Year Of Orlando Sentinel Sunday’s Subscription For $13.37 (About 26¢ Per Issue)


MyOrlandoSentinel is offer up a year of Sunday delivery for only $13.37. That is like paying about 26¢ per issue. I am always so jealous of you guys who get these kind of deals. If you are interested in this one, grab it before it ends on 3/13.

Here are the details on this promotion:

  • Not available in Brevard
  • Max of 4 Subscriptions(including what you may already have)
  • You can't cancel your current subscription for this special offer.
  • Offer not available for "Seasonal Residents".
  • Subscription to begin within about 3 weeks.(first paper likely after March 24th)

Not in that area? Anyone can head over and check prices at to see if there are any deals in your area. Just enter your zip to check out all the deals offered.


  1. Michelle says

    There never seems to be good deals in Brevard! It’s about $35 for 13 weeks per subscription. Would love a newspaper deal for Brevard!!!

    • Tracey says

      It says:

      Counties that are eligible are:
      Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Lake, Volusia, & North Polk (NOT Lakeland), (Marion and Sumter – In Villages ONLY) – NOT IN BREVARD!

      • stephanie says

        i know it sounds dumb. i live in marion county but not the villages. it looks like it includes all of marion correct?

    • Michelle says

      There have been so many specials for the Sentinel; but, Brevard is always excluded. The price of Florida Today is even more outrageous and generally the coupons aren’t as good.

  2. Ron says

    I have written for both the Orlando and Daytona Beach papers. The quality is dropped dramatically over the years. Some of the best writers and editors have left for greener pastures. The number of stories and depth of coverage has dropped. The coverage area has dropped, too. On Friday, we drove past the three different offices that were once branches of these newspapers, and all of those offices are empty now. I no longer subscribe. But a Sunday edition for couponing is a great option.

  3. sara says

    I certainly do not buy the Sentinel or News Journal for the articles…..could care less. It is all about the coupons and both seem about the same to me so I buy the Sentinel because the New Journal never has a deal.

  4. dawn says

    It has gotten where the coupons in the newspaper aren’t that good anyway. I find that when I go to Publix to shop, most of my coupons are internet prints. I didn’t even buy the paper yesterday because the coupons were not that good. Thanks for all you do Michelle!!

  5. Melissa says

    So unfair! Why not Brevard! I live in Brevard as well and Orlando Sentinel has the best deals for the price of the Sunday paper (compared to FL Today it’s over double the price). I have heard that they actually have really good coupons, but I guess it differs for everyone bc everyone is looking for different things. I am gonna order the friday-sunday deal next week but I would of gotten 2-3 papers if I could get the Orlando deal.

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