Reader Spotlight Casting Call: Your Couponing Resolutions

reader spotlightWith the start of the New Year today, I thought it would be a great idea to ask you guys about your couponing resolutions. I'll feature my favorite responses in an upcoming week's Reader Spotlight. I love that this shorter format allows us to hear from so many different readers who otherwise might not ever volunteer for the spotlight :).

So for this casting call:

What do you want to do differently with your couponing this year? Do you want to use more insert coupons, increase your savings percentage, or save for a particular goal? Do you want to get better organized, or maybe get a friend into couponing?

I can't wait to see what you guys have to say for this one! Leave your answer in the comments for this post...and 'tune in' to upcoming Reader Spotlights to see your name in lights! :)


  1. hadit says

    I definitely want to save more money. While I averaged about 68% overall I want to do better. We’re entering our 3rd yr of my husband without full time work and still have 2 teenage boys to feed. My goal is to reduce our annual savings by another $1500 in groceries and such. While I’m intrigued with Ibotta I can’t justify investing in a smart phone just yet. I’m learning how to better stretch our meals but have to admit I miss eating out. This year starts my 3rd yr in couponing and I get better and better. I love to hear tips from others and really enjoy the “weekly totals”.

  2. Ann says

    My goal is to increase my savings percentage and decrease my out of pocket expenses. My goal is to spend 75 dollars or less a week for a family of five. I live in an area that Publix only accepts Harveys as a competitor which makes it difficult to save as much as some of the people out there. If you live in an area that accepts multiple competitors, you are extremely lucky.It is frustrating at times especially when I see what others get for nothing or next to it. With that being said, I think that this is a reasonable goal.

  3. Ashley says

    My goal is to be more organized, spend less weekly, and be more cautious of what I buy. I think any coupon will agree we sometimes get into a mode of getting every “good deal” that is posted, whether or not we need it or not. So this year Im only going to get what we truly need and will use and not try to chase so many deals.

    • Jodi says

      I think this is a trap that many people fall into Ashley! I too have been working on fine tuning those areas in my couponing as well. A deal is only a deal if it is something you need/can use. For me that means better meal planning so that I do a better job of buying appropriately.

    • LisaR says

      Yes this is so true!! my first year I would get all the freebies regardless if I needed them! I still have FREE Vitamines!! I do donate, give to family and friends BUT Now I am really trying to get what our family needs!!

    • cmsvmom says

      I have been living this since Christmas eve, when my elderly neighbor passed away. I used to give him coupons, point him to deals, but I think he just preferred to shop BOGOS and use reward points from stores. Well, I thought I was a stockpiler – I have spent the past few days helping his family clean out the food in his apartment. He was neat and clean, but like so many older people, he stockpiled and then forgot about it. There was meat in the deep freeze going back to 2009. I threw out more than half of what was in the apartment with his family, took some items and helped them donate the rest to our local pantry and to two families in need.

      We dont need that much. If you stockpile, donating HAS to be part of your management system.

      It just adds to the work your family has to do if your stockpile is overwhelming you – and it can bring up a lot of bad feelings.

      So my resolution is to NEVER own a deep freezer, and to target what I can stockpile more effectively, focusing on what I truly use a lot of, and what is truly free, not just a good deal.

      • Contessa says

        I agree with the “not ever owning a deep freezer” – I have a hard enough time resisting the urge to over-stockpile on some of the great buys that need to be frozen and if I had more room in the freezer I know it would get out of hand for me. Especially since a lot of the freezer goodies that go BOGO and are almost free after the coupons are not even things I would normally buy because they are not all that healthy really. No more Farm Rich or Jose Ole for us, although they were fun to try.

    • Tammy says

      I also feel this way, Ashley!! It is hard not to want to chase those deals :) That’s one of my goals, too!! I watched “Exteme Couponers” and that pretty much put that point into perspective 😉

  4. Laura says

    Okay- my goal is too only buy what’s needed produce/meat wise for the next few months and work on eating our way through the pantry a bit!

