Sweet Pepper & Asparagus Black Bean Soup + Hurst Family Harvest Giveaway Reminder

hurst family harvestWe talk a lot about ways to reduce your budget around here. Most of you guys visit me because you are looking to save money (some of you guys visit for my wit and humor - right? - tee hee).

One of the easiest ways to cut your spending is to make at least one meal meat-free each week. Now, if you are like me and live with major carnivores who think that they must have meat at every meal - I am here to tell you that you can appease those hungry meat lovers. You just have to get creative!

Beans are great to use in place of meat. Hurst Family Harvest beans are very hearty and at only $2.99 for eight full servings you can rest assured that you are staying well within budget when you serve them to your family. Beans and cornbread is a staple here in the South and a welcome sight at my house. Especially on a chilly night, you just can't beat it. My guys love the taste and I love the price and the ease of preparation!

chipotle-lime-black-beanMy buddy Liza over at Addicted to Saving sent over a great recipe that she came up with using Hurst Family Harvest Beans - Sweet Pepper & Asparagus Black Bean Soup.

Honestly, I would have never thought to use asparagus with black beans. Her recipe sounds (and looks) amazing. This is one of those recipes that I could make on Sunday afternoon and then eat throughout the week for lunch. The best part is that I would bet that you could put the entire meal together for around $5!

Don't forget, my last round of giveaways end Sunday 1/13. Head over and enter and you could win Publix gift cards or big variety boxes of Hurst beans! Plus, you can visit Liza to check out her recipe and enter to win a $25 Publix gift card there too!


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