Coupon Question and Answer: Best of Ask I Heart Publix 2/6

We've been answering questions for Ask I Heart Publix for over two years now, and we've definitely found that some questions keep popping up as new couponers write in. So every month we're going to feature a "Best Of" Ask I Heart Publix, where we post some of our favorite questions and answers from past weeks, months, and years.

Don't worry....we'll still be answering the new questions you guys send in, too, so keep sending in those questions! Just remember if we didn't get to your question this week...we will do our best to cover it another week!!

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Here are this week’s "Best of" questions:

  1. Will the coupons on sites like, SmartSource and RedPlum be available to print all month or are there a "set" number of prints each coupon has available?
  2. What’s the best way to search for a coupon on a particular item?
  3. Should I worry about trying to use all of my coupons that are expiring, or should I just match coupons with sales as they happen and forget about trying to use up the expiring ones?
  4. Does Publix have some kind of store card that you need to sign up for to get the deals?
  5. Are there ANY Florida Publixes that double coupons?

And here are the answers!

1.Julie wants to know: Will the coupons on sites like, SmartSource and RedPlum be available to print all month or are there a "set" number of prints and once the coupon reaches that number it goes away? I have been been printing any and every coupon that I might use but then many expire before a sale comes along.

Christy: I'm not 100% sure about this but certainly does seem like there are some coupons that are gone quickly and others that stick around all month. Personally, since I live in the land of no doubles, I make it a rule to print every coupon for items I purchase regularly that is $1 or more as soon as I see it...sometimes this means that they expire before a sale, but more often than not I have what I need when I need it.

Michelle:  Often I wish that I could know how long a coupon will be available.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason.  Companies release the coupons with a specific print limit but unfortunately we never know if that means the coupon will be available for 2 hours, 2 days or 2 months!!

I print anything that I might use no matter the value.  If it is a high value coupon or for an item that I need or really want I will fire up all my computers.  I would rather have the coupon just in case!!

2. Patty wants to know: Patty wants to know: I would like to know what is the best way to search for a coupon on a particular item. For example, I wanted to see if there was a coupon for Pert Plus shampoo and the search gave a lot of sites to go to but none of them gave a coupon. Can you give me some suggestions?

You can always use my Coupon Database here on I Heart Publix to look up available coupons. If you're looking for coupons that haven't been widely reported yet, though, your best bet is to look for the manufacturer's never know what you might find!

You can also do a Google search to try and hunt down never know what you might find :-)

3. Vincenza wants to know: I learned couponing from my mom 35 years ago. She had a HUGE shoebox full, organized by category. About a week before then end of each month she would go through and pull out all the coupons that were about to expire and try to use them that week. Couponing is so much more advanced now. Is this a good method, or should I just match coupons with sales as they happen and forget about trying to use up the expiring ones?

Christy: It all depends how much time you want to spend on couponing. Certainly I wouldn't try to use ALL the expriring coupons you might have, but it might not be a bad idea to look through to see if there are any great coupons expiring...I know I've certainly missed out on a few great ones because I just forgot it was in there! That said, though, I still don't go through my coupons every week - I just don't have the time! I'm ok with missing out on a few deals like that as long as I get the main stuff every week with the sale.

Michelle:  If I had more time I would probably go through my coupons each week but honestly I am doing good to pull expireds once per month!!  I usually shop the sales and pull coupons as I need them.  I do have a little container where I keep all of my "hot" coupons so that I can do a quick scan each week before I shop.  These include any free product coupons, high value coupons or coupons for items that I know I need.

4. Anna wants to know: I'm new to Publix :) Do they have some kind of store card that you need to sign up for to get the deals?

Michelle: No loyalty cards are needed to get the deals at Publix.  Publix does offer a Upromise card which is a great way to get a little money for just shopping as you normally would!  I have a nice little chunk built up for the boys and it required little to no effort!!  Just ask for your card at the customer service desk, register it online then present it every time you shop.

5. Brenda wants to know: Are there ANY Florida Publixes that double coupons?

Michelle:  As far as I know--nope.  I will have to let the commenters let me know if that is not correct!

I hope our answers to these questions were helpful! Make sure you 'tune in' next week for even more Q&A with I Heart Publix. If you have a question you'd like to see answered, email me at


  1. L.S. says

    When I have coupons I know are expiring in a day or two and I’m not going to use them, I bring them to Publix on my shopping trip and leave them on the shelves for others to use. I’d rather someone get to use them, than they just get thrown out (well, put in the recycle bin). I’m not sure if the employees take them off the shelves at the end of the night, but my hope is that someone gets the savings!

