Publix & Walmart Comparison…Is It Always Just About The Price?

130307PC_1_A_Ver_13_skqgoA while back I sent some readers out armed with a shopping list to both Publix and Walmart to see who had the lowest prices. It was a lot of fun to see the results. Basically, we found that when you shop the sales at Publix, you can save more money than when you shop at Walmart. It's that simple.

I was very excited to see that Publix has now posted their own shopping comparison disputing Walmart's claim to the lowest prices. Guess what they found...over $33 in savings when you shop at Publix!

It's funny because I still get comments and emails about the first post I did. Most people offer very positive comments but there are the few people who moan and groan saying there is no way that Publix is cheaper. I always remind them that if you shop the sale (no matter where you choose to shop) you will save money.

I think what many people overlook is also the full shopping experience. Saving money is really very simple. I will be the first person to tell you that no matter if you shop at Publix, Walmart, Kroger, Target or wherever, if you shop the sales - you will save money. I will go back to my original comments - it doesn't matter if you are shopping for a new car or a loaf of bread! Smart shopping requires a bit of planning and often some patience. Buying what you want whenever you want is not the best strategy in our current economy.

Beyond saving money there is also the fact of the overall shopping experience. The thing that irks me about the Walmart ads is not necessarily their claim to have low prices, it's the misleading shopping experience. Shopping at Walmart is not what I would consider a pleasurable experience. I have never stepped foot in a Walmart that is anything like what is portrayed in those commercials. While I am sure those stores must exist in some la la land...they are no where near my neck of the woods!

I want to see commercials where people walk into an average Publix store and shop and then go to into an average Walmart store and attempt to shop in the small overcrowded aisles only to wait in line 15+  minutes to check out--hahaha! Tell me that wouldn't be real entertainment. I think that might be the perfect marketing strategy--tee hee. Now, that's where the real difference would be evident!

When you look at price, quality of product and shopping experience, in my opinion Publix is definitely the winner!

Head over and check out the Publix comparison and let me know what you think. What do you guys think of these shopping comparisons? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments!


  1. Stacy says

    I always find that publix is WAY better. not just in the sales, but with the coupons. publix is the MOST coupon friendly of ANY store I have ever shopped :)

  2. Mary says

    I totally agree! Publix makes it much easier to save money because they are so much more coupon friendly than Walmart is, and to be honest even before I started couponing/sale shopping I preferred Publix simply because they offer such a superior shopping experience. My husband used to work for Walmart and was told, “We have the low prices, Publix has the customer service. Just do your job.”

  3. says

    Walmart doesn’t even compare to Publix! I HATE Walmart and am so happy that with couponing & shopping the sales I can shop at Publix instead of Walmart. I rarely go to Walmart these days. I’d rather get what I need between Publix, Winn Dixie, Aldi, GFS, Target & Dollar General Market.

  4. haley says

    hands down publix is by far superior to all stores. I have done every coupon available so that i can continue shopping there. There is NO comparison by guest service, quality of product, pricing & product availability. Walmart??? Please, spend your $$ there if you like throwing it away. I have lost more product due to improper handling, poor quality, & the pricing is NOT lowest. Learn to read your ads, sales, clip coupons, stock up & you can shop where you want !!

  5. G. Sessions says

    There is no price on customer service! Publix will forever and always be my place to shop. Ever since I started couponing (2 years ago) I rarely visit Publix and/or Sam’s; especially with the help of your site.

  6. Krystal says

    I have to say I love Publix! Our Walmart is horrible :( There are usually only a few registers open at checkout and the employees are grumpy. Walmart is only 5 minutes from my house and the nearest Publix is 45 minutes. I drive every week to Publix because the shopping experience is so much better! The employees are super nice and go out of their way to help.
    Thank you for all your deal saving posts! Love your blog!

  7. Janell Hughes says

    Heck yes! Shopping Publix is SOOOOuch better. Even if I NEED something that isn’t on sale, it gets purchased at Publix since I’m already there.

  8. renae says

    Many years ago I used to be one of those people who throught Walmart had the best prices and if I ever became “rich” I would shop at Publix and you couldn’t tell me any different. Fast forward to “couponing”, shopping BOGO sales each week, and sites like “I Heart Publix” I had to eat my words. Now when I hear people spouting the same things I did I try to politely tell them my experience and how VERY WRONG I was. When you take ino consideration BOGOs, doubling of coupons, using competitor or Publix coupon AND manufacturer coupon on one item, PUBLIX beats Walmart hands down every time. Plus the added benefit of a CLEAN and well-stocked store and employees who are friendly and helpful I can’t imagine shopping anywhere else.

  9. Pat Wike says

    The price is only part of the shopping experience. If I wanted a dirty crowded store with surly staff I would shop at Wal-Mart. However I prefer a large clean well lit store with pleasant staff who smile and speak to me, bag my groceries, are coupon friendly, and load my purchases in my vehicle. “Publix where shopping is a pleasure” is more than a catchy slogan – it is a way of doing business that appeals to me and my entire family. I am a loyal Publix shopper for more than 30 years.

