Sunday Coupon Preview For 1/6 – Tons Of Coupons!

sunday coupon previewWell guys the inserts have been almost non-existant for the past few weeks. This weekend is making up for the lack of coupons! On Sunday, 1/6, we will get up to SIX insert in our papers this week. Head over and check out the Sunday coupon preview to see all the coupons you might get.

Remember, coupon inserts can vary from city to city. Head over and check out the list to see all the coupons that you might find..and be sure to leave a comment if you spot a deal!


  1. Jessica says

    Looking forward to going to Atlanta this weekend for my 10 year wedding anniversary. My husband laughed when I said I needed to get 2 copies of the AJC Sunday. “Ever the couponer!” I was tempted to go to the Publix close to our hotel as well, but I’ll resist the temptation & just get the papers w/coupon inserts. AJC has good coupon inserts, right?

  2. Laura says

    Hope Birmingham gets that Target insert! I very rarely find the target coupons in my inserts. Crossing fingers!! Thanks Michelle!

    • Jessica says

      I get B’ham News and I never find it, but somehow my parents got a copy one time. I don’t know if it came in the extra coupons w/ads that gets thrown in the driveway (like a paper) or if it came in the Shelby County Reporter. It might have been a fluke. I’m crossing my fingers too!

  3. sue says

    Dont bother if you get the Naples daily news…ONLY 2 smart third smart source, no red plum..and there are j&J coupons but they are MQ’s not target and are not seperate..they are part of the smart source. VERY disappointed..lesson learned for me..LOOK thru the paper BEFORE buying 6. lol

  4. Corey says

    I find myself using fewer and fewer coupons except for the X amount of dollars of a certain total. Most coupons seem to be for processed foods or items I do not buy. Unprocessed meats and fresh veggies rarely have a coupon.

  5. Linda says

    Boo!!! to the AJC for not puting all the inserts in my papers.
    Yay!!! to publix for making it better.

    I got 6 papers, 1 was missing every insert and another was missing 1 insert. Publix let me grab 2 new newspapers.

    Also out of those 8 papers that I had only one 1 had the J&J coupon sheet.

  6. Angela B says

    From AJC, got 3 smartsource, 2 redplum but no J&J. A friend of mine got the J&J and only 1 redplum, and she is only a few miles down the road…”regional” is very subjective in this case…

  7. Anonymous says

    I live in S. Florida and there was 2 Q for Rogaine for a total of $15 in savings, theres also a rebate offer out right now for $20 back. My mom currently uses this product I’ll grab some for her.

  8. Sherry says

    I am in Griffin GA and there are very few places to buy AJC here. The paper I found for the 6th, which was suppose to have a lot of coupons, didn’t have any at all. The front page of the paper didn’t even state there were any in it like they usually do. How can I get all the coupons?

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