  5. Jessica M. says

    I agree with Ashley. I want to lower my weekly cost by buying only what I truly need. I’ve only been couponing since about March but already we have probably a few years worth of razors, shampoo, and toothpaste. So I want to only focus on what I need. Also, I want to begin to use all of my available resources to save money. I have been using iBotta, which is great, but I also want to start using rebates to save even more, as well as Upromise.

  6. amy says

    My Goal this year is also to maximize my savings still, while purchasing more fresh meats and veggies. I have found myself that I too chase to many good deals, although we are eating the stuff I buy I feel guilty that the last 2 years I have fed my family to much processed entrees and prepackaged foods. I would like to focus more on cooking healthier for them.

  7. Cindy says

    This year I’m going to focus more on meal planning and then use coupons to save on groceries. I am also going to try and get my two daughters to start using coupons on products they like to help them both save. I hope with these two goals that my family will save even more this year. P.S. I too love when people post how they save!

  8. Ramona Hampton says

    I want to increase my savings, only buying what I need for my family, but I would love to get to a point in which I can also help out my local food banks and shelters with my couponing! Good luck to everyone of you all this year!!

  9. maggie says

    I agree with Ashley and Laura. I tended to print more coupons than needed, missed deals and ended up with a few items I didn’t need, but thought I needed at the time. I have relied too much on processed foods lately and need to get back to foods I prepare.

  10. Sarah says

    I am wanting to get better deals on poultry and meat. Using coupons for everything I buy and buying generic brands-when something is not on sale. Try to keep couponing and other responsibilities balanced.

  11. LisaR says

    Well i have been couponing now for about 4 yrs and I must say I am still a work in progress!! I have used the file system, box, zip bags, SUPER BINDER with 80 something pages!!

    I have a much much smaller Binder now!! I only clip my coupons on things I use a lot, then I date the rest of my inserts!!

    But I have a tendency to print to many IP’s which I have cut way down on, but dang does it URK me to throw out 30-40 IP’s!!I have a laser printer w/ 5000 pages of print left that I can not get to print righ, coupons come out super faded and won’t scan & I just hate using so much ink with my epson!!

    I agree with Sarah, meat prices are my biggest cost factor!! But I did 2 of the T-Bone/Ribeye Roast over the holiday sales and had the butcher cut into steaks then I used the $5/$30 Winn Dixie Q !! So that was pretty good deal!!

    I need to make smaller trips too to use more WD $5/$30 ( me & my SIL went in on 50 books, so 100 WD Coupons)
    And BTW I can’t believe Publix DID NOT put out any HOLIDAY $/$$ last year they had a Thanksgiving, Christmas and Super Bowl $5/$50

  12. Donna Shah says

    My goal is to figure how to enter your great contests (like Hurst beans) I have felt left out so much by not finding an enter button. I just saw that comment button on the front so hope I can work it out. Your site is FABULOUS. The information you give and how you present it is a life saver for me, a senior citizen. I do not have the mental acumen to assemble all the great finds but when you give specific directions (like date of sale, matching coupons, where to find coupons, expiration, prices) I am able to save so much. May 2013 be great for you

    • LisaR says

      Donna enter Iheart sweeps and other sweeps too!! I have won several prizes over the last few yrs!! A $250 visa card, a $100 Amazon Card and several other smaller gifts!!Our family (each family member can have an account 13yrs and older) just racked up on the Coke Rewards Merry Minute Game- $10 Mcdonalds Card, $25 Dominos card, $30 Silver package Movie Tickest, $30 Shutterfly Photo album, 2- 12pk coupons, 20 oz Soda, 10 coke pnts!! Plus between Mine, my mom and My son we also got 19 FREE 12pk coupons during the Christmas Promo, also several gift cards!! ALL FREE!!