  10. Mitch G. says

    For health and beauty aids, no one beats walmart generic prices… even with coupons on brand names. Other than that, we save WAy More at Publix. Publix is so friendly to coupons and if you couple them with bogos and the fact that they accept competitor coupons it is a no-brainer. Add to that the horrible customer service and dirty stores at Walmart.

    • Mandy says

      No CVS is the store to shop those products! In my experience they beat any store for their prices. Well if you know how to shop there and roll your ECB’s then you can do great and spend hardly anything.

      • renae patterson says

        I agree about CVS. Have been getting shampoos, makeups, toothpaste, etc., for quite a while for just tax. Rolling ECBS is great and I enjoy shopping at CVS as much as Publix.

      • tracey says

        CVS is hands down the best place to shop for HBA items. Sometimes Publix will have decent sales on those items but I haven’t bought shampoo, makeup, toothpaste, etc. from Walmart in over 2 years, since I started couponing.

    • Erin says

      I’m with Mandy on this one. I bought 2 packages of L’oreal Bare Naturelle makeup ($15.39 each reg) and with coupons and ECB’s walked out the door for $6.35 and 3 ECB’s left.

    • Shawna says

      I have to disagree w/ you on that one Mitch. CVS is far cheaper when you buy on sale and match w/ coupons and ECB’s. I buy all of my toiletries and health aids from there and pay a far lower price then Walmart. It does take time to review the ads and match it all up, but no longer than couponing w/ sales at Publix.

  11. says

    Every time I see that fake Walmart store on the commercial I get irrationally angry. As if a Walmart like that ever existed. Even the day my local Walmart opened it didn’t look as clean and organized as the one the show on tv….

    • Jessica P says

      I was wondering if they closed the Walmart when they film those commercials. I don’t see the crowds of people shopping in the commercial like they normally are at my local Walmart.

  12. Jessica P says

    Absolutely! I just decided last week that I will under no circumstance ever grocery shop at Walmart ever again.

    I used to shop the sales at Publix and then get the few extra groceries I needed at Walmart. Last week I decided not to buy honey mustard at Publix because it wasn’t on sale. I decided I could save a few cents by buying that and a few other items at Walmart. After dealing with the hassle of parking at Walmart, I had to clean (with my own Lysol wipe I brought because Walmart was out) and attempt to dry a wet shopping cart. Then I realize, after cleaning and drying it, the cart is broken and almost impossible to drive. So I got to clean and dry another cart! By this time I was really annoyed. I get my items, including my honey mustard and head home. The next day when I go to use the honey mustard I realize the bottle is not sealed correctly (looks like it could have already been opened). Then I get to drive all the way back to Walmart and return it. In an attempt to save money, I actually ended up with a lot of hassle, wasted time and gas!

    I’ve decided that it is worth it to spend a little bit more at Publix than deal with the hassle and frustration of Walmart ever again!

  13. cj says

    i have been a loyal publix shopper for years they have the best customer svc of any store. and i would luv to see a walmart shopper attempting to do an ad match, i have yet to see it done like the walmart commercials show. ive tried it twice, the first time the cashier didnt know what i was talking about and the 2nd time the cashier flat out told me no maam no store is gonna have it at that price you are going to have to show me the ad.
    so i did, and she stomped off like my child to get a manager because she didnt want to do it

  14. BS says

    At Publix ‘Shopping is a pleasure’ and at Walmart… Well I haven’t been in one in years. now that’s my store. :)

    • Chan says

      HA!! I literally ordered bulk deoderant off Amazon a few months ago because I couldn’t find it cheaper than at Wal-Mart. I refused to go to the store to get it!!

  15. roxy says

    Here’s what I think. Walmart is famous for their every day low prics. Which is true. When you compare non-sale prices, Walmart is cheaper than Publix and even Kroger. I am one of the couponers (and I coupon a lot) that doesn’t plan her shopping and cooking based on sales. I don’t buy a lot of processed foods, so I try to use my overage at Publix, plus any money-off coupons to save on meat and produce. Walmart isn’t very close to me. Publix is. And because of their amazing customer service, the way they treat me, the fact that they accept my coupons and don’t give me a hard time makes me spend more money in their store, even on items that aren’t on sale or that would be cheaper at Walmart. So, it’s like you said, it’s not always about the price. Sometimes it’s about the experience. Most of the foods I like don’t ever go on sale anyway, so I have to pay full price. I could go to Walmart, but it’s not worth the drive. The stores are always very crowded, there are always long lines at checkout and they give me a hard time with coupons. Some cashiers don’t even say “hello” or “thank you” and they are really like robots. What is wrong with Walmart cashiers???
    As for Kroger, they do have low prices, and they have way more stuff than Publix does, but their customer service at my store is again, horrible. They start closing the registers at 10 pm and even if they see you heading to the register, they let you know they are closed and send you to the self checkout. Where you only find 2 registers open and a huge line of people waiting to check out and bag their own groceries.
    So, when I take into consideration all these factors, Publix is the winner. Hats off to them for the way they train their employees.

