Windex Touch-Up Cleaner Review


Am I the only one who feels like I clean from the moment I get up until the time I go to bed every night? I have recently started to wonder if I am raising Tasmanian devils or little boys - tee hee!

The boys were home from school for a couple of weeks as part of their holiday break. Well, I am going to tell you it might have been a break for them but it certainly could not be considered a break for me. I love my children dearly but I did a secret happy dance when they were both back in school!

I am always on the lookout for products to help me with my constant battle to keep my house clean. I was thrilled to be able to try a new breakthrough product from the folks at SC Johnson called Windex Touch-Up Cleaner. This cleaner is unlike anything currently available. It's the dispenser that makes life so much easier thanks to it's innovative new way to clean. You just dab it, clean it and you're done!

They have two versions. One for each of the rooms that tend to be the messiest - the kitchen and the bathroom. I have had two bottles for about a month now. The bottle in my kitchen has definitely had a workout. I have a glass top table in my breakfast nook. As you can imagine a glass table plus 5 and 6 year old boys' fingers don't go together very well! I have loved being able to dab a paper towel on the Windex Touch-Up dispenser to quickly clean up those little messes after snack time.

The bottle is so convenient! I can quickly clean my husband's coffee cup ring that he tends to leave on the counter, random crumbs, and even those little messes when I forget to use my spoon rest. Yes, I will admit that I am the cause of a few messes here in the house.  It has been super handy for those little messes that my pups leave too. A little dab from the Windex Touch-Up cleaner and I can wipe up those wet nose smudges that are constantly showing up on my back door windows and sidelights!

The bathroom dispenser started off in my bathroom. But every night I found myself filling a cupped hand with water to clean up the toothpaste mess from the boys' sinks - yuk! So, I quickly decided to move the Windex Touch-Up Cleaner to their bathroom.

It is so handy. I can grab a few squares of toilet paper, dab the dispenser and voila a sparkly sink and counter. Plus, I don't have to worry about the boys wasting the cleaner as a simple turn of the top an the dispenser is locked. Perfect for me since my boys can often overuse things in an attempt to be "helpful".

Besides being a fast, convenient at-hand solution for those constant little messes, it is also quite powerful. The Windex Touch-Up Cleaner kills 99.9% of common household bacteria. When it's used as directed, it kills those big bad bugs like Staph and Strep know the things you don't want anywhere near your family!

You can now find the Windex Touch-Up Cleaner at Publix stores. Be on the lookout for a display with a $1 coupon to help you grab your bottle at a great price.

I think you guys will love this product just as much as I do. The bottle is super convenient and attractive, you can park the bottle right beside your sink for easy access. Use a paper towel, tissue, toilet paper, sponge or any other cleaning material of your choice to dab and you'll have those little messes cleaned lickity split. Each bottle lasts 240 dispenses - plenty of opportunities to keep your  surfaces sanitized and sparkling clean!

Give it a try and let me know what you think!


  1. tracyhfs says

    I get the worst nose prints on our sliding glass door from the dogs and I HATE cleaning them up because it’s such a chore. I am looking forward to trying this. I am all about easy clean-up :) Thanks!

  2. lacey says

    Not only do I feel like all I do is clean, I feel like I clean the same things every day. Sometimes I miss living alone.

    • Missy says

      P.S. I bought one on my lunch break and am already in love with the product! My work husband and I have already been cleaning every item in our cubes! We have no life.

    • Sherry says

      The product does has a good point but I believe the bad points outweigh the good. It does sanitize small areas quickly. The bad points…I paid $3.47 each for the 10 oz bottles, which I think is entirely too high but I just had to try them. I have to say I am dissapointed. It isn’t really a cleaner in my opionion. It’s more like a glorified sanitizer. It even tells you on the package to preclean soiled areas before using. I like the smell of the bathroom cleaner but the kitchen version is not a pleasant scent to me. I’ve only had the product a few days and have used quite a bit of it already as it takes way more than one little pump to wipe down a reasonable size area properly. As I really don’t like to keep clutter out on my counters, I don’t find the bottle any more convenient than reaching into the cabinet for a spray bottle that will more quickly treat a much larger area while using less. I have three small grandchildren who like to get into everything so something like this just can’t sit out on a bathroom counter. It definitly isn’t childproof and just turning the top to close it isn’t going to stop the children from getting into it as they know how to turn things too. So I have to keep all cleaners put up anyway. So in my opinion, although the bottle is a novel idea, neither the bottle or the “cleaner” give the kind of performance that I would expect for such a high price.

