for Lucky Charms for .50, which was also listed as a manufactures coupon. I was able to use both coupons, and both of them were doubled.

    • Carrie says

      Actually, come to think of it, my printed coupon would not scan, so the cashier entered it in manually, and then I received the digital coupon. It may not have worked if we had realized that I was using both.

  28. eric says

    so far so good. have used a few times with no problems. even had one come off automatically for something i bought and i didn’t realize i had added it to my account so that was a bonus.

  29. says

    The biggest issue I have is scanning through 27 pages of clipped coupons to make sure I have everything for the deal. I clip all of the coupons just in case my husband randomly adds something to the cart without me looking.

  30. Lois M Gratton says

    I signed up last week (Jan. 2014) and requested 5 coupons. I decided not to use one and tried to delete it. Couldn’t see any way to get rid of it. I had paper coupons on the item and did not want to risk not being able to use them due to interference. I was told at the store to use the paper coupons before entering my phone number when I checked out. OK, so I tried to use 4 coupons 01/04/14. Only two of them worked. The other two were $2 coupons on cheese and soup, so I did not want the items if the coupons didn’t work. The cashier understood that there have been problems because she had seen this issue, so she let me use the coupons anyway, based on what I had printed out. That is outstanding customer service in my opinion. But it doesn’t solve the problem of digital coupons that don’t work. Publix, please fix your coupon website.

  31. Charlie says

    I have a question for all of you. Is there any way to Clip All. I am so tired of going page after page clipping coupons. There has to be a way. Thanks

  32. V says

    I’ve loaded them dozens of times, and they were working fine until a couple of months ago. Now they never apply them to my purchases, and I’m being forced to clip them off the paper in advance, takes too long. When asked why they gave me the standard response “…your coupons will be available for your next purchase.” I had lots of “next purchases” and they were never applied!..any help?

  33. enid says

    I don’t really use that often and you cannot uncheck like Targets cartwheel, I really used Target Cartwheel and there items you can use more than once, that that is where I really save. Publix needs a lot of improvement, this week the site is not available to click onto. I don’t know what there problem is…I save a lot of money at Target

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