    • Sandy says

      The problem with Walmart employees is that they are not paid well and do not have any interest in the company.
      Kroger employees are Union, therefore, they do not do more than they have to.
      Publix employees are paid well and have a vested interest in the company because they are owners of they company.

      • Sharon says

        15 years ago, I worked in the Publix bakery for $5.50 hr.!! I was very upset since I had a culinary degree. Needless to say I did not work there very long.

        • says

          So you hate Publix for paying you to bake frozen bread? If you were that good as a “culinary chef” you would have been somewhere else….. a nice resturant baking or cooking….. you fail to say what you are now so stop bashing Publix….. your on here for the coupons… clearly they are not that bad… I have an accounting degree….. when I needed a part time job Publix FIT my schedule…. they were there when you needed them and they are there when you want to use a coupon. Publix bends over backwards to make customers happy…. look inside….

  16. Yen says

    We are reading/posting on a blog called iHeartPublix, would we dare say we love any other store besides Publix? LOL. IHeartPublix, I really do and everytime I hear those Walmart commercials about them having the best prices I laugh. My experience with coupons at Walmart are negative 90% of the time. Also when I hear the Save-a-lot commercials I laugh, lol woman who’s too busy to clip coupons? banish the thought! LOL I can use Save-a-lot coupons at my Publix so my savings are that much better! I do admit that some things at Save-a-lot may be quite a bit cheaper but if I shop the publix sales and use coupons I make up for it and come out on top in the end.

  17. Sandy says

    Those Walmart commercials irritate me to the point that if I hear them on the radio, I will turn the channel until it’s over. There is no truth to them. The stores are not clean; most employees are not friendly; you can’t ever find anyone to help you find something; no one takes your bags out to the car for you.
    I am so glad that Publix has started to push back against Walmart and glad they are doing it with the class and pride that they have in their stores.

    • Jessica says

      LOL! I hate those commercials too. Theres no truth to them . I save so much at Publix and never get an attitude from an employee like at walmart . I get alot of people tell me Publix is so expensive but its really not, even when things are not on sale alot of items are still cheaper than walmarts prices. Well I love Publix and won’t ever grocery shop at walmart again .

  18. Chan says

    I boycotted Wal-Mart for good about 2 months ago, and before that had only been shopping online for large items I could have delivered to the house. 2 months ago I returned something I had ordered online at the customer service desk. Instead of crediting my card, they charged me again (for a $200 item by the way)! Then when I went back to get it fixed, they were very unhelpful and dismissive, and told me I had to bring in a bank statement and the receipts- as if I was lying, they could just look it up and it was on my Wal-Mart Credit card!!!! I fired a letter off to the corportate office on their website and the assistant manager called me back the next day so they could look it up. I still had to go back to the store for the credit and I felt they were very unapologetic. After that I said I was done.

  19. cora says

    I”m one of those that don’t use a ton of processed foods. I still do much better at Publix with the sales and coupons than I could ever do at WM. Every once in a while I will run into WM to pick up something that I have to have and every time I am ill as a hornet by the time I come out.

  20. Julie says

    I refuse to shop at walmart unless I have too….perhaps somewhere there is a walmart like in commercials – but it sure isnt near me. At Publix last night, I met a young man working in the meat department who was a 5th generation publix employee. That says something!

  21. Rose says

    I avoid Walmart like the plague! I think all the ones in my area (and there are many) are trashy and there is NO way I would EVER purchase and feed my family meat/produce/dairy/deli/bakery from that place! I understand how some people go there for financial reasons but I believe you get what you pay for. I’d rather go to Target (LOVE that store) and spend my money on quality items that I cannot get at Publix.

  22. says

    I get panic attacks when I try to do my grocery shopping at WalMart. It’s just too overwhelming for me, I guess. Too many people, too many aisles, distractions, it’s just too much. Even if WalMart was super cheap, I still wouldn’t shop there. Publix is and always will be the place to shop. I don’t even go to Kroger anymore, because it just doesn’t compare to Publix.

    I will say, however, that Walmart opened a Neighborhood Market close to me, and it’s actually decent. It’s groceries only, along with a pharmacy and toilet paper, but if I don’t have my coupons, or what I need isn’t on sale at Publix, I’ll pop in to grab it. No panic attacks yet. :)

  23. Evan says

    If you’re talking regular price items only, WalMart is cheaper. But Pulbix sales are far better. Combine that with their superior coupon policies, and Publix is the clear winner. Not to mention the difference in atmoshpere. I would rather take a beating than go to Wal Mart. Terrible customer service, crowded, no parking, long lines, dirty store. Yuck. Also, I don’t think of myself as a snob, but where do these customers in Wal Mart come from? Yikes! I’m sure we’ve all seen

    I do like Aldi as well. No customer service to speak of, but that’s part of their business model. At least the employees are friendly. And the prices make even Wal Mart look like Neiman Marcus.

