Land O Lakes Butter Coupon For Publix Sale!

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UnknownWe have a great new Land O Lakes butter coupon just in time for our sale at Publix.

The boxes are on sale for $2.50 in the sale and if your store doubles, you can grab a great deal! This will be great for our upcoming Easter dinners! There are some recipes that just aren't the same without real butter. I always try to keep a couple of boxes in the freezer. Looks like I will be adding two more--woo hoo!

Land O Lakes Butter, 16 oz, 2/$5
-$0.50 off 1 LAND O LAKES Half Stick Butter
As low as $1.50 for a pound of butter!

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Land O Lakes Butter, 16 oz, 2/$5
-$0.50 off 1 LAND O LAKES Half Stick Butter
Only $1.50 for a pound of butter!

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  1. Cherokutie says

    It doesn’t let me click onto it! All the others say ‘Clip this coupon’ when you hover, but this one does not.

  2. Wendi says

    I did not know that you could freeze butter, so thanks for mentioning that! Is there anything special I should know about storing it? Such as, do you have to wrap it in plastic bags, how long will it keep, does it change consistency after thawing, etc.?

    • says

      If i have a bunch I do pre-freeze and then run through my foodsaver. I am weird about my butter taking on the smells of other food. I use little mini ziplocs when I open a stick to store them in the fridge.

  3. says

    awesome stock up price.normal price 3.89 to 4.29.this will b the lowest price all year.I found a tearpad with .50 coupons at winn-dixie so we got 20 lbs of butter.I always store butter in the freezer keeps good.

    • queenthatiam says

      Thanks April! This is one of my MIL favorite brands of butter, so now that my question has been answered I will be stocking up.

  4. Rachael says

    I just threw the butter straight in the freezer in it’s normal package and it was perfectly the same as fresh butter when i pulled it out months later. this 1/4 stick butter packaging makes me laugh. Is it supposed to entice us to use less which would no be good for their business or are we just to lazy now to get out a knife and cut it in half, and what about those receipts that call for 1/3 of a cup…how are you supposed to figure that out!

  5. says

    Thanks for sharing the coupon. It’s really going to come in handy for baking at Easter. I think Land O’ Lakes makes the perfect Easter Paska bread!

  6. Beka says

    My MIL knows I’m a couponer & she made a point to tell me “beka, Kroger is running this butter 2/$5 this week! This is REAL butter & normally $4!” I can’t wait to tell her how cheap I got it – :).

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