  13. says

    I am with everyone else, I would like to spend less and save more buying what my family needs and wants.
    I am also hopeful this year is the year that I can start getting people together to help our church pantry. I can save so much money with coupons im trying to show others how to save money to donate more but its not been easy to reach the few that help with the pantry now.
    Happy new year’s! hope everyone is able to do what they are trying to accomplish!
    P.S. I love your site!

  14. Brandi george says

    My goal is to save up for a vacation using my savings from couponing. I did this successfully for our last 4 vacations! I also finally want to start my couponing class business and teach others not only how to save money but on how to use the savings to meet other goals.

  15. cristina says

    My goal is to spend less time clipping coupons and not to spend too much time on the internet printing coupons! I have 4 little girls to take care of and they need me too. I need to be organized and use my time wisely! My family first then coupons. :-) I just started couponing September 2012, thanks to I Heart Publix , I already saved over 3000 dollars! I have 6 computers so it’s easy to get carried away with the good deals, specially the freebie. My other goal is to only buy what my family really needs and not because I can get it for free. I just started couponing 3 months ago and I already have 50 right guard body wash. That’s too much even if I got them all free. I had to go to public library to get more coupons which this year
    I am not going to do it. I hope I can stick to my goal. I am going to try hard. Thank you I heart publix .

    • Pam says

      I have been in Publix 12 times this week, trying to get a chance to buy 2 bottles of Right Guard Body Wash.

      I only own one computer, so the printables are set a 2 max.

      Everytime I go in to Publix, the shelf has been empty and because of “”shelf clearing couponers”” , I take the bunt.

      Because of these people, Publix refuses to give rainchecks, so basically I am SOL.

      WOW—50 coupons???

      I sure hope you have a chance to use them!! (I only wanted a couple bottles to give to a friend that has helped me with my never-ending car issues…. :(

      I wish you luck! I am not having any!

      p.s. – if I had 50 Q’s, I would try to use as many as I could! Body Wash doesn’t have an expiration date…LOL

      I wish you well on your venture…sincerely.

        • Marty says

          I found myself one day late a few times, and even tho my Publix has a policy not to accept expired coupons, I was able to use them on few occasions. I start by stopping at CS desk, and say I did not make it to the store last night, but would greatly appreciate their help. 3 out of 4 times I am able to use a couple of freshly expired coupons. I lost a rain check once and the manager wrote me one more. I gave him the “lost” one when it popped up in my coupon box, and he told me I could use it if I wanted to.

          If you have two coupons and ask for a rain check for two, because you cannot get the product at the sale price, I cannot imagine they would refuse.

          BTW. Cosmetics do expire. Their shelf life is supposed to be 3 years. There are fats in cosmetics that can go rancid. And 50, seriously? Like there’s not going to be the same sale in a couple of months… But I guess then the stockpile rises to a 100, right? 😉

        • Danielle says

          Pam I have the same problem every time Right Guard body wash goes on sale. I have never found it for free and even getting rain checks does not help. The rainchecks and coupons expire and I can never find the item in stock.

  16. says

    Happy New Year! Thanks for all you do and thanks to the couponers who share their great ideas on the forum you provide.
    *Use up what I buy! Keep track of leftovers and fresh foods so none are wasted. My husband and I did so much better in 2012 but we have a long , long way to go.
    * Take a snack on the road. Not really couponing, but after teaching/taking a fitness class, I’m very hungry. Taking advantage of my “stockpile” will save me from scooting through Starbucks for their pricey tea and Bistro boxes !
    *Continue to fine tune my coupon system so that I can readily grab the coupons I need! Time is money!
    *Take advantage of the great sales at the beginning of the week before distractions get in the way and I miss out or have to go to CVS on a Saturday night, haha .
    *Agree with Ashley. ONLY buy what I or my extended family/friends can use.
    *Seek out healthy coupon deals. To me , getting a fantastic deal on highly processed boxed foods is NOT a deal in the long run when you consider these foods add pounds , and pounds raise health risks.