  24. jiki says

    I USed to always shop @walmart. when i read IheartPublix, my life changed. I always used to think Publix is evepensive.. Now i feel publix is the best place to shop wid coupons sales BOGO n competiotor coupon. Well the uality superdd n got enough varieties. love u publix.

  25. Thom1977 says

    Those that say Walmart is cheaper need a lesson. I was one of those that used to say that. I said Publix to too expensive. Most of my money went to Walmart or Bi-Lo. Now that I am an enlightened shopper I know better. OMG, Publix gets the majority of my shopping attention. Walmart is used sparingly for things like DVDs or a shirt for the son. )And even that is going away since Target is allowing price matching now!)
    Just this weekend I took advantage of my awesome coupons and got $70+ worth of food and the $50 gas card and spent only $33 out of pocket. That’s right! Show me where I can get that at Walmart. Publix has an awesome coupon policy. This policy lists them first in my heart.

  26. KristiMitch says

    I of course LOVE my Publix and the superior customer service, but lately with the Walmart price match, I am able to get some of the BOGO’s at Walmart for a even deeper sale price than at Publix. But only if I don’t have a coupon that doubles to go with it and Publix store coupon to stack. Most of my coupons these days are more than $.50 cents so it has cut some of my grocery items down even cheaper. What I have done is made a list of those specific items and I go early on Sunday morning to beat the crowd. And since they are price matching everyone, I also get my Ingles BOGO while I am at it.

  27. Lori M says

    I feel like many others do; there is simply NO WAY walmart is better than Publix. It is LIBERATING not shopping at walmart. At Publix I am respected as a person and a consumer. I’m always greeted with a smile, offered help when passing any employee in the store, never hassled about the coupons I’m using, find fresh produce, meat, and wow, the bakery! And I can get free select antibiotics in the pharmacy if needed-try getting THAT at wally-world. Publix stores are very clean, organized, signed and the staff is always willing to go the extra mile. Sure, I might have to pay a little more for some items (mainly meat) but there is simply NO comparison in my opinion. Walmart is the biggest loser!

  28. Ginger says

    I shop at my Publix store once a week to pick up the sale items I need and produce for the week. Usually I take my son with me. Today he had co-op classes. The bagger actually asked me to tell my son that she missed seeing him. Now this isn’t a cute toddler she’s talking about. He’s 13! You would NEVER get this sort of friendly interaction at Walmart. More times than I can count, I’ve had Publix employees come up and ask if they could help me find something. And they meant it! Coupons are a breeze. I have never had a problem using a coupon at my Publix. Lines are short. Cashiers are courteous. Returns are pleasant. I could not write any of those things about my local Walmart, in any of the three states we’ve lived.

    I do buy non-sale items from time to time while I am there. But, I must admit, I do a once a month shopping trip to the commissary for my regular pantry stock up. Basics, unless they are on sale, are just much to expensive at Publix. I don’t buy convenience, processed foods for the most part so basics to me are flour, sugar, coffee etc.

  29. william says

    First off I work at Walmart, but have shopped at Publix 30 plus years and will not stop unless they are no longer around.

    Walmart may say they are cheaper but have found on way more than one occasion prices are wrong, either the shelf price or produce advertised price when I scan the customer out. You tell the supervisors and nothing happens. So yes looking at shelf prices it probably is cheaper, but to park 10 miles away, have shopping carts that don’t work right, even the new ones have broken tires, not enough cashiers, and some other things I wont say since I don’t have concrete proof they will rarely get any money from me, BOGO and the sales more than make up for the difference, and I will be dammed if I am going to wait to give you my money, that is just wrong

  30. irene says

    Aside from the savings, would you rather turn your money over to a company bent on global domination on the backs of their minimum wage employees or a local (Florida-based) company that’s employee owned? Yeah, the shoppers can feel the difference in the stores.

  31. Kellie says

    I also hate those stupid Walmart commercials dissing Publix. I love Publix. They are the most coupon friendly store I have yet to discover. They have the most polite employees. The lines are NOT ever long at all. And not only do they have great BOGO sales, but just the fact that you get to use competitor coupons, I mean…you just save SO much. No, I do not shop at Publix for everything. I do 1 trip a week to Walmart, and 1 trip a week to Publix. The only things I go to Walmart for is for things I don’t seem to have a coupon for, or it’s not a sale item and I NEED it right then. Other than that, stocking up on good Publix sale items, with coupons, & competitor coupons…I mean you just can’t beat that.

