1. Brooke G says

    I tried to enter your Hillshire Farms contest but it would not let me and said that it ended yesterday! Can I still enter?

  2. sandra says

    I like to have hillshire farms sausage,sometimes when i want to have some-
    thing easy i do yellow rice w/sausage what i do cut onions,bellpeper,and
    cut the sausage wedges medium side ,then in a saucepan little bit of oil
    throw the onions,bell pepper, and sausabe until the they are brown and
    put the rice and saute them about 3 mnts , then blackpeper,garlic however
    u want fresh or powder,parsley fresh or dry, then sazon goya one or two envelope that will make the rice yellow,water enough t cover the rice w/water,salt ,once the the rice is bolling then lower the heat on low
    cover the pot w/the lid but i cover my pot w/alummenum foild and then lid
    to seal the heat rice comes very good.oh cook for 20 to 25 mnts. and that’s it.

  3. sheri charboneau says

    I like to take cooked white rice and boiled potatoes mix with chopped up hillshire farm sausage and then take sharp cheddar cheese and put over the top. Bake in oven for 10 minutes until bubbly and warm , and then serve with hot rolls.

  4. Donna Beard says

    Heat the grill (either charcoal and gas) until the coals or coils are hot. Slice the sausage into thick slices and toss with thickly chopped onion, bell pepper, and potatoes. Pour some oil into a cast iron skillet and add meat and veggies. Place skillet on the grill and close the lid of the grill. Check periodically and flip with a spatula. When potatoes are fork-tender the dish is ready to remove from the grill.

  5. Debbie McDowell says

    I love HF smoke sausage for those evenings when life has different plans than what I wanted to cook for dinner. My simplist recipe —
    Penny cut the sausage and fry up in a pan add eggs and scramble all together with your favorite seasonings. Sometimes we top with salsa or eat plain. Can’t make a meal any easier! :)

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