P&G Make One List Make One Trip Promo Is Back + Publix Gift Card Giveaway!

PGPBX_OLL_StaticClingOne of my favorite deals is back at Publix - this week you can grab a FREE Rotisserie Chicken when you buy 3 participating P&G products. The promotion is valid  1/24 - 1/30 (1/23-1/29 in some areas).

This is a fantastic way to get everything you need in one trip. You get dinner PLUS your household, beauty and health products while you do your everyday shopping at Publix. Rather than doing a bunch of running around town, you make one list and only make one trip! A perfect way to save time, money and sanity!

The last time this promotion came around I scored big. I ended up stocking my pantry AND my freezer! I think I ended up doing 3 deals which gave me THREE rotisserie chickens. I was able to use some of the chicken to put together a couple of meals for my crew and the rest was shredded and frozen for later - becoming several more quick and easy dinners in a pinch.

This is one of those win/win promotions. We are already getting the perk of the free chicken (a $7+ value) but we can also use coupons to discount the P&G products to increase our savings even more. Add it all up and you have a can't miss deal! So make your list, make one trip and stock up for less!

Participating Products

Tide Laundry Detergent (50 oz)
-$1.50/1 Tide Detergent, excludes PODS 12/30/2012 P&G Insert (exp 01/31/2013)
-$1.50/2 Tide Detergent, Tide Boost, or Downy (Excludes trial/travel size Excludes Tide PODS) 1/27/2013 P&G Insert
-$3/3 Tide Detergent, Tide Boost, or Downy (Excludes trial/travel size  Excludes Tide PODS) 1/27/2013 P&G Insert

Downy Fabric Softener (62 - 77 oz or Unstopables 13.2 oz)
-$1/1 Downy Infusions or Unstopables 12/30/2012 P&G Insert (exp 01/31/2013)
-$3 OFF ONE Downy Unstopables AND ONE Downy Liquid (Excludes trial/travel size) 1/27/2013 P&G Insert

Cascade Complete 26 ct & 75 oz, Cascade Complete Dishwashing Detergent Gel or Powder 75 oz or Action Pacs 26 or 32 ct
-$0.25/1 Cascade 12/30/2012 P&G Insert (exp 01/31/2013)
-$1/1 Cascade ActionPacs (excludes trial and sample sizes) 1/27/2013 P&G Insert

Iams Dry Dog Food (6.1 - 7 lb bag)

Vicks NyQuil, DayQuil, Sinex (12 oz liquids & 24 ct Liquicap)
-$1/1 Vicks, excludes VapoDrops and ZZZQuil 12/30/2012 P&G Insert (exp 01/31/2013)
-$1/1 Vicks (excludes trial travel Vapodrops and ZzzQuil) 1/27/2013 P&G Insert

Gillette Disposable Razors (Sensor3/Custom Plus/Good New or Daisy 4 ct - 12 ct)
-$2/1 Gillette 01/20/2013 SS Insert (exp 02/28/2013)
-$1/1 Gillette Disposable Razor 01/06/2013 RP Insert (exp 02/28/2013)
-$2/1 Venus or Daisy disposable Razor 01/06/2013 RP Insert (exp 02/28/2013)

Bounty Paper Towels (6 Big Roll)
-$0.25/1 Bounty, towels or napkins 12/30/2012 P&G Insert (exp 01/31/2013)
-$1/1 Bounty 6 pk + Special Olympics Donation Sheet – Publix Coupon (exp 1/31)

Charmin Bath Tissue, 6 to 12 ct
-$0.25/1 Charmin 12/30/2012 P&G Insert (exp 01/31/2013)
-$1/1 Charmin or Charmin Basic Special Olympics Donation Sheet – Publix Coupon (exp 1/31)

Always (Always Infinity or Radiant Pads 24 - 36 ct & Always Jumbo Packs 36 - 48 ct)
-$1/1 Always Infinity including Radiant Infinity, 12 ct+ 12/30/2012 P&G Insert (exp 01/31/2013)
-$0.50/1 Always Pads or Feminine Cleansing Cloth 12/30/2012 P&G Insert (exp 01/31/2013)

Tampax (Tampax Pearl or Radiant Tampons 32 - 26 ct)
-$1/1 Tampax Pearl or Radiant, 16 ct+, including Compak 12/30/2012 P&G Insert (exp 01/31/2013)
-$0.50/1 Tampax, 18 ct+ 12/30/2012 P&G Insert (exp 01/31/2013)

Pampers Diapers (Jumbo 20 - 42 ct)
-$1.50/1 Pampers Baby Dry Diapers
-$2/2 Pampers Diapers or Pants, bags or box 12/30/2012 P&G Insert (exp 01/31/2013)
-$1/2 Bags or ONE Box Pampers Diapers or Pants 1/27/2013 P&G Insert

The folks at P&G have given me a $100 Publix gift card to give to one I Heart Publix reader

Entry is simple! You just need to complete the task below! As a reminder, comments left on Facebook, Twitter or other posts will not be included.  I will choose the winner on Wednesday 1/30 at 11 pm.