  32. Ginger says

    I laugh at the commercials were Walmart compares their prices to Publix and indicated how much more you save with them. They finally have real competition out there and I think that scares them. I don’t think they are going to put them out of business like they have so may other grocery stores in my ares. Publix is a such better place to shop. They have wonderful customer service, short lines, hassle free money back guarantee, and they double their coupons. My favorite thing about Publix if I had to choose one would be the bogo items.

  33. tracy says

    I have saved more money by couponing and shopping at publix than I ever did at walmart.There is just no comparison when you make an effort to change the way you usually shop.For me it was buying things only when i run out) to byuying things on sale with coupons even when you may I need them at the moment.

  34. Teresa says

    Walmarts vary greatly. I am from Arkansas & recently moved to Florida. Florida Walmarts are awful! I used to work for Walmart & know proper protocol. Arkansas Walmarts are great! I have switched to Publix because they do have the best deals for couponers. However, for people who do not coupon…Walmart is cheaper.

  35. Cathryn says

    When Imoved to Alabama 13 years ago, there were no Publix in my area, but a few years ago Publix entered our area and I am never turning back. I grew up in the Northeast and travel for work, so I get to go to many different markets when I am on the road. Publix will always rank number one with me for customer service and sales. Not only are they coupon friendly, but also accept competitor coupons. Walmart is very stressful to go to and shop at from finding a parking spot, to cleanliness, to customer service, poor produce and meat. I do not find any savings(if there really are any) substantial enough to replace Publix for.

  36. lisa says

    I am an associate at Walmart 16 years! I do shop your bongos and your meat is awesome! I save weekly price comparing at Walmart. My store is NOT dirty and the associates are happy/friendly! I also shop other stores sales…everyone has to coupon and price compare.

    • Alison says

      I used to buy at walmart..not anymore..sorry but the stores here in tampa and phoenix where my inlaws live are the same..dirty,crowded bad customer service and there is always a problem to do give you an ad match or take coupons..

  37. Sharon says

    I recently moved from GA to FL in GA I was a huge Publix fan, I knew names of cashier and management. When I moved to FL my family were huge Walmart fans, and when I told them Publix was my store of choice, they would always say, Publix is so expense, and I would say when was the last time you grocery shop at Publix oh a long time ago, but they would always purchase cakes from Publix, but not grocery shop, even after finding out no double couponing in Florida Publix is still my favorite place to shop. I actually have a Winn Dixie 5 miles from my house, but I past it to go to Publix, and I ask my friends and family for their Winn Dixie coupons 5 off 55 and I use them at Publix, I have been living here in FL for almost 2 years and I have never used a Winn Dixie $$$ off coupon at Winn Dixie, I used them at Publix. I have also converted a few family members to shopping at Publix, my niece that lives in the Orlando area, calls me every Monday evening to go over weekly add. Great store, Great employees all around.

  38. Lenore says

    I agree with everything said. Publix was the first store I learned to coupon at in March 2011. I have NEVER had a bad experience at Publix. Shopping there really is a pleasure. I also USED to shop at Walmart, but now rarely step foot in there. Publix treats customers with respect, which is way more important to me than low prices or fuel perks (Winn Dixie)!

  39. stacey says

    I am quite proud to say that I haven’t gone to Walmart in well over a year and it’s literally closer than Publix. I hate it so….everything from the massive, overcrowded parking lot, to the hard to get to milk, and just the total lack of customer focus and lack of cashiers……….hate it! I have on occasion done gift items at though. Publix stores are clean and they are friendly and they have great sales, I don’t go anywhere else anymore.

  40. Walker says

    I live in South Florida and my Publix/Wal-Mart comparison on my online ad says I save $62.90!!! Woo-hoo!!! I love Publix!

  41. Pam says

    The Walmart commercials are very well orchestrated…the info isn’t true but it is well laid out. My only problem with the Publix comparison is that I live in the land of true BOGO and the list doesn’t reflect that. For example, the So Delicious “ice cream” is $5.99 BOGO. I have to get 2 to get the $3.00 price. That said buying two at Walmart would cost a LOT more. I would like to see it laid out that way on occasion. I’ve been shopping at Publix for 37 years (long before BOGO’s) and I’ve loved it the whole time.

  42. Linda says

    I love the response to this blog. My Husband works for Publix and years ago at 18 …i am now 50 and i too worked for the company. I now work for a company that puts me in all the various stores representing the manufacturers and i will tell you from personal experience and what i have seen at walmart stores there is no better place to work either. If you are a dedicated employee this company will reward you for your hard work. We moved from Florida to Alabama to help bring Publix culture of customer service to the area and i hope the employees of this growing company see the value of belonging to an employee owned operation. It is definitely a WIN–WIN for all. Thank you I heart Publix for your unselfish desire to show people how to shop smart and possibly enjoy it at the same time!

  43. CarolH says

    My last straw with Walmart was when I was trying to use valid/high value coupons that I got in the Walmart published All You magazine that I subscribe to. The cashiers refused to take them–they felt the coupons were too good to be true. The manager backed them up. I brought in my magazine and I also showed it to them on their magazine rack and they still said no.

