Publix Pharmacy Coupon – Valid Through 4/30


Jules emailed with a great Publix Pharmacy coupon find.

Be on the lookout for a coupon that will save you $10 on a Publix purchase with any new or transferred prescription or any immunization from the Publix Pharmacy! The coupon is valid through 4/30.

Jules indicated that she found the coupon near customer service. If you have a prescription you might want to see if you can find this one when you shop. I know medications can take a huge chunk of some folk's budget. Any savings is sure to come in handy!


  1. wendy says

    Ask at the Pharmacy if they will except Walgreens or riteaid pharmacy coupons. I have had them except them and got a $25 gift card, they may even combine the offers. It never hurts to ask :)

  2. Dorothy says

    If anyone has an extra coupon I could definitely use one. I need to get a couple of prescriptions filled.

  3. Pinksink says

    Of particular note with this coupon is it LACKS the Medicare,government plans etc verbiage usually found on Walgreens CVS etc coupons for GCs. So you seniors,those who are disabled, or those whose on a state or federal government health insurance plan …get one of these, because you are NOT EXCLUDED from it’s use!!!! This coupon is a BIGGIE !!!!

  4. Pinksink says

    For example the following is the wording on the Walgreen transfer coupon:
    “This offer is not valid for and cannot be used by any patient who is currently or has been a beneficiary of a federal healthcare program, such as Medicare Part D, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part B, Medicaid, TRICARE or the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program any time in the 6 months prior to coupon redemption. Offer not available in Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, New York, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oregon and Puerto Rico. Other transfer restrictions may apply.” Found here:

    This publix coupon does not appear to have that wording!!!

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