  17. Kristina says

    I am going to start showing my co workers how to coupon. One of my managers also coupons so we will be having the meeting in her office.

    I would like to buy another computer this year so I can print more coupons

  18. Sheikla says

    I have created my budget for 2013. My goal is to plan better so that I stick to my budget and save to accomplish some home projects. Like Kristina, I want to work closely with co-workers that coupon to share coupons and ideas. Happy New Year

  19. Jay says

    Because my Publix allows it and because I almost always forget and feel bad about it…
    I hope to place coupons I will not be using/needing by the products so others can benefit from them.

  20. Casanna Jackson says

    I just started in November so I want to learn to save on my groceries using coupons consistently and give more to my local food bank with the great deals I find along the way. I have already saved over $150.00 in the few weeks I have been couponing. Thanks I Heart Publix! and its followers.

  21. Sarah says

    God has truly blessed me with the ability to coupon. I save tons of money for my family so that I can stay home with my girls. God has placed on my heart to use coupons to help others. My goal with my coupons this year is to buy more to give to the food bank. I am also praying about how I can help those who struggle finacially by teaching them to use coupons. I haven’t completly figured it all out, but I want to serve my community in this way. I want to give back to God by serving Him!

    • Tammy says

      God has already blessed you Sarah by having the heart to give back :)We all need to help each other- “There but by the grace of God walks I” :)

  22. cristina says

    @LisaR , you did good! I am going to try the coke rewards this year. Can I enter the code over and over to different person? Or I can only use the code once. Example, i’ll enter the code on my account and I was wondering if I can use same code to my husband account. Will it work that way?

    • says

      You can enter each code only once.

      You can enter up to 120 points per week per account, so if you get tons of codes over the week you can enter them into all your accounts and stay on top of things.

      A main benefit to having multiple accounts is the potential to redeem codes for rewards with a limit, such as the Christmas promo they ran where you could get up to 4 Free-12-pack Qs. If you have one account, you can get only 4. If you have four accounts each with enough points in them, you can get 16! So definitely worth having multiple accounts if you get tons of codes!

  23. Becky says

    I want to increase my effiency this year. I spend too much time looking for deals, organizing Q’s and making lists. Plus running all around town to go to Aldi, Publix, RiteAid, Staples, CVS, and possibly Kroger, Old Navy or Kohl’s during the week – it’s too much! So I’ve switched from the binder to the file box of whole inserts labelled by week. It saves time to throw it in the box and cut just what you’re going to use. When looking for deals, focusing on just what we need and the best deals from the beginning saves time online and while clipping. And I dropped Walgreens – it was too much work before and I couldn’t didn’t bother to try the new card system with thousands of points (sounds like Monopoly money to me).

    Anyway, its about time to strike a balance btwn couponing, spending time with my kids while they’re still little, and doing other things I enjoy. And take time to reward myself too – we’re taking some of our coupon savings to hire a babysitter once in a while! This week we went antiquing :).

  24. Stacie says

    I’ve been couponing since April 2011, and since then, I’ve gone from averaging about $250 a week to $130 a week now. I’m happy with my progress, but my goal is cut it down to $100 a week or less. I’ve done a lot better this past year with buying what I know will get used and passing up things that might be a good deal but won’t get eaten. I need to do better about figuring out how much to get of something. It seems that no matter how many Quaker Granola bars I buy, it’s never enough to last until the next sale!

  25. carrie says

    This year I would like to donate more to food pantry’s! I love this site and try sharing it with others, but it seems that so many people just don’t believe how much couponing saves money. I would also like to donate to the local humane society when the awesome pet deals come around. Thanks Michelle!

  26. says

    My goal is to clip only the coupons I will use. I am really good about printing only those I’ll use, but I typically cut more from the inserts than I know I’ll use and end up throwing them away when I sort my Qs at the end of every month. I’m hoping this will save me time on both ends!