  •  Leave a comment letting me know what you'll do with the time you save by getting everything you need at one store.

Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by P&G. All comments and opinions are my own.


  1. Brittny says

    I will retain some sanity as I do all my shopping with a 1 and 2 year old, and I will have more time to play with my girls once we get home.

  2. Jessica says

    Easy answer! I will use the time to spend more time with my two children (6 and 4 years old) and my hubbie. I teach high school, so my time with them is short most days.

  3. Ryan McFerrin says

    My time would certainly be spent reading another book to my sweet girl! There is never enough time in the day for all the books she wants to read :)
    Thank you!

  4. Brigitte says

    I will be able to spend more time homeschooling my son!

    Isn’t there a Nyquil q on the Special Olympics sheet also?

  5. raluca berger says

    I will spend more time with my husband and not worry about paperwork/or finding a jpb … for a day!

  6. Samantha V says

    Spending time in just one store really unloads a lot of stress, plus pairing it with I Heart Publix is a win/win. I get to spend more time with my kids.

  7. Alexis M. Knowlton says

    This promotion allows me more time with my children to concentrate on homework with my children and quality time to spend with my family.

  8. Sophy Jimenez says

    I will take that time to be with my family at home and cook something very special for them.

  9. Elizabeth says

    I will definitely catch up on my studies so I can pass this test (I need for my job), get a raise and have more money for couponing…yay!!!!! 😉

  10. Lana says

    I will spend that little extra time making some home improvements, as we are trying to sell our house…a dream of moving out to Colorado is on the horizon:)

  11. Chrsy says

    I will give it my mom. (She’s a single mom and I am a student)it would make things easier for her

  12. Jeannette says

    I will spend time organizing my office, which is always littered with coupons and papers from my little boy playing coupons with mommy:)

  13. Allison says

    Have a son about to graduate from high school and time with him seems to be less and less so I will take any extra time I can get!!! Buying everything in one place would allow for that because the kitchen/kitchen table is our best time together!

  14. Lisa Briskey says

    i wish I would have a break. But baseball season is starting so I’ll be running two boys to the fields. But at least I’ll have my chicken for dinner!

  15. Jennifer says

    This is a great deal for me, especially tonight! I will grab 2 jumbo packs of pampers, (because you can never have too many of those on hand with 2 kids), and the rotissery chicken will be a healthy (and quick) meal for tonight, especially since we have a birthday party to attend at 6:00 PM. :) Thank you for all that you do and for posting this amazing deal! :)

  16. Anita says

    One store means less gas and more time for myself. Will catch up on some zzzzzzzzzzzzs and spend time with family.

  17. Janie says

    Would love a gift certificate to Publix! Buying everything in one place would free up time to be working on New Years resolutions to exercise and complete UFO’s (unfinished quilting projects)!

  18. Jennifer says

    I would spend the extra time with my husband and my son! My son is 19 months old, and he and my husband always accompaniy me on these crazy trips I make. He is such a trooper, I would just love to take some of that time to spend with him and let him know just how much mommy adores him!

  19. Kellie says

    I will have double the extra time because I won’t need to run to several stores PLUS the rotisserie means no time wasted washing dishes. Yay!! More precious time for my hubby and 2 kids.

  20. Thrisha says

    I will spend time with my 7 year old. Between my school and her school, we don’t have enough time together. Would love more time just to have one-on-one with her :) Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  21. kelli says

    my mom is very sick right now and we do not think she will be with us much longer. I would spend every second with her.

  22. Kelly says

    Spare time? What’s that! I love the fact that I can do a quick round of shopping on Monday nights while my son is doing his piano lesson in the same shopping center as Publix. Working full time plus attending to activities for my two boys, I treasure the ability knock two things off my list at once. The free dinner is a HUGE bonus!!

  23. Nancy Fortin says

    The extra time will be spent between exercizine at the Y and clipping/organizing my coupons for the next trip.

  24. Emily says

    Save more money with coupons-have time to sort and find ones I need if I am only going to one store.

  25. Vicki D says

    When I save time, I spend it keeping my family in check! Dinner, homework, bath and bedtimes (on the early side so Mom can have some quiet time).

  26. Karen Gabel says

    I would organize my house and play games with my 5 kids! (and prob. drive them from place to place as usual! )

  27. Reyna says

    I think I will be a little selfish and say I will use the extra time to save & shop by getting my feet done at the nail salon next door! Well deserved for a full time mommy at home with 3 kids.

