New Booklet At Publix – “Pick Up The Values”


nesieskip over at the I Heart Publix forum found a new booklet at Publix. Be on the lookout for "Pick Up The Values" that is filled with the following manufacturer's coupons valid through 7/31/13.

  • $0.40/1 or more rolls of Viva Paper Towels Big Rolls
  • $1/1 package of Poise Product
  • $1/1 Kotex product - excludes liners 14-22 ct.
  • $0.75/1 Huggies Baby Wipes (56 ct or larger)
  • $2/1 pkg of Huggies Little Movers or Little Snugglers Diapers or Overnite Diapers
  • $1.50/1 package of Huggies Diapers
  • $2/1 package Goodnites Underwear (jumbo pack or larger)
  • $2/1 package of Pull-ups
  • $1/1 package Depend Products
  • $0.75/1 4 pack or larger of Cottonelle Toilet Paper
  • $1/2 Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Moist Wipes (not valid on trial size)
  • $1/12 or more rolls of Scott Extra Soft Bath Tissue
  • $1/6 or more rolls of Scott Paper Towels
  • $1/2 tubs or refills of Scott nNaturals Flushable Wipes
  • $0.55/1 box (50 ct or higher) of Kleenex Facial Tissue


  1. Toni says

    I’m almost certain there is a $.55/1 scotts flushable publix wipes coupon in the spring booklet that is suppose to expire in a few days; and also, maybe one on the tissue too.

  2. Toni says

    ok, I spoke too fast, there are several publix coupons that match this booklet, but only for the next 5 days though.

  3. Mons says

    Hi Michelle I need help, it’s about the enjoy the city books, I wanted to buy online I’ve been trying since last night..I wanted to buy 25 ultimately but every time I check out it charges me 250.00 for 25 book. I thought its gonna be 125.00 like u said on the site but it will only give me 50% off… Pls let me know what to do so I can purchase it before midnight..thank you so much

    • Jennifer says

      In case you don’t get a reply from Michelle in time….. call Enjoy The City tomorrow morning (phone number on their website) and explain that you were having trouble with an online purchase. They have always been so helpful and I would imagine they will extend the special rate to you.

    • Laurel says

      After you enter the promotion code the price doesn’t change on that page. You have to click on proceed to checkout. On that page scroll all the way down and you will then see the $125.00 Make sure that you are ordering the Ultimate Edition and not the Enjoy the City that are city specific.

    • says

      Yep the ladies above are correct…you will only see the total discount once you click to proceed to checkout.

      The ultimate books here:
      will be $125 when you put 25 in your cart and add the coupon code HEART

      You will then get triple books when they ship.

      Remember that is the ULTIMATES only. Reg books are more expensive and only doubled.

    • Jennifer says

      Hello, I had heard something about the enjoy the city booklets a while back and was wondering if it all worked out and if you would want to sell some of them if they are still good?

  4. queenthatiam says

    For those in the Warner Robins, GA area I found these books today at the Publix on Hwy 96. I did not see any of these at the store on Watson Blv & Hwy 41

    • Toni says

      Aw man! I’ve tried 2 stores around here and they didn’t have them out yet. Crossing fingers that they would get them in before the other book expires.

  5. Julie says

    Haven’t found them here in Port Saint Lucie Florida yet….searched multiple stores….I really really need the goodnite coupons…and hoping to get them this week before I have to go out and buy more without coupons!

    • NiaLee says

      Julie- you may want to check with your CS to see if they have a one pager coupon sheet I picked up today at one of my regular stores. It’s called “Celebrate the First Flush” and has 3.00 off Goodnites (28 to 36 ct) on it. These are MQs as well.

  6. Mons says

    Thank you so much all for the replies, I did call the enjoy the city online sales just a minute ago and they were also wondering why it did that with the code coz I told her I tried for last two days…well I couldn’t buy the book for that same amount now but she said they will have another promotion coming very soon, I hope it’s still as good as this last one. I appreciate all your responses…thank you so much.

  7. Pamela C says

    A demo person was giving them out last weekend. She told me she read her instructions and she was supposed to throw them out after her demo there.
    I donated a bunch of the Diaper coupons to a shelter, oh, she said to take as
    many as I wanted for they were headed for the trash.

    • Sharon says

      =O And here we are chomping at the bit to get these. Not very “coupon friendly” if you ask me. That’s throwing away money! What prevents people from realizing that is beyond me.

    • Toni says

      Maybe that’s why I haven’t been able to find them and I have looked at several stores and asked management for one, to no avail. I always buy a different brand or shop elsewhere for items I know there are coupons for– when I don’t have the coupon. (Can’t stand to buy anything without a coupon when I know there are coupons floating around! :)

  8. says

    Hi, where can I find these flyers? Advantage buy flyer bright savings & pick up the values? Iam new to couponing & to this website. Thank u

  9. says

    Your comments are helpfully.
    Hi, where can I find these flyers? Advantage buy flyer bright savings & pick up the values? Iam new to couponing & to this website. Thank u

  10. Lisa p says

    To Save a Lot I stay in the Lithnia area and stone mountain area also I can’t find neither booklets in the Dekalb County, GA

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