      • Sherry says

        Well, I’m going to eat a little crow today but I feel it is important to be totally honest in a review, so as I have revised my opinion of the Windex Touchup I’m going to add to my original review of this product. In the time that I’ve had the product I have actually grown to admire its convenience and result. I will say that I still believe it is overpriced and I do still have to put it away when the grandchildren come over. But, I’ve gotten over my ocd a little and have been leaving it out on the counters otherwise. I find myself constantly using it to wipe up this and touch up that. And I have to say my bathrooms and my kitchen have never been cleaner. So when I found a coupon for it I realized how much I enjoyed the product and that I would purchase it again (but only with a coupon.) I still feel like it should be priced a little more reasonably. But yes I will admit, it does make my life a little easier and cleaner.

  3. Krystal says

    It was 3.99 at my store and had the coupons still. I grabbed the kitchen one for $2.99….after reading this and remembering the toothpaste covered bathroom my kids leave me every morning….maybe I should head back and grab the bathroom one while the coupons are still there!

  4. Barbara says

    The little bottles are way overpriced for the amount of liquid they hold. I spent more than I thought it was worth to try out the kitchen cleaner to see if this was better than an ordinary spray bottle…aboutr $3.25 at Walmart.

    At home, I read the label. Had I read it at the store I wouldn’t have made the purchase, simply out of fear. The warning on the back says you must clean this stuff off whatever surface you just cleaned if you’re going to place food on it. THAT doesn’t sound promising. It also has an insecticide warning on the label because of the disinfectant it uses. It seems like far too much of a hassle to wash a counter I just cleaned, particularly when the product claims it is formulated specifically for the kitchen.

    Also it says its not good to get it on your skin. What, we have to put on a pair of gloves to safely use this ‘touch-up’ cleaner. There are far too many warnings on the label to make me trust that long-term use of Windex Touch-Ups are safe for ordinary use in the home.

    The liquid DOES clean well and the little bottles are kind of addictive. Windex must have spent a fortune on market research to come up with packaging that contains less product and costs more but seems like ‘fun’ when using it. I guess we’re paying for the fun. Cleaning as entertainment, I guess.

    I just looked on their website and Windex doesn’t plan on offering refills, so we can assume this is a marketing stunt to get us to support greater profits for Windex while adding unnecessary waste to the land fills, all to have fun cleaning with dangerous chemicals.

    Solution: I plan on buying a bottle of lower cost and safer cleaning liquid (even normal Windex would do), pouring only about a quarter or less of it into this convenient dispenser, then reusing the little bottle many times over to have all the ‘fun’ without the worry of poisoning myself and my family. All in all, that seems like a smart idea and $3.25 is not a bad price for a dispenser that looks like it will last quite a while.

  5. Kali says

    Hello. This product is pretty. It’s a nice idea. But I have to say when I tried it I was disappointed to the say the least. I tried it because I got it for free and like everyone else, like shortcuts. You must pre-clean (extra step) It’s not safe, borderline toxic and I don’t know about you, but I prefer to keep that off my counter tops. The nice smell burns my eyes and it’s simply a way to cover up the poison you are releasing into your home. It’s adding to the problem with recyclable items, it’s sticky, and you have to buy more paper towels. It’s also pretty pricey. I make my own cleaner for a little over a dollar. It’s more effective and kills bacteria and reusable. You can find many recipes online without the harsh chemicals. If you are looking to save time, this is not a good way. If you are looking to save $, this is a horrible way to do it.

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