Reader Spotlight – Teaching Two Big Lessons

Today's Reader Spotlight comes to us from Cathy. Many of us are teaching our children about couponing and frugal living from very young ages...I love Cathy's take on what her kids will learn!

Take it away, Cathy!

Thanks to I Heart Publix, couponing has become a way of life in our family. Thanks to couponing we have variety in our meals and are not stuck with the same menu week after week because that is all we could afford to buy.

The best part of couponing, in my opinion, is how my kids have grown to understand how it all works. They will ask for an item while shopping and if I say "no, not this week," their response is usually, "oh it's not on sale," or "oh you don't have a coupon for it?" Now they wait for the sales too and get just as excited when they see their favorite items on the list.

I figure this will do one of two things for them when they get older. One - motivate them to do something with themselves to make the big bucks so they don't have to worry about coupons or two - they will learn to spend wisely. Either sounds pretty good to me! :)

Thanks for sharing your story, Cathy! 

I could really use a few new volunteers for the Reader Spotlight – so pretty please with a cherry on top...please write in if you have a story to tell! Your post can be about almost anything to do with couponing. You can tell us about a particularly good or bad situation you’ve dealt with as a couponer, about how you got into couponing or how couponing has impacted the rest of your life, you can make a list of things every new couponer should know…just about anything, really! If you think it’s interesting and it has to do with couponing, email me with your idea at contactiheartpublix @

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  1. Kristin says

    Ha Ha – I have 3 boys and have been couponing since the 14 year old was 4. He went to kindergarden and could use scissors better than anyone else in in class – because he would help me cut out coupons every week. LOL. He and his older brother have both said they are making a ton on money when they get older so they don’t have to budget but they will still use coupons because that would be stupid not to (LOL).

  2. Thom1977 says

    Awesome story. I am a fan of teaching the children. My 3 year old makes his own purchases and definitely uses coupon. He knows that a coupon is as important as money!

  3. Amy H-F says

    I love your story. My 15 year old, has learned how to be a savvy shopper. My husband always says folks should what out when we come in a store, because together she and I get the best bargains. I love that she looks for a coupon before asksing to buy something. I think we are all setting an example to our children that we can have what we want, we just have to work for it and then we can enjoy the reward. Thanks again for sharing your story.

  4. angie says

    My 4yr old says the same things too when I dont buy what she picks at the store. She notices the imptortance for me as a single mom to use coupons to help stretch my hard earned money. Since she was about 2 1/2 years old I would go to retail stores and I taught her “if its too expensive, we cant buy it”. Now she noticed that I have Ibotta on my phone and saw me scanning some cereal boxes once to make sure they qualify, so now when she wants a particular cereal she asks me for my phone to see if its on the list for us to get it “free”. they learn how important it is that piece of paper

  5. Cara says

    I love it! My 2 1/2 year old brings me my coupons from the printer. She gets so excited and tells her little brother (11 months) don’t touch mummy’s coopons! I hope to teach her soon how to coupon, right now she just loves bringing me my paper from the printer.

  6. Daphnemom says

    I’m relatively new at couponing, but I encountered something on my weekly trip to Publix that truly bothered me. Last Friday evening, in Daphne, Alabama, I saw two couponing ladies removing EVERY peelie off of EVERY box of pop tarts (at least 30 boxes)! I’ve heard of this happening, but have never actually seen in. I returned to the aisle after they left to see if they had left any, but they hadn’t. I don’t understand why they took every coupon peelie, but they did. Do people sell the peelies somewhere? I was surprised at the greed — especially since they took away the opportunity for other (non-couponers) to benefit from a cost savings. This type of behavior gives all couponers a bad name. If you’re a peelie thief, please try to stop.

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