  44. kris r says

    i had the WORST time at publix today with coupons. they informed me they installed their new coupon system today with the digital. and if the coupon doesnt scan they have to get approval to accept it. DOH> so my alexia for 2.5o/1 the checker didn’t get that it applied to sweet potato fries and not just breads even though it SAYS ANY alexia item
    and two other coupons with the BIG barcodes only didnt scan
    stupid new system
    so of course had to wait for someone to come over and look at them and take the items out of the bags what a pain
    stupid new system sais it had to do with the digi coupons
    secretly i think they are going to stop doubling

  45. Andrea says

    Don’t miss Wally world one bit!!!!! Went from dreading the weekly make a list for Wally world, to the addiction of the couponing game… Seems I’m in a store either publix or kroger every single day buying something…. And spend half of what i used to and getting a whole lot more!!! Thanks to this site!! Thanks iheart!!!

  46. says

    My Walmart was on one of the cell phone commercials, I happened to be in the store that morning looking for a toy for my son. They had scrubbed every inch of the store that was on the commercial and blocked off the areas so no one else would get in the shot plus it wasn’t even 8am when I saw them taping.

    I shop at both stores, I live in a touristy area and therefor my stores prices are always the highest you see posted which sometimes makes Walmart cheaper but really I only shop there when I desperately need something now. Otherwise I wait for sales at Publix or head to Aldi’s for my staples, I love Publix but I really wish I lived in an area with a cheap Publix but out here we have Publix or Walmart all the rest of the competition has closed and getting to Aldi’s is a 20 minute drive.

  47. eric says

    my Publix is always a cheer to go into. every employee is nice and helpful and i’ve never overheard any of them complain, even when i’m there right at closing time. and i never get hassled about coupons there unlike wal-mart who takes a magnifying glass to them…

  48. Rosanna says

    Love Publix. Have had nothing but horrible experiences at Walmart. Sour attitutudes,dirty stores,empty shelves,misleading “lower” prices,long lines and on and on. But I do know people that are so loyal to Walmart it blows my mind. At Publix you can always ask them to order merchandise they normally do not carry. At Walmart you can’t find anyone to order merchandise they already carry.

  49. jennifer w says

    I have found that almost everything is less expensive at Walmart compared to non sale prices at Publix. However, most of the time it just not worth the hassle. Walmart stores are so dirty, with such poor customer service ( read non-existent). I will sometimes take advantage of their ad matching policy, which allows me to get the best of both: Publix BOGOs at Walmart prices, really add up. But, even those trips have become fewer because the visits are so unpleasant.

  50. Regina says

    There is a billboard here in tampa that dares you to compare Publix vs Walmart….it’s a publix billboard.

  51. Maria says

    My Publix has no doubles , prices are always higher than listed here , is not very coupon friendly. In fact they would not let me do the gas card deal last week because my total after coupons was under 50.00 (yes total was over 50.00 before gas card ) .

    I shop Publix now only for the coupon sales . I buy my meat and produce at Sweetbay as they have better prices for both and better selection.

  52. Nory says

    The lines at Walmart are always super long and super slow. You definitely do not receive the same customer service at Walmart that you do at Publix. I ALWAYS had problems at Walmart when using coupons, so I just stopped going all together. Combining coupons, BOGOs and sales, I save a whole lot more at Publix than I ever did at Walmart. Publix produce is also way better quality than Walmart. Truly, I<3Publix! :)

  53. Amber says

    I’ve recently begun my couponing experience and while I do agree that some items are in fact cheaper at publix and if you shop the sales you do save there are some products that Walmart is killer based only on price. NOW, having said that I have rarely gone into publix and been so frustrated I wanted to punch someone which is a very regular occurrence at Walmart. I find the service, cleanliness, freshness of the food, and promptness of the employees at publix to be far superior to that in Walmart and if I have a choice I shop publix above anywhere else. I have routinely gone into Walmart here and found expired products on their shelves. Make sure you check your dates! I’ve never had this issue at publix.

  54. Alison says

    I used to go to walmart before started to couponing..and let me tell you I not going to walmart anymore..I like the customer service at publix,they are friendly with the couponers and if you are looking for the sales you are going to save a lot of money..we were throwing away our money in groceries and buying only the cheap walmart brand,,now we can enjoy and try new good things,and spending a lot less,we are happy with publix .All those adds for the perfect shopping experience at walmart are Lies..I been in differents stores and if you dont find the item forget to aks an employee..never come back.

