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UnknownHappy Friday everyone - I hope you have all great week. The first day of the month is always super busy. I feel like I have had this computer attached to me for most of the day! There have been a bunch of good deals so I can't complain too much :-)

Well, I told you I would likely have a big trip this week. I traded for a bunch of coupons for the mega sale at Kroger. I had to wait for them t arrive, once they did - boy, did I shop! I ended up with two carts worth of groceries and really stocked up. I am actually considering going back in a bit. If I go tonight I will update this post. If I end up going tomorrow I will just add them to next week's totals. My husband volunteered to take a case of water for the Boy Scout's Pine Box derby and  we don't have any bottled water here. He said he assumed we had some. What a nut - he said, "We have at least one of everything, I figured there would be water in there somewhere."

So here is what I got this week. While there aren't a ton of items on the list, you will see the quantities of each is fairly large on some items. I am set for Hefty Storage Bags, Brillo pads and Rotel for the year. I also should have enough Jell-O for the boys' lunch boxes for 2 months.

Here is what I got this week:

Chi Chi's Salsa = 49¢ ($0.50/1 insert)
Hefty Bags x 20 = $5 (ten $1.50/2 insert)
Jet Puff Mallow Bites x 3 = $0 (three $0.25/1 tearpad)
Zatarain's x 2 = $0 (two $0.50/1 IP)
Jell-O Pudding x 8 = $7.20 (eight $1/1 IP) earn $3 Catalina
Jose Ole Taquitos x 2 = $2 ($3/2 IP)
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish x 5 = $4.95
Chi Chi's Snackers x 4 = $1.96 (four $0.50/1 insert)
Kellogg's Pop Tarts x 4 = $5.28 ($1/3 IP)
Birds Eye Steamfresh x 2= 99¢ (two $1/1 IP)
Heinz Ketchup = $1.88
Crystal Light x 2 = $3.60 ($1/2 tearpad) + $1 ibotta
Capri Sun x 3 = $5.97 $1 ibotta + earn $2 Catalina
Mahatma Rice x 5 = $2.90 (five $0.50/1 insert)
Azteca Tortillas x 3 = $1.74 (three $0.25/1 insert)
California Pizza Kitchen x 2 = $6.98
Kraft Cheese x 2 = $2.98
Rotel Tomatoes x 22 = $0 (eleven $0.50/2 insert)
Laughing Cow x 2 = $4.99 ($1/2 tearpad)
Danimals x 2 = $2.98
Green Giant Veggie Chips x 2 = $1.98 (two $0.50/1 IP)
Snyder Pretzels = $2.49
Brillo Pads x 6 = $2.70 (six $0.55/1 insert)
Salad = $1.49 (closeout)
Garlic = 75¢
Milk = $2.99
Healthy Life Bread x 2 = $0 (two $0.50/1 insert)
Nabisco Snack Sak x 10 = $5 (raincheck & five $1/2 inserts)
Hormel Pepperoni x 2 = $1 ($0.50/1 insert)
Diet Coke x 4 = $13

My total was right under $100 after tax. I used the remainder of a gift card and paid $74.81 out of my grocery budget this week.

How did you guys do this week? Leave a comment or link to your weekly totals.


  1. Bethany F. says

    I have spent only $4.64 and saved $202 this week!!! If time allows I will hit the store again in the morning and call it a week.

  2. Laura says

    I also stocked up at Kroger the past couple weeks. Hefty, reach and chi chi tortillas are plenty around here this week:) thanks as always for the matchups! Couldn’t do it without ya!:)

  3. Angela says

    I spent $55, saved $125 this week which includes :-) I’m very satisfied with that total since it included a lot of fresh meat, veggies etc.

  4. Jenn says

    Lots of these are great totals for snacks, household/cleaning items, drinks, pantry staples, etc.! But I don’t see many lists (each week) that include fresh meat/chicken/fish & veggies like Angela mentions. Is that because it’s an ‘off week’ for buying those items and actual meals are made from what’s in the freezer? I guess I haven’t figured out how to shop that way :(

    • says

      I get a produce delivery and much of my meat is from my freezer (Zaycon orders of beef, chicken, shrimp, fish) and other items that I have bought when they are stock up price.
      I only buy meat when I need a specific cut for a recipe or if I run out of a particular type.

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