  28. Sherrie says

    maybe I will finally use the gift card for a massage that my kids gave me that I have had since last Mother’s Day! more time for me… is that wrong…

  29. Stacy says

    I love getting everything at one store. I used to scramble around trying to get the best deals all over town, but got TIRED fast. I realized I was spending so much time and energy. After months of this, I realized that Publix is the only place I need to go. I watched the sales and found out that everything I need, I could get at a great price at my favorite Publix. I use my extra time at home with my 3yr old boy who hates shopping in the first place.

  30. jennie morrison says

    I am able to spend more quality family time with the kids and hubby. We are more than ever active with the special olympics and family weekend “staycations”. This weekend its fishing weekend and hopefully a large fish fry with what we catch

  31. Chelsea says

    I will use the extra time to squeeze in some extra QT with my hubby. To often we get so busy in our lives and neglect our spouses. He needs some TLC too! :)

  32. Jennifer Fischer says

    I would definitely get to stock up on more organic produce and cook lots of healthy meals for the family!

  33. Heather says

    This type of promotion is right for me because i dont drive because I am legally blind. My mother takes me to the store and it would save her a ton on gas for us to get everything in one trip! thank you for the giveaway!

  34. Nikki says

    I love getting everything at one store which is usually Publix for me. Last week I even got my air filter there! By only shopping at one store I have more time to spend with my kids.

  35. Catherine Pirisky says

    I could use the free time to clean out my coupon binder. I haven’t done it yet this year, and I swear the thing’s grown teeth and started snapping at me…

  36. Ashley says

    I’m trying to get back into writing, so I would spend that time working on the novel I’ve started! That, and more time for my job search

  37. laurie says

    Because I do not have to travel all over town, I can spend more time with my family because I can get everything that I need at Publix. My husband and I both work full time jobs, we have a 6 year old in school and I am set to deliver our Second bundle of Blessing in 10 Weeks! Family time is important to us! God first, Family Second and all others will follow… Have a Blessed day!

  38. Christy says

    By shopping at just one store, not only do I save time, I also save energy. As a result, I have more time and energy to do the things at home that I need to take care of, but usually am too tired to do after a day of running all over town trying to get the best price. Thanks!

  39. Rhonda says

    Make more time to make plans for vacation and also the savings will help with vacation expenses. THANKS!!

  40. felicia m. says

    I would spend more of my time clapping coupons, cooking and spending time with my husband and son

  41. Angela says

    I would definitely spend more time with my children. There never seems to be enough time in the day between, work, school, household duties and of course my family!

  42. Ashley B. says

    By getting everything at one store, it allows me more time to spend with my husband and kiddos. They’re only young once!!

  43. Ciera says

    I would spend time with my husband and also work on getting my coupon binder organized and get caught up on my coupon clipping!

  44. NiaLee says

    By shopping at one store I’m better able to manage my time. I have two small children, a husband and an aging parent to care for. Since I’m sandwiched in the middle, I really appreciate the opportunity to shop for my household items and grocery items in one shopping trip. I’ll be able to have more downtime for myself and couponing. :)

  45. Vicki says

    Convenience & time saved will give me more time to spend with my husband. Make plans for that special dinner.

  46. Mellissa says

    Spend more time with my family studying the Bible. Sometimes I get in a zone focusing on a hobby more than I should. This will free up a lot of time!

  47. Tara says

    HMM, shopping at only 1 store to meet my families needs would free-up unbelievable time, energy, and would save me a ton in gas,(nearest publix is 50+ miles oneway). Which would not only bless me with extra “free” time but also extra money to spend/with and on with my 2 young adults in training(we don’t do teenagers), my sweet precious husband and my 8 doggies. (Thank you for the free time(and tons of money) you already save me now!!!)

  48. arupert says

    I would spend the time reading to my son–he is two and it is his favorite thing to do right now!

  49. Nicole says

    One trip to Publix saving money will give me more time to spend with my kids and precious nieces and nephews and my husband who works all the time..

  50. Scott Z says

    I will spend the extra time saved with my children. I work a lot and do most of the grocery shopping so I don’t spend as much time with them as I would like. This would also relieve some of the stress off of my beloved wife who is a stay at home mom (a full time job in and of itself). This $100 gift card could get us quite a bit of groceries from Publix. It would help out tremendously.

  51. April says

    I would use the time to spend with my daughter, doing something she enjoys, instead of gorccery shopping.:)

  52. Wendi says

    I would spend more time at home with my FOUR (yes, 4) children and my husband. I work full-time and spend so much time trying to grocery shop, cook, clean (you know, mom’s other jobs!) that I really feel like my kids don’t get enough mommy time. And my husband doesn’t get enough wifey time.

