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My beautiful niece Olivia

My beautiful niece Olivia

Happy Friday everyone! It's been a busy week in my neck of the woods. I got a call yesterday that my brother and his wife were at the hospital a few days earlier than expected preparing to have their first child. Baby Olivia was a nice Valentine's Day surprise. I had to run out and visit them this morning. It is just too cute seeing first time parents...it makes me think back to when my guys were tiny.

In addition to baby fun - I have been a shopping fool. The funny thing is - I only did one big shopping trip!

I ran in on Saturday to grab Jake's birthday cake (not in totals as it comes from the entertainment budget).  Then, I was going to my big shop on Tuesday but they were totally out of Juicy Juice. My dear friend had sent me a bunch of Juicy Juice and Rice Krispies coupons so I decided to go back and do my big trip on Wednesday once they were able to re-stock. On my way back from seeing my niece this morning I stopped by again. I am going to make a lasagna to take over to my brother tomorrow and could not remember if I had ricotta and an extra aluminum pan. So, rather than taking a chance I made a quick trip today instead of having to drag the boys out later.

Phew...four trips in one week - that's a lot for me!

I spent a little over $66. As I was typing this list I realized that I forgot to buy a couple of peppers that I need for my drunken bean recipe that I am making on Sunday. SO...it looks like I will be doing one more trip tomorrow after I take the lasagna to my bro! It's a good thing that I heart Publix - tee hee!

Asparagus = $2.19
Lemon = 67¢
Bananas = $1.34
Ling Ling Potstickers x 2 = $7.98 (two $2/1 IP)
Sargento x 4 = $6.80 (two $0.40/2)
Sorrento = $3.50
Milk $3.29
International Delight $2.50
Cinnamon Toast Crunch = 99¢ ($0.50/1 IP)
McCormick Taco Mix x 4 = 56¢ (two $0.50/2)
Lindt Truffles x 2 = $1 (two $3/1 IP)
Kikkoman Soy = 89¢ ($1/1 IP)
Rice Krispies Treats x 12 = $11.94
Hungry Jack Hashbrowns = 50¢ ($0.50/1 insert)
Chicken of the Sea Salmon = $2.29 ($0.50/1 IP)
French's Dijon  x 2 = 99¢ (two $0.50/1 mailers)
French Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce = 40¢ ($0.30/1 IP)
Riojano Chorizo = $1.94 ($0.55/1 IP)
Thomas English Muffin x 2 = $4.19
Zatarains x 2 = 50¢ (two $0.50/1 IP)
Tuttorossi Tomatoes x 2 = $1 ($1/2 IP)
Juicy Juice x 8 = $4.96 (eight $1/1 insert)
LaCroix = $1.35 ($1/1 IP)
Diet Coke x 3 = $0 (two free prod coupons)
Nature's Own Bread = $1.60
Sunlight Dish Liquid x 2 = $0 (two $1/1 IP)
EZ Foil Pan = $1

How did you guys do this week? Leave a comment or link to your weekly totals.


  1. Carrie says

    I’m new to this and don’t have anything to link to, but I was happy this morning that I saved $89.67 and paid 8.83 out of pocket, and did that without the benefit of the Poise MM as both stores in my area were out of it. :) And, I got things like K-Cups and Dove body wash, things that are much needed at my house! Talk about adjusting the list on the fly too! Thanks IHP for all the help!

    Congrats on the new family addition!

  2. Laura says

    So cute! Congrats to them and you Aunt Michelle!:) I spent $50 and saved $70 this week, so I was thrilled!:) thanks as always!!

  3. mary says

    I would love to see your drunken bean recipe. that sounds interesting and to be honest, anything with the word drunken in it has got to be good! Thanks.

  4. Kathy says

    I had to look twice at your new niece, I think my son used the same blanket. They look like they had the same fashion designer pick out their hats, he was born 12 days ago. Congrats on the new squeaker in the family, first babies are always fun. Don’t forget that plastic spoons are great for putting on yucky Desitin:)

  5. Eliza says

    What a beautiful Valentine Olivia is…thank you for sharing!! Great week at Publix for me….$95.12 before coupons and stacking deals….my end total was $48.05 which was mostly for the meat and veggies purchased. Love a week like that.

  6. Jan says

    I spent $40 and saved $82.94…:) The Publix coupon for the Nutra G
    rain Bars was a real winner since they were BOGO to begin with it made them FREE!!!! Your Niece is beautiful, the innocence. They grow up fast so treasure the moments.

  7. Dawn says

    I stopped by Kmart on Wednesday. I got 16 cans of 14.5 oz Red Gold tomato sauce or diced tomatoes for Free! They were discounted to $.50 each and I used a MQ for $1/2 so it was free.

  8. Heather says

    I went last night to take advantage of the nutrigrain bars and some other things. Luckily got everything I was looking for. I saved $108 and spents $11. My husband was even impressed. Congrats on your niece…nice to see pictures of baby girls when I have a house full of boys!!

  9. Gail M says

    I went to Publix today and got 4 of the muellers pasta, 2 boxes of yakisoba, eggs and progresso recipe starters. I only paid .85 cents when I checked out after my coupons. But, I saw today that my Publix will take Kroger and Fresh Market coupons. I had redeemed some recycle bank points for a Fresh Market coupon ($5.00 0ff $25.00). I asked customer service if they’d take that coupon and they said certainly. I didn’t meet the $25.00 today, but that’s OK. I was just happy that they will take that coupon!

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