  55. Linda says

    After reading all these posts, I can’t agree more that you save when you shop the BOGO’s at Publix. I would also agree that the overall shopping experience goes hands down to Publix. What I have found lately is that saving money couponing or not is getting harder and harder to do. It appears not only are more people couponing, but stores are making it harder to save money; this would include Publix. The new digital coupon system, as well as Publix latest commercial openly embrace people to coupon, which is great, but the skeptic in me thinks we will see a tremendous reduction in savings. I have noticed that Publix does not have as many BOGO items as they once did, and it is harder to cycle your purchases to amek sure you don’t run out. Coffee is a good example, it hardly ever goes on BOGO, and the brands that do, are far and few in between. In addition, Publix BOGO items reflect this economy, and are at times very high, I live in Florida, if you were wondering, and I use iheart Publix religiously, but the prices in my area are much higher.

    I am a huge fan of Publix, but with this economy, I have to shop where I can feed my family according to my budget. If that means Walmart, it’s Walmart, and Aldi, amd Winn-Dixie. You have to price check, and it is not only Publix where prices and sales have dwindled, it is everywhere. It is just harder to save.

  56. Alicia says

    I refuse to shop at Wal-Mart anymore. My husband goes in there to get some stuff (non-grocery stuff that I can’t get at Publix..sod, salt, etc.) The Wal-marts in my area are very dirty, crowded and they employees are very negative. It is hard to find anything and honestly I normally leave there without getting half the stuff on my list because they are either out of it, they don’t have it or I just can’t find it. Forget about asking an employee to help you find it…not happening. In Publix everyone is friendly and they love to make sure you (The customer is happy)! The 2 Managers at my Publix know me when I am checking out (because of my coupons and my smiling face). They always stop to say hi and chat for a bit! They never hassel me about my coupons or my questions. I do know that there are some things at Wal-Mart that are cheaper but any given week the price will be better at Publix plus with the coupon policies at Publix vs. Wal-Mart you can’t go wrong.

    I can leave Publix knowing that my hair isn’t any grayer or my I didn’t lose my mind from grocery shopping! Plus I know I got quality service, food and great prices!

  57. Tiffany says

    I’m a Publix lover. People in Publix care about their shoppers. There is one man who works in Dairy who knows my family and always asks how we are doing, and we have nice conversations. My kids look forward to seeing him when we go.

    One day my son (2 years old at the time) got a sugar cookie from the bakery because that was all they had out. He was sweet about taking the cookie, but started to cry in the isle once we walked away because he was sad that it wasn’t chocolate chip. As I was trying to explain to him that what he got was all they had, a lady from the bakery showed up with a chocolate chip cookie for my boy. She took the time to go get a cookie and hunt us down. How sweet is that?!

    Publix is the best!

  58. Amanda says

    I couldn’t agree more! Over the years I have been able to convert most of my friends and family from Walmart to Publix, but there are still a few non-believers who drag themselves into a Walmart once or twice a week, only to come out with SOME saving and a WHOLE LOT of complaints about the store and the employees. I love Publix. I appreciate how they treat me. And I appreciate the opportunity they give me every week to go in with my coupon binder and save a lot of money.

  59. Cathy says

    I have done my own comparassion and found some items were indeed less but so were the items from Publix and in the end it came out about the same. I have done this on a couple of occassions and it is always the same. Combining sales & coupons has always worked out better at Publix. It does take a bit of planning but the overall savings is great. Publix is the best store to deal with when using coupons and Walmart is not always as accomadating. I will always continue to shop at Publix because they have the complete package. Publix has great sales, coupon friendly, cleanliness, friendly cashiers, the whole package.

  60. TinaV says

    What irks me the most is that Walmart now has a policy in effect where each store manager can make a decision that if your coupon won’t scan-which a lot of them won’t, Walmart will not accept the coupon. So for those of you who go through paper and ink like I do to print extra coupons, if it doesn’t scan, you will not be able to utilize your coupon saving. This happened to me
    last weekend where I had 10 coupons for some nice savings on fruit coupons and some cosmetics. The manager basically told me I don’t have to accept your coupons. So I asked for my coupons back and ask the cashier to delete out the items I had bought and only took the items I needed that I can only find there. I won’t be going back anytime soon.

  61. Cynthia says

    Cannot stand shopping in Walmart. It is a nightmare! There is always an issue with printable coupons that will not scan…never an issue is Publix. Walmart is always filthy. Publix is always immaculate. They are also fabulous as far as customer service. I also don’t want to sound like a snob but the customers in Walmart can sometimes be filthier than the store! When did it become acceptable to food shop in pajama pants and slippers?? Walmart…you can keep it. I love my Publix!!!

  62. edi says

    While I do enjoy going to to the Publix stores, shopping the sales and such, I have to say that perhaps I am just extremely fortunate in the fact that I actually do have a good Walmart. It’s clean, the isles are plenty large and I have never been more than the 4th person in line (which is pretty typical for Publix here). I will admit it is fairly new, unlike any of the other Walmarts I have shopped at before. Matter a fact, before this one was built I never went to Walmart.

  63. says

    Walmart has a full page ad in the Orlando Sentinel every Sunday. They’ve occasionally done one against Walgreens or CVS, but the majority of the ads and ALL of the TV ads I’ve seen have been against Publix. Whatever.