  53. Melinda says

    With all this extra FREE time I’ll have I will be spending every extra minute with my 2 yr old & my 4 month old!
    And of course clipping and organizing all my coupons and finding the next best deal!

  54. Stephanie says

    With the time I would save getting everything I need in one spot, I would spend that time job hunting. Thanks for the giveaway!

  55. Carol Hamilton says

    I will help my future daughter in law with planning for my sons wedding. He is deployed overseas with the US Navy.

  56. Crystal says

    Instead of dropping my girls off at practice and then running all over town, I could actually stay and watch them at cheer and softball!!

  57. Elizabeth Bourgeois says

    One store would be a god send. I wouldn’t have to take my 94 year old grandma in and out of the car (and her wheel chair). I could spend my time caring for her instead.

  58. Stacey Waddell says

    With the time I saved getting everything at one store, I would spend more time with the kids outside before it got dark. I usually get home so late that it’s almost darl when we get home. They’d love the extra play time and so would I!

  59. Jayline says

    I love to shop for everything in one store “publix” because it saves me so much time better than having to go to three different store just to get it cheaper. Ever since i started couponing i dnt have to do that anymore. I love to have extra time to be with my kids, before it was so hard cause i would get home so late but now i feel like being able to get all my groceries in one place is awesome more time same effort and better outcome thank you michelle for all u do..

  60. Elizabeth Walczak says


  61. Lisa says

    I will finally get to do the pinterest project I’ve been putting off to the side because I don’t have time to do it.

  62. Anita K. says

    Living in the boonies, going into town is both expensive and time-consuming. So I would spend my extra time helping my 4-year-old and 2-year-old learn to ride their new bikes.

  63. Amy says

    For 2013, I quit smoking after appoximately 20 years of being cursed with the nasty habit. Getting everything I need at one store will enable me to spend more time re calculating my budget. Will finally be able to get a few more deals that I often times have to pass on. Very excited! Happy New Year!!!

  64. Cheryl Johnson says

    I will continue getting ready for our trip to Disneyworld!! Part of what is making this affordable for us is taking our own food so I am going to be in the kitchen this week cooking up taco meat, pizza dough and spaghetti sauce. Hard work now but it will be so worth it while we’re there! :)

  65. kasey millsap says

    I will have more time to spend with my 4 sons ages 8, twin 1 year olds and our newborn!! Its a busy house! P&G is my favorite we only buy pampers. They are the best!

  66. Sonje says

    With my extra time I will more than likely spend it looking for more coupon deals for not only my household but my mother and grandmother’s as well. In just the last nine months with all my savings I’ve had them jump on the coupon wagon. An slowly but surly helped them learn to stockpile during a sales cycle and save money to allocate to healthcare and household bills!

  67. Sarah A. says

    Sleep! Seriously lacking it after almost two weeks of children revolving sick. And 4 nights of the baby being sick.

  68. Sherri Oliver says

    I will spend more time with my son who is 15 months old and just growing up way too fast! I miss him every second I am away from him. :)

  69. Amanda says

    As a teacher and mother of 5 children under 9 (with a husband in a Phd program), all I can say is time is a blur. I would love use the time I saved making one shopping trip to slow down the clock and play Barbies, spin an Beyblade, discuss a Pokemon’s power, dance to Barney, and drool with my baby.

  70. BC says

    I spend time with my nearly six-month-old twin girls. I don’t see them nearly enough now that I am back at work full time!

  71. melinda says

    I will spend more time with my little girl – who is not so little anymore!!! Time sure flies – she is 14 and entering high school, but she will ALWAYS be my LITTLE girl!!!

  72. AnointedSaver says

    More time to plan my shopping trips for the next week. Lately I’ve been feeling rushed because my coupons aren’t organized

  73. Shannon M. says

    We just moved so I would take the time to unpack and decorate my house. Thanks for the giveaway.

  74. Clara says

    What a great way to save on products you cannot eat!! Don’t you just hate spending big bucks on stuff that goes into the trash or flushed! Would give me more time with hubby and house if I didn’t have to run to different stores cherry-picking the best sales just to save a few bucks on something we cannot eat!!!

  75. Robin says

    I can pick up chicken for dinner, a few other necessity items and diapers (to add to a gift for my sister who is expecting her first child!!)

  76. donna says

    I will try and find more coupons so I can buy more for Mathews Hope that serves the homeless population of West Orange County. This is why I started couponing in the first place. I have saved about $500.00 in the first 2 months. Woo Hoo On BOGO I keep 1 and give 1 away

  77. staceym says

    Scrapbook! Yes, that is what I would do. It’s been to long and my supplies are calling my name.

  78. Connie H. says

    I will spend the extra time packing for my trip back home to South America. My father was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and I will need to take care of him.

