Printable Coupons From Food Lion (Store & Manufacturer’s Coupons)

printable coupons

Marie emailed with some great printable coupons. I had to install Adobe Air to get these to print for me. At first I thought they were Food Lion coupons but some are manufacturer's coupons...they just have the Food Lion logo. Be aware of this if you decide you want to print!

While all the coupons print with a Food Lion logo, the following print with the wording "Good only at Food Lion".

These print as manufacturer's coupons with a Food Lion logo:


  1. MargaretN says

    Just printed MQs after jumping thru printer hoops :-) Only lets you print one set per computer. Guess I’ll be running around the house to get more of these. Hopefully they will work at other retailers.

    • maddie says

      i used the clorox mq today to try it out with the 35ct, no issues. the cashier did hesitate for a second though cuz even if it’s an MQ it has food lion logo. she scanned it and it was good.

  2. amelia says

    Wait… could I use the kingsford one with the one from harvey’s? Because that would be awesome since there is also an ibotta for it I think!

    • maddie says

      any application that does not have a valid or verified digital signature from publisher will have a warning as potentially harmful for your computer. if you trust the source then it should not be a worry, it’s your call.

    • terrie0407 says

      Me TOO! My computer/Norton will NOT allow this download? Even if I manually allow? I do not feel safe turning offf my virus protection? Anyone else get this message with other Anti-Virus Software besides Norton??

      • maddie says

        i don’t use norton but i know why. this application will normally be flagged by your firewall or anti-virus protection because the application does not have a valid digital signature from the publisher. so it’s your call.

        this usually happens if the publisher/source did not pay for digital signatures or the signatures have expired.

        if you’re worried don’t do it, peace of mind is worth more than a few dollars of savings.

        • Laura says

          Norton disallows, I trust Norton way more than a coupon app I’ve never heard of. Especially since only one of those coupons really appeals to me.

          • maddie says

            like i said if you’re worried don’t do it, peace of mind is worth more than a few dollars of savings.

            i did install it cuz i like the clorox wipes coupons and the doritos.

  3. peggy says

    I emailed them of this problem. The emailed me back and said they are looking to release a fix for this later on today.

  4. says

    I got a warning and when I tried on eof the actions my computer would not run the download. Not sure what the problem is. Could someone answer about the problem?

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