Marie Callender’s and Healthy Choice Frozen Food Club – Exclusively At Publix

 Frozen Food Club
You guys know I love earning perks and rewards for the things that I regularly buy. The folks at ConAgra have a great new program where you can easily earn Publix gift that is my kind of perk!

Thanks to the new Marie Callender’s and Healthy Choice Frozen Food Club you can earn up to (2) $20 Publix gift cards when you buy Marie Callender's or Healthy Choice Frozen products at Publix.

It is super easy to earn your gift card. All you have to do is join the Frozen Food Club and purchase any FROZEN product from Marie Callender's or Healthy Choice at Publix between 2/1/2013 and 4/30/2013. Then you just need to submit your receipt(s) (either online or via regular mail). Once you have purchased $55 in participating products you will earn your $20 Publix gift card! You can earn up to two gift cards during the promotion period. Yep - that's $40 back just for buying great tasting items!

To get started, just head over and create an account. You will be able to upload a picture of your receipt and then your submission will be reviewed within 24 hours (M-F) and your account will be updated. So, you will be able to keep track of your account and know exactly what amount you need to earn your gift card.

Check out the FAQ link at the bottom of the registration page for specifics on the program as well as what you need to do submit your receipt. They give very clear details on what you need to include in your receipt submission and even offer a way to participate without using your computer at all. You can upload or submit receipts as many times as you would like during the program period.

Here are the basic instructions (see the FAQs page for more details)

  1.  Head over and register to participate in the program.  An account in your name will be created.
  2. Go to your local Publix store from 2/1/2013 through 4/30/2013 and purchase any Marie Callender’s or Healthy Choice FROZEN products and KEEP YOUR RECIEPT(s).
  3. Take a picture of your receipt that includes all of the necessary detail (you can scan your receipt and create a pdf if you prefer).  Click Here for an example.  The image must contain:
    • Publix store name
    • The entire receipt showing store name printed at the top and the register transaction code at the bottom (a line of numbers starting with the date and extends from left to right). This is a Publix unique number. Reference the example and the circled line at the bottom of the receipt.
    • All Marie Callender’s and Healthy Choice FROZEN items that you purchased (with the purchase price circled)
  4. Access your account and upload your receipt. You may also download a Mail-in-Form from the site and mail-in your receipt(s).  If you don’t have access to a computer, you may complete and submit the form found in the frozen meal aisle at Publix or call 888-532-8999 to register

I am very excited about this promotion. We can pair sales, coupons and this promotion to score some incredible deals. Think about it...getting $20 back on a $55 purchase is an automatic 33% discount. Now, when you factor in sales and coupons, we will get to fill our freezer without breaking the bank.

I will definitely keep you guys updated with any deals and give you reminders to submit your receipts.

This week be sure and save your receipts if you buy the following that is on sale this week at Publix (through 2/6 or 2/5 for some)

Marie Callender’s Entrees, 3.5 to 19 oz, (excluding Pot Pies) $1.20 or $1.33 (after 50% off)
-$0.75/2 Marie Callender's PUBLIX Coupon 2/3/2013 SS Insert
-$0.75/2 Marie Callender's or Healthy Choice Single Serve Meals PUBLIX coupon
Only 83¢ per meal!


  1. Jaclyn says

    It can be bought in different Transaction. I have a couple of forms. I post a picture of the form on this sites Facebook page.

  2. ak613 says

    With this whole Java scandal is there any other way to get the Publix $.75/2 coupon to print? I still can’t print anything with Java.

  3. Ariel says

    I have a question… with the Family Size Marie’s being BOGO this week, I would need to buy 10 to qualify for the gift card? If so, that make it 20 cents for all 10 after the gift card, Publix & Manufacture coupons, right?

  4. Ron says

    On my receipt, it shows the BOGO discounts. For the gift card, do they include the cost of the free item or just the cost of the one that I paid for? In other words, do I get credit for $5.98 for all of the Marie Callender’s meals I bought or just $5.98 for the ones I actually paid for?

  5. Autumn says

    I’ve got pretty much the same question here… with BOGO, does the free item count towards the $55? Because I have true BOGO here, and it shows up as free on the receipt. Thanks.

    • Ron says

      Mine shows the cost of both but then shows that one has been removed. It looks like the same thing you might see if you decided not to buy the second one and they had to remove it. Someone in another place said that they only count the one you are paying for. I also am having trouble with my receipt. I can’t zoom close enough to make the receipt legible. When I do, it cuts off the bottom portion, which is required.

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