  79. Melissa says

    I recently joined a gym and would love to spend more time working out or taking fun dance classes with my kids.

  80. Pam says

    This is so nice, get things you need and get a free dinner.. I will enjoy an easy night in the kitchen.

  81. Marie Wilcox says

    Definitely spend more time with my children! I have four children ranging from 6 months-13 years, so while my husband is away on orders I often have to take everyone with me to grocery shop. I know they will appreciate not spending their whole day going to multiple stores. I have done it before. Since I found this website, Publix is pretty much my one-stop shop! Thank you!!

  82. Summer says

    One of my resolutions is to get better at meal planning, so I’d probably use the extra time for that!

  83. Courtnie says

    With my extra time i will spend it with my 2 kids (3 and 6 months). Taking them shopping with me is not always a joy.

  84. Lynn L says

    This is a great giveaway! I would use the time for spending quality time with my family outside in our wonderful Florida backyard! Thanks!

  85. Marilyn says

    I would help others save some money by showing them how to use coupons. Times are hard for many people and I like to spread the word about couponing so we can all have a more abundant life!

  86. Heather says

    I will relax seeing as I always end up going shopping with a two year old and a 5 year old :) or at least I will keep some of my hair in place :)

  87. Dana says

    Spend more time with my 3 littel toddlers age 4 3 and 2 that want mommy to finish cleanining and cooking and play with them

  88. Angie says

    I will either (preferably) hang with my kiddos or catch up on my English, psychology or math schoolwork while holding down my full time gig… Oh ain’t life grand??

  89. meissa says

    I will spend more time with my family since i dont have to run around anywhere but publix …..thanks for a great way to save time and money

  90. Kelly P says

    Make a quick dinner with that rotisserie chicken – then have time to make dessert with the kids :)

  91. says

    While this isn’t the most glamorous activity to do with my free time, I would probably use it to clean! With a toddler and three fluffy dogs in the house, I spend a lot of my free time trying to keep up with toys and fur everywhere!

  92. hadit says

    The time I save getting everything I need at Publix will allow me to spend more time with my family and preparing meals as I love to cook. Cleaning will be much easier with all the Great P&G products too! Quality products from a great store, I LOVE PUBLIX!!

  93. Tori says

    I will sit down and truely enjoy some quality time with my son. He doesn’t always get 100% from me because I have that mental checklist in my head hanging over me.

  94. Deborah says

    Will save me a ton of time on a healthy dinner so I will play some games with my sons after school!!

  95. Michelle Gibson says

    The extra time helps me with collecting and packing care package items for my husbands unit currently serving in Afghanistan. I also volunteer at my sons middle school band : ).
    Thank you

  96. Sandy says

    It will allow me more time to spend exercising. I already walk 10 miles daily to stay healthier as I age.

  97. Jenny says

    I might actually organize my coupon box with the extra time, which might give me some more extra time in the future! An organized couponer is a happy couponer 😉

  98. Beverly says

    Well, I’d love to say I’d use the time to get a mani & pedi..haha..but with 5 kids, I’ll really be washing clothes & cleaning, BUT I won’t have to cook a whole dinner for a couple nights with the free chickens we will be getting! Whoop Whoop! And I’ll get a couple packs of Pampers, Downy Unstopables & Tide at a great price and even better with coupons!

  99. brenda says

    When dinner is done we can spend family time reading,playing games or bike riding.What a awesome deal.

  100. T-dawg says

    I’m always trying to find time to learn a foreign language. If I can get all my supplies and dinner done at the same time, c’est la vie!

  101. Gwendolyn says

    With the extra time I would have on my hands, I would reorganize my pantry (currently crammed with BOGO item from Publix!), make some bar cookies for coffee hour at church, and finish planting my butterfly garden.

  102. Rhonda Whitton says

    Not only does shopping at one store save time, when that store is Publix it also saves me money! I plan to spend the extra time (and money) I save playing with my 4 wonderful grandchildren!

  103. Gene says

    By getting everything I need at one store, I will be able to save time, allowing me to spend more time with my kids…all the while using the P&G products to wash clothes and the free chicken to make homemade soup!

    • Karina says

      I agree. The chicken left overs are perfect to throw together with broth, (left over) rice, and scallions. Quick easy lunch!!

      As for me, an all in one shop is a must. Single mom, working full time, with a teenager at home. I have enough things to juggle without driving all over the place!

  104. Jo says

    Play with my son and I might actually have a little time to paint a small painting! I love to paint but, I never find the time to sit down, relax, clear the mind and paint!

  105. JudyB says

    We will finally get to have that “game night” i have been promising since i will have spare time!!!!!!Thanks P&G & Publix!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Tameka says

    I would really give my husband the attention he deserves. He feels that my couponing addiction is his nemesis and he is kinda right. Help!!

