Mueller’s Coupon For Publix BOGO Sale – 29¢ Pasta!

Hmmm....ok --Maybe the coupon will not work for the sale? I just bought macaroni and I call them noodles-tee hee. BUT... of course I can't print the coupon to see any details so the coupon may be for just egg noodle type products? Check your coupon and then double check when you shop!Mueler's pastaHere's a great new Mueller's coupon for the current Publix BOGO sale! Grab it and get pasta for about 29¢ per box!

Mueller’s Pasta, Pasta Blend, or Ronco Pasta, 12 to 16 oz, (Excluding Lasagne, Jumbo Shells, and Manicotti), BOGO $1.57
-$1/2 Packages of Noodles from Mueller’s, Pennsylvania or Ronco 
About 29¢ per box.

Good thing I have plans to go back to Publix before the sale ends. Fingers crossed my computer will print this has not been liking SmartSource coupons lately --grrrrr!!

Thanks to Steph at Printable Coupons and Deals


  1. Carly says

    Bah – wanted to print regardless of if it works for the sale. For some reason, sometimes when coupons print everything just freezes and then my Mac’s fan goes on and doesn’t turn off until I restart the computer – and then I lose out on the print!

  2. Coupon Man says

    There is a $1/2 Mueller’s 100% Whole Grain Product in the SS 03/03/13 R. Someone can see if it includes the whole grain. Last time they did include the whole grain.

  3. LindaB says

    The coupon states “Save $1.00 on 2 packages of Noodles from Mueller’s, Ronco, or Pennsylvania Dutch”. Still a good coupon to have if you use egg noodles.

  4. Rebecca says

    I can’t print smartsource coupons either. I used to be able to; then all of a sudden last week I started having problems: when I click print, it makes IE and Firefox crash. Fortunately, my husbands laptop still can print them.

      • says

        You win my favorite person of the day award!!

        I never use Firefox but for the heck of it…tried it just now and it DID print for me using FF!
        So I am opposite…I can’t print in Safari or Chrome but apparently CAN print with FF. Pain in the rear but at least I can print them again!!

    • LindaB says

      I have Firefox and I have found that I have to go into the Printer and check “spool” and uncheck “keep to computer” and then I can go back to the site that has the Smart source coupon and print it. If I want a second copy, I have to go back to my printer and do it again because my printer likes to automatically check mark “keep on printer”. Once I uncheck it, I can always print out the coupons that are Smart Source. Then, to do a coupon or any other ones, I have to go back in and set it to “print to paper” setting for them.

  5. Amy G says

    At my Tampa store this bogo is $1.37 and I was able to print 2 $.55/1 q’s for the Hidden Veggie variety from Facebook.

  6. johne says

    I am not sure that pasta and noodles are not the same. I have a box of lasagna that says they are noodles and are a macaroni product(which is pasta too me).

  7. Lana says

    Since egg noodles almost never go on sale we can make our own sale. I am happy to have the coupon even if they are not on sale.

  8. AmyC says

    I will definitely be using this Q on the “spaghetti”. Afterall, they are spaghetti NOODLES! I have referred to them as such since I was 4. I thought everyone else did, too. 😀 Sometimes I really wish I had time to overthink this kind of stuff…but sadly I don’t! lol 😉

    • says

      Thank you…I was starting to wonder if I was crazy. I say spaghetti noodles, macaroni noodles and more – I have never called them spaghetti pasta or macaroni pasta.

      • AmyC says

        Two thumbs up. 😀 I think the “old school” ppl call it noodles and the “under 40’s” call is pasta maybe? Who knows? I just know that it was a great day when I got home from school and mom had a plate of spaghetti *noodles* with homemade sauce waiting for me! 😀 No one in my family refers to it as pasta….ir’s always been noodles. 😛

        • Danielle says

          Sorry, that is just wrong. Seems like I am not the only one with the opinion that this coupon is for the bags of Muller noodles, not the boxes of pasta. Regardless of what each consumer calls them, the coupon and advertisement for this coupon show the bags.

  9. Lynsey says

    I printed these yesterday, they did not match the pasta on sale. My cashier entered it by hand before I could stop her. Hopefully egg noodles will go on sale for my other coupon. SmartSource has been hit or miss for me for a while. I just cross my fingers every time I see it 😉

  10. scott says

    Personally I think spaghetti is a noodle and have always called it such. If you google you can see spaghetti being called a noodle in various dictionaries, tons of sites like myrecipe and ask . com, and even in wiki.

  11. Laura says

    When Muellers sent me an email link to the coupon yesterday I saw it was for bags so I said darn it doesn’t work with the current sale.

    But I went & logged in to my acct at muellers website & they had a .55/1 printable for hidden veggie pasta which is included in the current sale, so that was a nice surprise.

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