Publix Digital Coupons – More Areas Added Soon?

publix digital couponsI thought I would give you guys a reminder about the Publix Digital Coupons? I just found out that my store will be participating in about a month!

As of right now only select areas are participating in this program. It looks like only select areas in Florida and Alabama are currently offering the coupons. From what I understand at least some areas in Atlanta will be added mid-March.

All you have to do is create an account then log in and select the coupons you would like to use. The coupons are available immediately once you “clip” them. They make it easy to do while you are in the store as well. You can always view your coupons and any new available coupons online from your mobile browser.

To redeem your coupons, all you have to do is enter your registered phone number at checkout or tell the cashier your registered phone number. Your coupons are electronically matched against your purchases and automatically deducted from your bill.

I checked today and there were a 101 coupons available to load....not bad!

Like other digital coupon programs, you can not use a paper coupon and a digital coupon together. According to the frequently asked questions on the site…

Should a paper coupon be accepted for an item, the digital coupon will not be accepted and will remain in your account for future use.

This is a nice option. At stores like Kroger, once you load a digital coupon it will be used first so you have to be careful not to load a digital coupon that may be a lower value that your paper coupon. I set up a dummy account and I thought the process of loading the coupons was pretty simple. If you want to check it out and see the details and FAQ you will need to set up an account. There is a limited amount of info on the sign up page. Once you login you can see the FAQ at the bottom of the page.

I like the idea of having another option for coupons. I would gladly welcome additional opportunities for saving money. My only issue as of this point is the fact that digital coupons do not double.

I am going to try my best to remember to add the coupons to the ad each week. If I forget, feel free to give me a gentle nudge 😉

I know some of you guys have been using these for a while. If anyone cares to give us a review or your opinion - feel free to share in the comments!


  1. Laura says

    Love that option, sometime I load a coupon at Kroger and then get a better paper coupon and am in a pickle! Leave it to Publix to make it all good:)

    • sheryll says

      If you get a better coupon then delete the electronic one before checking out at Kroger. If you have a smartphone their app is great – I see all my coupons on my phone and check for coupons on all purchases before checking out. They load immediately.

  2. Cheri says

    The manager at my store told me they would be starting soon. Here is the message I got when I signed up.

    There are no Publix stores in your zip code that are currently accepting Digital Coupons. All stores will be accepting Digital Coupons on 3/15/2013. This service is available in select stores at this time.

    Thank you for shopping with Publix.

  3. DontMisUseQs says

    Unfortunately, the digital Qs aren’t reliable. I expected for all the products to be included unless there was an exclusion. I waited 3 weeks for Inmar (company that runs the digital Q program) to fix something, and even when fixed (ie, product added) they just told me to buy the product again. I’d already bought the product twice. No reimbursement for what did not come off and since it was early in the dQ process, the store didn’t reimburse me either.
    Selection Organization from the website leaves a lot to be desired. Dairy products listed under GROCERY (there is a dairy tab). Frozen products listed under GENERAL (there is a frozen tab). Packaged bacon listed under GENERAL (there is a packaged meat tab), etc. We all know that just about every product fits in the bakery, dairy, deli, frozen, grocery, Health & Beauty, Household, Meat, pet, produce and seafood and possibly a seasonal. Why not get the products where they should be to choose from.

    I’ve attempted to use this more than 12 times (multiple attempts at different stores of the same product) and it has worked twice total. If you buy with paper Qs too, beware that the dQ will not come off. I’ve bought five of one product, had four paper Qs and expected the dQ to come off for the last one. I’ve taken to doing dQ only transactions and printing what I load to my account out, so that customer service can just cough up the money and not wait on Inmar.

    • maddie says

      i also shop at rite aid, the publix digital coupon software application are the same as rite-aid load2card digital coupon software application, except for the website theme color and available coupons, they are the same and both are created by a company called INMAR. It is just like different car dealers buying the same off-the-shelf inventory software from the same vendor.

      the rite-aid digital coupon is a hit or miss. sometimes it works most of the times it won’t. i have contacted rite-aid customer service a number of times about coupons not being used (even if the coupon restriction was satisfied), so i stopped using/relying on rite-aid digital coupon.

      having said that they are from same software vendor, it is likely that this publix dq will have the same behavior as rite-aid’s dq. I hope I’m wrong on this though.

  4. Peggy says

    My area (North Alabama) has had the digital coupon option at Publix for a while. To be honest, I almost never use it… sometimes it is hard to tell if certain items will be a match and I almost always have a better paper coupon option. I would say that I do 75% of my shopping at Publix and maybe 25% or less at Kroger… but I do think Kroger is on the right track with their smartphone app. It is so easy… allows for easy reference to the ad and easy to add and delete digital coupons, etc. For example, if I load a digital coupon but find a blinkie in the store that I would rather use, I can delete the digital coupon using the app… same works if I want to add the coupon. I think the big headache with digital coupons is that they don’t double and can be used only once. I think Kroger is on the right track with their ad for this week… with the Daytona coupons coming off up to 5 times. I think 1.99 for Breyer’s ice cream is hard to beat!

    • angela says

      I agree Peggy, the whole no doubling and can only use the coupon once keeps me from using them more often. ive only used them twice and that was only when i didnt have a paper coupon for the item i wanted and it was available on the digital site.

  5. kristi says

    This program is very unreliable. There is no way to select which dq you want to use and if you have a paper q then both come off! I’ve told my store mgr about this and he said he reported it, but i could keep using all of the qs. For example, i bought 6 Pillsbury cinnamon rolls for $6 & used (3) $1/2 PQ, (6)50c/1 & my dq for 50c/2 came off twice. Making it a paper

    • Shelly says

      Kristi/ The publix coupon was 1.00 off 2Pillsbury Grands not the sweet rolls. The Grands are more expensive. It should not be a MM if you would of use the coupon correctly.