  107. Kimberly D D says

    Saving money is always good but having more time for my kids is priceless. Also more time to try to find a job.

  108. Krystal says

    With the extra time….I will be playing with my kids instead of an extra shopping trip or making dinner that night!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. Angie says

    maybe my husband would take the kids out for an hour and i will have some ‘quiet time’ instead of the hustle and bustle of going store to store during my current ‘quiet time’ without children. :)

  110. Jackie B says

    SInce I will only have to visit one store to get all of my purchases,I am going to take my children to the beach. We may not be able to hit the water yet but we can play volleyball and build sand castles:)

  111. Katie J says

    With all my extra time I will work on removing the wallpaper in my dining room & kitchen to prepare for painting. By getting this chore underway and done I’ll be able to take my birthday weekend (Feb 14th) and go spend it with my boys. They live 3 hrs away now, so this will be a nice trip for all of us. Since they have moved I spend my birthday by myself most years (and it’s a holiday), so I’m really looking forward to this visit.

  112. Jennifer says

    I will spend the time I save taking care of my parents and grandparents as well as their pets and continue to try to find a job.

  113. Enrique Paradoa says

    cooking all the free food i get with my coupons and the gift card i hope to win. btw i have been telling all my friends about this site its awesome!!!

  114. RCamacho says

    I would plan a family weekend of fun so that we all benefit from the savings! Yeah to saving money!

  115. Jennifer says

    Keep in mind, the price of the chicken does not go toward your total (it is “free” and comes off before the total) so you can’t include it when trying to spend $30 to use a $5 coupon.

  116. belkys says

    With the time I save shopping at one store, i will use it to recover and take care of my newborn, since I am due on the 24 th of Feb.! I heart publix !

  117. TanyaW says

    I use the extra time I save shopping at Publix to do little things with my son, like arts and crafts, play a board game or walk to the mailbox instead of driving. Its the few minutes to bond that are so special

  118. Kelly says

    What I will accomplish is having more time to babysit our precious 13 month old grand baby! I’d rather make memories with her than spend my time grabbing groceries !! Of course she gets the pampers , downy to take home and I get an easy to fix dinner and then …play time !

  119. Peggy Gildon says

    I will use the time I save by looking at more of your sites finding the best deals because with two adult children and 5 grandchildren we always need something. The money we’ve saved in the last year keeps us looking for great deals. Thank you for your site. I plan my menus around it.

  120. Ashley says

    I would take my two doggies to the dog park. They are 10 years old and I seem to never have the time to let them enjoy outside as I live in an apt.

  121. Claudia P says

    The extra time I save shopping mostly at Publix give me more time to get my coupons ready for my next trip to Publix.

  122. Martha says

    My husband is bedridden with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson, so save time and money is my priority, that’s the reason I love to get everything in one place and get home as quick as I can to take care of him.

  123. Ashley says

    I’d use the extra time to organize all the great items I’ve been getting since I started couponing. It’s also a plus to be saving gas by being able to get everything in one stop!

  124. Laurel says

    With the extra time I save. I will do the unthinkable and go see what is lurking in my teenage sons rooms. I’m sure it is going to be scarier than any horror movie ever made. lol

  125. Laurie Craddock says

    Well,I would love to organize my coupons, and catch up on housework, which just never seems to get done when you have three kids!

  126. Heidi Dease says

    I would curl up on the couch and get caught up on some of my recorded shows that I haven’t watched yet.

  127. Nicole says

    I did this deal alast night and the Mojo Rotisserie Chicken is YUMMY! I had soem extra time since I didn’t have to fix supper so I sorted through some of the coupons that I have been swearing to clean out since the first of the year.

  128. Kristan Riley says

    I would like to say I would do something awesome with my time but I probably would spend my time cleaning or doing homework lol

  129. Shelby Dorsey says

    I would start a sewing…I currently do not have the time to learn but am dying to try it out.

  130. Nadine says

    I will use my extra time to look up more deals. Couponing to me is my addiction i am always on the look out for another deal.

  131. Barb says

    I would love to use the money to off set our healthcare cost that is eating into my grocery budget!

  132. Julia says

    Watch American Idol and relax chicken dinner was already done and all my shopping was done in one trip today yea.

  133. Chad says

    I will use the time savings to get to spend more time with family I havent seen in a while and relax and catch up with them on the phone.

  134. Saundra says

    After, doing the laundry, cleaning the bathroom and replenishing supplies there, the dishes, changing the baby, feeding the dog, shaving my legs and feeding my cold, which by the way, I saved money on all of these by getting them all at my favorite store, Publix, I will sit down and enjoy a good dinner of Rotisserie Chicken and salad with my family and think of how to relaz and do it all again.

