Publix Welcomes Couponers & $2 Pork Coupons Giveaway!


I had the whole family with me today when we did our little Publix run. My oldest son is such a nut, as we were walking out he said "Momma look - Publix likes couponers!" He had noticed a little sign that said "Welcome Couponers" - how cool is that? I loved seeing the sign and had to giggle at my 6 year old recognizing that it was a good thing! He was so excited...I have taught him well 😉

In addition to the coupon booklet I shared a few minutes ago, I also found those fantastic $2 pork coupons. I grabbed a couple and then went back to pick out my tenderloins where I ran into the meat manager. I told her that I was so excited to find the pork coupons and she told me to wait there. She returned with a big stack of coupons and gave me 10 more coupons to share with you guys!

The coupons are only good through 2/6. I will need to have them ready to mail out on Monday so my winners will get them in time to use them! That means this will be a super quick giveaway!


Five winners will each get two Publix coupons to save $2 off Publix Brand Pork Tenderloin. Just complete THIS FORM and I will randomly pick 5 winners tomorrow night (1/27 around 11pm) and pop them in the mail. Good luck guys!


  1. Gail says

    I heart coupons!!!!!:) Thanks for all of your tips and work showing the bargains at Publix and coupons to go with the great buys. I am a coupon addict :)

  2. marcy says

    So cute!! and so happy that publix loves couponing too!! It has made a huge difference in our family’s life!! Thank you for making it easy for us!

  3. Jessica says

    I’ve been seeing the “Walmart doesn’t always have the lowest price” sign in my Publix. I hate that Walmart commercial! I haven’t stepped foot in a Walmart since shopping exclusively for groceries in the past year at Publix. Does Walmart double coupons? NO! Does Walmart accept my Target coupons? NO! Does Walmart have great customer service and employees that will smile at me and exchange some pleasantries? NO! Yay for Publix! :) Thanks for being so coupon friendly! I always thought Publix was so expensive, but you just got to know how to shop! :)

  4. Jennifer says

    I saw that same advertisement in signs out in front of the store and in their weekly ad. As silly as it sounds, it made me happy. : )

  5. Joanna says

    Looked for these coupons today, but no where to be found…so winning one would be awesome!! So many people don’t shop Publix because it is “expensive”. It is expensive if you just go and pick up some groceries for the week without looking at an ad! Thanks for everything!

  6. Kat says

    I noticed the “we welcome couponers” line in a TV ad this week. i actually backed it up and watched it again to make sure I heard right!

    • Cindy says

      I saw that TV ad too! I thought how great it was vs. Walmart’s ad stating how much you can save vs. other stores! What a joke! I love this site and how much you can save by shopping at Publix!

  7. michelle says

    I think public is the most disinterestedness store in town there staff is always nice and welcoming and when I goof up with my coupons they never act like I wanted to rob the store like they do at other places

  8. says

    The 2 dollar off pork tenderloin coupons are in the store at the deli where they cook the meals around the corner where they put all the items in the recipe for the meals, next to the pork!

  9. Susan says

    My local publix hosted a coupon class on Sunday! There were about 20 people learning how to save right in the front of the store.. Love love love publix!

  10. Celia says

    I love Publix, not to fond of walmart. Their customer service stinks!!!!!! I will never buy groceries from them again. Maybe walmart need to have customer service classes for their employees!

  11. says

    Asked….looked…asked a few more Publix mgrs/employees…No one had any idea what I was talking about…Would Love one of these…(Even though I’m late asking…Had ot try and find them myself first..LOL)God Bless

  12. Alison says

    Publix certainly DOES love couponers! How can you beat a store that not only doubles all coupons up to 50 cents (no limit) but also provides their OWN coupons that can be stacked with competitors’ coupons, even on BOGO items?!? It’s insane! When I hear people say that Publix is more expensive, I just look at them like, “You really have no clue of what you’re talking about, do you?” The extra time spent clipping coupons and looking through the weekly ads is DEFINITELY worth it! Thanks for all of your input and “heads up” information on upcoming sales and deals.

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