Niagara Spray Starch 28¢ At Publix

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niagara starch

Shannon emailed with a great deal on Niagara Starch at Publix

Publix has Niagara spray starch cans on sale 3/$4. When you combine coupons, you can grab a can for only 28¢! Now that is a great price.

Niagara Spray Starch, $1.33
-$1/2 Fab Dynamo Ajax Final Touch Niagara or RIT 2/24/2013 SS Insert
-$0.55/1 Niagara spray starch Publix Coupon Spring Savings Booklet or PRINT
Only 28¢ per can!

Thanks Shannon

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Niagara Spray Starch, $1.33
-$1/2 Fab Dynamo Ajax Final Touch Niagara or RIT 2/24/2013 SS Insert
-$0.55/1 Niagara spray starch Publix Coupon Spring Savings Booklet or PRINT
Only 28¢ per can!

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    • Me says

      Bummer to hear that!!
      Personally, I cannot believe that so many people are brain-washed in to believing that that Walmart has the best prices.
      I try to avoid Walmart as much as possible. Unfortunately, I do have to go in (WallyWorld) for a couple items (a particular mustard-style BBQ sauce only available in the south & Fels Naptha laundry soap bars) several times a month, that only they and Winn Dixie sells (naturally WM is cheaper than WD).
      I had to wait on a prescription the other day and decided to do a bit of price checking. I only found 1 or 2 items that were cheaper in the grocery department (Cabot cheese & an off-brand 2.5 lb bag of pre-cooked sausage patties).
      Remember, Publix runs at least 25-30 items EVERY week BOGO, where as Walmart does not. There always seems to be printable coupons or Manufacturer’s coupons that coincide with the sales at Publix – usually (I have found) 2 to 3 weeks after the coupons hit the paper or the printable company’s offer a coupon. I try to wait a bit to PRINT, so that the dates are better thus giving you more time to wait for a sale).
      NOTE: That ‘combo’ coupon for – $1/2 Fab Dynamo Ajax Final Touch Niagara – is published 3 to 4 times a year, and it usually has a long expiry date. I usually wait for the Fab detergent to go on sale (usually every three weeks) – I LUV getting Fab detergent for only $1.50 per box!!
      Publix promotes coupon users (within moderation) – Walmart does not allow Blinkie machines in their store or peelies (Q’s on products = I have actually heard a manager tell an employee to remove the coupons from the packaging of a product). They have also been known to remove products from the shelves, so they will not have to price-match (as their ad promotes).
      I swear by Publix (No, I do not work there). Great deals and 99.999% a pleasure to shop there.

  1. Laura says

    Still a great deal with just the Publix coup though. Plus, @me totally agree about Wally World. Always makes me think of Clark Griswald it’s called that:)

    • Me says

      Too funny!
      We have called it that for years!
      BUT—we have also come up with some additional ‘alternative’ names for W@lmart, that cannot/could not be published on this site.

    • Me says

      Oh—-and yes, I went ahead and printed me 2 Publix Niagra Q’s from the Spring ‘coupon offering’. I can definitely use some fresh cans of starch spray.

      It might even inspire me to preen some of my clothing – rather than having that ‘just-out-of-the-dryer-and-trampled-on-by-a-herd-of-buffalo’ look.


  2. Sarah says

    I also agree with what is said about Wal-Mart they would not accept my printable coupon the other day with the cashier telling me that it would not scan. However, I took my coupon to CVS and it scanned perfectly. I think the goal is to allow as few coupons as possible at Wal-Mart. With that said I am boycotting Wal-Mart. Sure I have to buy gallon sized vinegar bottles for my dishwasher and it cheapest there, but if they cannot accept my legal and scan able coupons I cannot accept being their loyal customer…

    • Me says

      ewe – kewel! I learn something new every day!
      Now, I will have to add ‘Gallon Jug of Vinegar’ to my dreaded shopping dash at Wal*art (f).
      I was just looking up (on eHow) how to remove rust stains from shower stalls and it suggested vinegar (bleach didn’t work). I also have 5 vintage coffee makers & percolators to clean to resell.
      Publix had a super deal on Clorox Bleach, plus using the printable manufacturer’s Q from Food Lion for .75 cents (made each bottle $1.25) it made a fantabulous deal.
      I’ll have to grab a couple gallons when I go back for my BBQ sauce.

      • sis2 says

        I too hate the mart but went there the other day for the meow mix variety packs. They are 5.76 at walmart and over $7 at Publix and Kroger. Of course my coupons (from an insert, not printable) wouldn’t scan, but, believe it or not the cashiers put them through after I insisted. Their first reaction is to hand back your coupon and say it didn’t scan.

      • melissa says

        I have tried Lysol Toilet bowl cleaner to clean hard water, soap scum, etc from my tile shower. it was super easy & worked fast. It may be strong, as the label states, but it saves lots of scrubbing & works quick- without the stink of bleach. It has an acid in it, so wear gloves.

  3. Katherine says

    @Me, check your Publix for the Fels Naptha. I buy it at my Publix often – and at about the same price as WalMart.

  4. elina says

    Darn can’t use the excuse starch too expensive. I usually just throw my clothes back in dryer. While on topc of cleaning how do you get blood off khakis I cut myself but stain noticeable.

    • sheryl says

      Try cleaning it with peroxide. Let the peroxide soak through the garment to a paper towel. The blood should flow through with the peroxide

    • Kristin says

      It is used in ironing clothes – to make them “stiffer” and hold out wrinkles longer. You spray it on the clothes right before you iron it. I try not to iron, so go through very little – LOL

    • Toni says

      Starch is something you spray on your clothes right before you iron them to get the wrinkles out. We used to heavily starch our jeans back in the 80s-90s, to where they were as stiff as cardboard, lol :)

  5. Eva says

    This is awesome I need some starch time to stock up on this product and I completely agree about waly world I boycotted WalMart a while back I avoid that place..Walmart is not cheap…

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