  64. says

    I hate Walmart and do everything I can to avoid shopping their. Trying to use coupons there is an absolute nightmare, as is their so-called price matching guarantee. I would rather shop in a place where the atmosphere is pleasant, the employees are friendly, and I can shop without having put together a power point presentation before hand to help the cashier understand how to ring out my order. Sorry if that sounds harsh, just the reality of my experience with that store.

    Proper planning has always saved me money at Publix. And sure, it takes some time and effort but it’s well worth it. I didn’t know that about the HBA products at CVS, though. Will have to take a peek in there!

  65. Debbie McDowell says

    It’s not always the price. I absolutely LOVE Publix – here’s why (in this order)
    1. Publix is closed on Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas for one reason only .. to give their staff time with their family
    2. Friendly staff.
    3. Helpful staff
    4. Knowledgeable staff
    5. Speedy checkout
    6. coupon friendly

    Notice price didn’t even enter into the equation of what’s important

  66. teresa says

    I have always loved Publix, but grew up thinking of it as a rich person’s store. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thanked God (literally) that I’ve learned how to shop the sales and use coupons so that I can shop there! I still spend more than my mom did…and if I had her tiny grocery budget, I probably could not shop at Publix as our stores don’t double. But I can, and do, stay within a small-ish grocery budget and still GET to shop where my groceries are loaded into my car while I buckle my kids into their carseats. Publix is awesome!

  67. Sandy says

    I do love to shop at Publix, but unfortunately if we need items that are not on sale at Publix or Winn Dixie, I have no choice but to go to Walmart because they will always be cheaper on plain everyday prices. And it seems to end up that I need a lot of things from Walmart. But it’s so much easier to get in/out of Publix and the customer service is exemplary for sure! One thing I have not compared and that is the difference in the prices for store brands. I buy a lot of Walmart brand items and I don’t know if Publix’s own brand of these items is lower or higher. When I can ever find time I need to do some ‘pounding the pavement’ research to see who’s better on these items.

    I’d love to know if anyone has compared the prices of stores brands against each other!!

    • JeniLee says

      Sandy – try Target if you have a super Target near you! Get their RedCard and save 5%. ALMOST as cheap as Walmart and pretty comparable when you use the red card. And the customer service is excellent!! Store brands were always cheaper for my husband and I when we compared between Walmart and Target vs Publix.

  68. JeniLee says

    My husband and I wrote down prices of everything we get at WalMart (now Target since we have a Super Target near us and we have a RedCard to save 5%) and when we check the BOGO sales in our Publix ad, even THEN we would be spending more than getting the generic brand at Walmart or Target. Publix was never a good experience for us especially because usually the BOGOs are stuff we dont need plus its always the name brand. And our produce? Almost always moldy within 2 days and NEVER lasted 7 days. Will never shop at Publix again.

  69. Mike says

    Everyone loves to bash Wal Mart, but they forget that it is the competitive pressure Wal Mart puts on other stores that keeps prices so low. As for experience, I have pretty much the same shopping “experience” at either place: disinterested employees and long checkout lines. I go to Wal Mart to save money, and Publix because they have British import foods, and my wife is a UK ex-pat. But neither outfit has ever wowed me with their service.

  70. says

    I’m very pleased with the new Walmart Markets that have opened. There is one less than 15 minutes from me that opened in an old Food Lion Store location. Food Lion closed all the stores in our city and went North. It’s a much smaller version and doesn’t have all the home decor and accessories or the electronics but for everyday grocery and health and beauty items, it’s wonderful. I can be in and out so much quicker and I’m finding the employees very nice and helpful. Their produce area is the first thing you see when you come in and it’s spotless and the produce has been wonderful. So far I’ve found they don’t carry my Silk Coconut milk, but then not all the Walmart supercenters do either.

  71. Carrie Bowen says

    Sorry to hear you all have bad Walmart’s. Ours in Lenoir, NC is friendly and price match friendly…..I still can save more with sales, but every once in a while I like Walmart (except for Christmas time.)

  72. David says

    I was a Walmart employee, and recently defected to publix. When, my ZMS asked me why I didnt tell him. Like it’s any of his bussiness anyways, I stated Walmart or my location has a record of firing to try to fire personal going to a competitor. The ZMS, started to belittle some of the fellow ex-co workers. I thought That was very unperfessional for being management. Instead, of wishing me good luck, I was treated like a the “Black Sheep”. There is very little stress, I feel at Publix than Walmart. Im, Glad I went to publix.

  73. Sandy says

    Now that Walmart price matches Publix and Winn Dixie, I am saving even MORE at Walmart. I absolutely love it!!! I have bought items that are BOGOF @ Publix for around $3.69 and can find it at Walmart for $1.78……… it was 2/$1.78 then if you have coupons on top of that…………CAN WE SAY WOW!!! And now with the Savings Catcher with Walmart it’s a win-win. Walmart is doing everything possible to help me save on groceries!

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