  27. RebeccaS says

    While I certainly could and would like to save more through using coupons, spending less, etc., I really really really want to help others save like I have been saving this year. My husband began tracking my coupon savings and store savings separately. We have saved $3400 this year, $1200 coupons with $2200 store savings. When I tell people about this, they want to know how to do it too. I think teaching someone else to use store deals and coupons together to save 68% on things they purchase would be so rewarding. While it is great to save for yourself, I definitely think helping others do it too would be equally gratifying. The first thing I tell them, go to Iheartpublix.

  28. Natalie says

    My goal is to figure out how to keep track of my savings and money spent every week. Does anyone have any tips? Thanks and happy new year!

  29. Patricia says

    Make a better effort to reach out to others and inform them about coupons. I think if more people knew how much they could save they would coupon. I also feel that a lot of us take things for granted and assume too much regarding others! We sometimes assume that a lot of people know about coupons , I’m finding more and more that it isn’t at all true. So I will do my best to share that information with anyone I meet or see that might want to know.

  30. Amie says

    My goal for this year is to lower my out of pocket spending significantly. I just found out I am pregnant again (and no, this one was not planned), so I am going to try to drop spending to $40 a week to save for when I will be out of work and for a larger car. Unfortunately, it is impossible to fit 3 car seats in a compact car… trust me, I tried. lol. My strategy is to get as many gift cards from points programs as I can to help lower my grocery bill. I will continue to use coupons, but not purchase as many splurgy items. I’ll also freezer cook, continue to cook from scratch, and take advantage of the gift cards to Kroger, Walmart, and Lowe’s that my husband I received as Christmas gifts. The Lowe’s card will be used for seeds and to expand our veggie garden in a few mos. and the other cards will go toward groceries.

  31. Valarie Sampson says

    I know I’ve been saving alot of money with my couponing. But this year I resolve to track my savings as well as increase my donations. A few years ago when my husband and I both lost our jobs we had to go to those same pantry’s and we want to give back. I also already have a few classes planned to help teach others. This is going to be the most fun.

  32. ANN says

    I’m not sure where to post this, but I have a question about I’ve read about it in several magazines, blogs, etc. It is designed to help you keep track of your spending and keep you on budget. Does anyone use this service, because I don’t know a lot about it. I am a little nervous because you have to enter all of your information so that they can monitor your accounts. It looks very helpful. I just need some feedback about this service. thanks.

  33. Marty says

    As so many mentioned before, I would like to focus the savings on the things we really need. I did discover many products I like thanks to great deals, and don’t buy things I will not use, but sometimes I do get tempted and buy items we really could do without.

    For example, I don’t use room fresheners often – they give me a migraine. And I have a little stash that I gift out now. I didn’t get them for free, they “filled” a few dollars I needed for CVS’ ECBs rewards. I did pay for them, even if just a fraction of a cost.

    We really don’t need to snack on flavored crackers, chips, etc. They are a cheap buy, and when we have that stuff in the pantry, it goes fast. I’ll try looking for single serve, 100 calories packs this year.

    On the other hand, I like the whole wheat Ritz in small rolls – but I buy 2-3 packs at a time. I need to work on storing items we do use so they last us between sale periods. Same for canned soups, pasta sauces, end so on. I’m pretty good with dry pasta and rice – just need to remember we DO have elbows now, like 10 packs, and I need to buy some other shapes. I bet the moment I stand in front of the shelf I’ll think: Hm… which ones are almost out… I bet elbows!

    I also need to start meal planning for a week ahead, and possibly month ahead. I just passed a deal on Publix pork – this meet was beautiful1! Huge loin for $10. I thought: I’ll figure out what I could do with it and come back. I did not. Same cut is twice as much now, and I could have had a nice, frozen chops by now. Meet, produce, and milk are my biggest budget fillers, and it would be nice to take advantage of the sales, as coupons are almost unheard off for these.

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