  135. Linda says

    I’m sure that I will use my saved time searching for another deal; and when I find one, I always feel as though I’ve won a prize. It’s fun!

  136. PAMELA says

    What would I do if I won the $100? Oh boy, I would stick that awesome bill into my coupon folder, to use on my future awesome buys with my coupons! sometimes, I have to let some great deals go by when my budget is too tight. So this way, I will ready to pounce on a great deal! Now that is exciting!

  137. Alana says

    Prepping up for baby #2 that’s due in March! …this saves me from having to do the drug store deals which take up a lot of time and effort to prepare for.

  138. Judy says

    I would take more “down time”. I’m chronically ill and feel I’m always racing (in a one-person race) to get things done. I would, definitely, use the time to worry less and sleep more.

  139. denise says

    This promo is easy enough for my husband to grab the Downey fabric softner we’re out of with 2 kids in tow (thanks to that glorious kids cookie at Publix) and bring home dinner all for the price of going out to eat once, which usually happens on his night to cook.

    I on the other hand will finally find the time to try out the awesome tub in our new house! It’s only been 2 months now :)

  140. Crazedmommyof3 says

    I would take a nap while the “chicken is cooking”! My fam never realizes when I bring home a Publix rotisserie chicken, it’s so good! They had a cherry flavored one recently which was awesome!

  141. melina r says

    I will have time to prep some food for easy meals on busy nights. This will free up time to spend with my little ones and less time cooking :-)

  142. Melinda says

    I would spend more time with my family like going to the zoo or just snuggling up with my son and watching some veggie tales.

  143. Betsy says

    I would teach my friend how to coupon. She was so impressed that my weekly grocery budget is half of her weekly budget. Now she wants to learn how to save!

  144. Erika says

    Spend less time finding deals!! More time with my kids!! I spend hours sometimes trying to play the drug store game, being able to look on Iheartpublix.com and get everything I need in one spot is a relief!! Thanks Michelle!

  145. Sierra says

    I would spend more time with my daughter and use the money that I saved from couponing for us to go on a road trip! It would be nice to be able to get out of town for a while!

  146. says

    Work on my current DIY project, I’m making a padded headboard. They run $399 store bought but I think I can make it myself for $60. I love saving money any way I can.

  147. Lisa B. says

    If I won I would use the time to spend with my twins plus $100 would go a long way using coupons and discounts for family activities.

  148. lisa says

    I woukd definitely spend some extra time with the family. Maybe make a picnic lunch to go with that chicken…

  149. Angela says

    I would spend the extra money on diapers for my 1 year old triplets, and spend the extra time with them and my 2 other girls:) thank you Michelle for all you, you ave already saved me money and time, I greatly appreciate what you do

  150. Bridget says

    I am going to be a first-time grandma this year, so I would love to be able to have some time to make a baby quilt.

  151. Briana says

    Well, I have 3 kids three and under ( and one of them being a three week old baby) so I don’t have a lot of “free” time but a quick dinner sure will make my day go more smoothly!

  152. Renee Pearl says

    I would use the extra time to help my daughter finish her college & scholarship applications:)

  153. tiffany says

    By the time I am done shopping I will be able to knock out three things:

    (1) I will be stocked up for a little while on P&G items (such as detergent, softener, cascade, & more)

    (2) I will have enough chicken to make a great tasting Brazilian lasagna for the whole family (I have been waiting to make)

    (3) Allow my daughter to choose to go either to the park or the movies together (she has been hounding me to do together)

  154. Meagan says

    I could say I would take the extra time to spend with my two amazing little boys (2 and 4) and my husband which I love very muh, but that wouldn’t be the truth:) I would love the extra time just for me!! I do all the shopping and taking care of kids, and can’t even go to the bathroom alone, so some extra time just to unwind would be AWESOME!!!!

  155. KS says

    ….its really helful to find everything at one store…because I have a newborn so i am on duty 24×7:)

  156. Monique says

    I would spend the time helping my son pick out his next year’s courses for his first year of high school! (Probably going to do this anyway, LOL)

  157. liz redden says

    I will spend the time I save by checking out my blogs to find more deals and coupons. Yeah for my bloggers!!!

  158. Della Morton says

    Contest Entry~ I will spend the extra time recovering from a brain tumor. Buying healthy food is half the battle and being able to afford it! Thank you so very much for considering me.

  159. Lauren says

    A few hours of at home pampering sounds like a dream: face mask, mani/pedi, bubble bath, glass(bottle) of wine and a book I’ve been too busy to read.

  160. Amy says

    One list and one stop means more SAVINGS overall! I’ll definitely have more time to plan for my wedding in mid Feb. It is less than a month away so any free time I have is devoted to the wedding planning right now. Plus, I am on a diet, so one trip equals less temptation every time I walk past the Publix bakery and Deli section.

