Miracle Whip Coupon For Upcoming Publix BOGO

miracle whipJessie emailed with a nice Miracle Whip coupon. This one takes a little effort so be aware it is not a simple click for a coupon :-) Since it is BOGO in the upcoming Publix ad, you might want to take the time if you will use it!

Kraft Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip, 30 oz, BOGO $4.63
-$1/1 Miracle Whip 12 oz + 
You pay $1.32 after coupon

Head over to the Miracle Whip Open Mouth Anthem page and watch the video. You will need to share the coupon with someone who will "vouch" for you to get your coupon. Yep...they make you work for this one!

You guys know I do NOT do any type of mayo and my husband will not eat Miracle Whip...so I did not complete the whole process (I attempted to watch the video but closed it after a few seconds--tee hee!)


  1. Debbe says

    I dont like being forced to watch a video then being forced to share or have someone vouch for me?!! What nerve…I think I’ll switch to a different brand of Mayo…

  2. says

    I watched the video.Waste ogf 2 minutes I will never get back. After you watch a freind has to confirm that you watched. I followed the rules and got the BIG goose egg. Was very disappointed. Really wanted thse coupon

    • Debbe says

      That why I don’t participate in these kind of gimicks to get a coupon..I would have watched the video but, they really pushed it when they asked for a friend to confirm I watched it!!! It just made me angry so, I didn’t participate at all. All this to get a coupon to buy their product—NOT!

  3. Greg says

    I watched the video and hit the bottom button. It asked me to sign onto Facebook and gave me the button to print the coupon. I hit it and got my coupon right away.I am not sure what you meant by someone having to have me “verify” that I watched the video..

  4. Jennifer says

    They must have changed it. No hassle at all for me. Just clicked it at the bottom of the video and it printed automatically.

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