  6. Debbie says

    My son works at Publix and came home the other day saying that they would be starting this soon (near the Clearwater/St.Pete FL area). He did not sound thrilled with it and honestly it sounded complicated. He said you can’t use paper and electronic (you must pick one), they have to remember to ask the customer if the have e-coupons (or I guess the customer can mention it too), if the transaction ends and everyone forgets about the e-coupons they can’t go back in and deduct but would have to void the transaction and re-ring. Honestly I’m sure it will be easier to continue to use paper coupons, though I’m wondering if paper is on the way out (less fraud with e-coupons??).

    • Sue says

      As with anything new and “improved” please remember that the cashier’s minds will be on overdrive to not forget anything. So with that said, nudging them in the right direction with a smile and a little sympathy will make the transition smooth. Sometimes couponers teach more than they realize. We read the rules and study them so we know what to expect. Unfortunately, not all cashiers have the same diligence. E-coupons are the way of the future. The manufacturers can control how many coupons you use and when. The costs of printing coupons has to be staggering. Everyone is trying to save money.
      I’ve been on both sides of the register. I trained cashiers for YEARS and could understand new programs much easier than most because of repeating it over and over and over to new cashiers. Coupons can be overwelming to even a seasoned cashier. So before you get upset with the cashier–this is a new adventure for us all!

  7. mary says

    I think it is useless. The three times I have tried to use it, my coupons didn’t come off and they said there was nothing they could do about it. I don’t waste my time with it anymore.

  8. renae patterson says

    I don’t see the point in this program. If I’ve got to write down the coupons I have loaded to phone number or keep my cell phone out so I remember I might as well clip the paper coupon, use it and let it double. i haven’t seen any coupons I could load to my phone that I didn’t already have a paper coupon for. I was wondering if anyone else used it and I can see opinions are mixed.

  9. jessica says

    In the Birmingham, Alabama area they double under 50cents every time I even asked the manager last week on the Liberte coupon and he said they are considered manufacture coupons so they will double

  10. Susan says

    I have a question: It seems some grocers in other states have ecoupons; has anyone lived in those areas and can you compare the two? Seems if it works well in, say, California, the same vendor/program could be used by Publix? Sounds like this one is a bust.

    • Sue says

      Every new program has it’s bugs. that is why they are rolled out slowly. The first stores to get the program are called pilot stores to see how well it works.

      • maddie says

        this program is new for publix, but the software itself has been used by rite-aid load2card digital coupons (i am not talking about the load to card up rewards) for more than a year. if you have used the load2card coupons at rite-aid you would notice that they really are the same except for the coupons available and website theme color 😉

        software vendor is INMAR. rite-aid’s version does not work most of the time, i assume it will be same for publix version.

        kroger’s version are a lot better, you can even load to krogers card through p&g everyday savings. their software is from different vendor.

        i think i’ll use this if i don’t have paper q, and if the q restrictions are very clear.

  11. Sue says

    Please email corporate of the problems you have with e-coupons. They can’t fix what is wrong if they don’t know about it. Some managers don’t report incidents because of the old addage “someone else will report it” and if there is only a couple of complaints it probably won’t get fixed. Corporate will listen–if you speak up!

  12. George says

    I do not have the digital coupon participating store in my area. I had to dig into part of the site to find out where it is available.I was under the impression that it was considered a Publix coupon and would be in addition to the mfg. coupon. I use the digital coupons at Harris Teeter and the few times I have had one that matches my purchases, it is discounted in addition to my mfg. coupon. I dug into the FAQ section and here is where I found out it does not count if you have a paper coupon and the digital coupon overrides the paper coupon even if it is larger. I agree it sounds like a worthless program since you have to go through so much to get the coupon key in your phone at the register and find out it does not work in the end.

  13. Chasity says

    I’ve been using the digital Q’s here in Huntsville, AL for quite some time now. They do come in handy when I’m not lucky enough to receive certain coupons I would’ve liked in my newspaper or able to get a particular printable. The only stipulation I have, is the fact that the store I frequent does not double it’s D Q’s & they’re only good for one use. I guess it’s a fair trade off considering they allow me to use each Publix Q up to 4 times and 3 days after expiration, which makes for awesome savings either way!

    • Kim says

      Which Publix do you use, Chasity? I live in Meridianville, but work in HSV. My Publix does not let me use Publix Qs more than once!

    • maddie says

      in theory yes, this will work.

      i suggest printing a copy of your loaded qs just in case you digital qs won’t work, show them to customer service.

  14. Chasity says

    Kim I shop @ the Publix in the Piedmont Point Shopping Center on Whitesburg Drive. The staff is just too kind and they remember you & get to know you on a first name basis! I live in North Huntsville, but I drive a few extra minutes for the awesome customer service they provide! They even notice if I haven’t been in the store & ask me where I’ve been! I absolutely love it! They always go out of their way to make your shopping trip hassle free and memorable!

  15. says

    I’m not sure how this is work for those of us that don’t have a Smart Phone. I don’t have a Smart Phone and can’t afford to switch to one.. Can I use my home phone number or a regular cell phone number for the ecoupons?

    • Shop Now says

      You can use any phone number… even a made up one. It’s just the same as having an affinity card. The 10 digit number identifies you as a distinct shopper. Since Publix is not nationwide, just use an exchange from Montana for example.

  16. Chelle says

    Can the ‘clipped’ coupons be used more than once, for example for BOGO items? Or even if you buy 2 of the same products, will they let youuse coupon twice?

  17. Morgan says

    Are you able to purchase multiple products and it comes off of each one or is it just one time use like kroger?

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