  2. Tracie says

    It is actually a law in Florida that prevents double coupons. The legislature in Tallahassee passed it several years ago in hopes that the “elderly would not be confused when grocery shopping”. No joke. I could talk about the Republicans and how they have never seen a coupon in their life and probably have no idea what damage they have wrought but I won’t.

    • Wendi says

      If you have a link to this law, I’d love to look it up. I’ve been researching for about 30 minutes now and I can’t find a thing about it. If there is such a law, then K-Mart is breaking the law because they double coupons up to $1 in my city in Florida. I seriously doubt that K-Mart is breaking the law. I could talk about Democrats and how they like to blame anything bad on Republicans, but I don’t like to make generalized and uninformed statements.

  3. Mel says

    I’m going to blow your mind Tracie, I’m a couponer and a Republican. :)
    My Publix manager told me that there is going to be a new policy where their store coupons are going to be linked to our phone number and we’ll enter our phone number at check out and anything we purchase that has a PQ will be automatically price adjusted. So, we’ll see how that goes. :)

  4. Jessica says

    Yes. It is a state law that prevents stores from doubling coupons. You just have to take the good (no state income tax!) with the bad.

    P.S. – I’m a Republican couponer too. :-)

  5. sarah ann says

    There is no state law that prevents doubling!! That is the most ABSURD thing I have ever heard!!!

    In Florida

    Food World Doubles coupons up to 1.00
    Kmart doubles coupons used to be up to $2.00 (don’t know what it is now)
    Fred’s doubles up to .70
    Harris Teeter doubles up to 1.00
    Harvey’s doubles up to .50
    Hitchcock’s doubles up to .50
    Foodway doubles up to .50

    So if there was this stupid law you all state, then those companies would be breaking the law FOR YEARS!!

    How idiotic!!

  6. Bethany F. says

    I don’t know if there is a law one way or another but I would like to point out that I am an ultra conservative republican and a major couponer. To associate one with the other is absurd. I would even wager a bet that more republicans coupon then democrats because it is in a republicans nature to fend for themselves without taking assistance from others including the government in the form of food stamps and couponing allows a lot of us to accomplish that task much easier.

    • Ashley says

      The idea that there are more republican couponers than democrats because of their “nature” is just as absurd as the other way around. People coupon for various reasons, and political affiliation has nothing to do with it.

        • Thom1977 says

          I’m with you Patty. I am cheap! Why pay when I can get for free with the use of my trust scissors?! Political affiliation means nothing.

      • Shannon G says

        I’m not going to get into the political debate, but I’m sure there are those who coupon in both political camps. People coupon for all kinds of reasons and why they started is quite often very different then why the continue.

        When I started couponing almost 2 years ago, I did it for the thrill of the deal. (I learned my first couponing lessons on Extreme Couponing, lol). Now, couponing and finding deals is like breathing. I can’t imagine NOT doing it. It seems like such a waste of money to NOT coupon. (And let’s be honest, it’s still a high to walk out of the store with $150 in groceries that I paid $25 for!)

        I’ve got a healthy stockpile now, with enough supplies and foods for at least six months to two years (depending on the item). My stockpile is an important part my emergency fund and it gives me great peace of mind to know that should something ever happen to my job, I’ll be okay.

  7. Krystal says

    republican and a couponer also!!

    Here in the panhandle food world doubles up to $0.50, and Kmart doubes up to $1.00

  8. Kristy says

    Oh for cripes sake, who cares what anyones political affiliation is here? This is a couponing site, not the Washington Post opinion page. Stop clogging up the page with irrelevant personal info and let’s get back to finding the deals.

  9. Saki says

    This past Monday, here in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, I had both my $1.50 off Boost Nutritional Drinks insert coupons get doubled to $3.00 off each!!!

  10. QP says

    Seriously ladies! Give it a rest already. We all love to save money, get great deals, and one of our preferred methods for saving and getting is through couponing.

    Now, in response to the question,”Are there ANY Florida Publixes that double coupons?” I have not been able to double coupons; however, I have been able to save an average of 60% off of my grocery bill without doubling. Which is still awesome!

  11. MELINDA S... says

    ..Trying again to get an answer, PLEASE! I dont have aprinter…cant afford one…( I work in a church…so the saying goes”poor as a church mouse”)…IF i go to the library to print them…do they come out on one page—or do i have to pay copy fees for each individual copy/ printer use??..plz answer!!!

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