  161. Amy V says

    I could spend more time at the beach!!! We are having such nice weather here in Florida it would be awesome to use it for play time.

  162. Stephanie L (Issa Bargainlover) says

    I would rent a movie to watch and enjoy the evening with my husband & children. Sometimes it’s wonderful just to have a chance to be still for a while.

  163. Stephanie L (Issa Bargainlover) says

    I would rent a movie to watch and enjoy the evening with my husband & children. Sometimes it’s wonderful just to have a chance to be still for a while.

  164. Gladys says

    Although with no regrets, being the sole caregiver to an elderly parent – 24/7 – infringes tremendously on one’s own time and activities.

    Needless to say that time for self becomes such a rare commodity that just to be able to sit and catch your breath for 15 minutes without interruption is absolutely precious!!

    Being able to purchase everything at one store can provide this much needed relief!!

  165. Amanda says

    I will spend my extra time getting the nursery ready for my baby boy who is due in 3 1/2 weeks :)

  166. Julia says

    Shopping at only Publix makes me happy!! I would spend the extra time with my family, enjoying every moment!

  167. Shatoya says

    I would save $100 using this gift card and spend it to get a nice spa day to enjoy the time I save by getting everything I need at one store. I love Publix and P&G. Thank you iheartpublix awesome giveaway.

  168. Stephanie says

    I will spend my extra time studying!! Taking care of a family and going to school isn’t easy. Having valuable free time is exactly what I need!

  169. jennifer says

    I already just shop one store. PUBLIX. I love that I can get everything at one place and not worry about chasing the deals. I know that I am always getting a deal at Publix. This frees up a lot of time, time I can better spend with family and friends.

  170. Linda B says

    I love following iheartpublix to get the best deals. I love playing in the yard with my toddler with all the extra time I save!!!

  171. Jennifer Calabro says

    I would spend my extra time with my children. This $100 gift card would come in handy so much!! I love P&G and I Heart Publix, thanks for the chance to win!!

  172. Rebekah says

    Saving time by shopping at only one store means more one on one time with my baby girl! Who doesn’t want that? :)

  173. Lana says

    I would use the extra time helping my husband in his two-person office while we give a day off to the office manager for her birthday.

  174. Lori says

    I will be doing more running/training for my first Half Marathon race in Daytona Beach with my Brothers and Sisters at the Fire Department.

  175. Linda Burgoyne says

    I generally shop only once a week and most often it is Publix. This gives me more time to sit down and read a good book. : )

  176. Melody says

    I would say cook an amazing dinner, but that’s what the chicken is for! Probably spend the time organizing my very small stockpile, or perhaps catching up on some laundry!!

  177. Jennifer says

    I would use the extra time to get my coupon binder organized because it is a wreck right now.

  178. Selena says

    Catch up on cleaning and maybe a catnap would be nice to have with the time saved from shopping at one store for everything!

  179. Jacqueline D says

    I am pregnant with baby #2, and I will use my extra time to FINALLY finish prepping for baby. I think a little extra time in the evening would be great for me and my husband to get the crib put together!

  180. KISHA says

    I would take time out to sit down and have a little movie date with the hubby! It’s the little things like that -that keeps our marriage of 13 years strong. thanks for the chance.

  181. Lindsey says

    I will keep another hair in my head from turning grey! Less stress when shopping with a little one is a good thing!

  182. Cayce says

    FAMILY FIRST… time saved is time earned with my daughter. It is amazing that as an only child she is always begging for more time with me… if I am in the store she helps clip coupons (I even have a pic of her clipping away at Publix) so to be able to spend EXTRA time with her is icing on the cake!

  183. Natalie says

    I love Publix because it’s the only store I need to shop at!! And it’s so clean, the products are good, and the customer service is even better. Because it is a one stop shop, I have more time to do the things I enjoy, like exercising, spending time with family, and of course, couponing!

  184. Cecilia says

    With the extra time I have, I can work more with my children doing homework. Alouing me more time to relax and spend time with family while saving money on our purchases. Thank you for this helpful and useful sight which helps many families. :-)

  185. Cecilia says

    Shopping at one store gives me extra time to spend with family and freinds. It also saves me gas and give me sanity. Thanks alot!!!

  186. Tabatha M says

    Hm… oH! Use the detergent to beat down that laundry monster that’s been growing in my garage.

  187. Jackie Fortier says

    I have been teaching some family members how to coupon, This gives me more time to spend helping them!

  188. Jessica says

    Just gave birth to a sweet baby girl. I’ll use the time saved to spend time with her and her big brother. Plus the benefit of not having to go a bunch of places when you don’t feel too hot!

  189. lisa b says

    I just had my 4th child last week! So this promotion is awesome for me! It will save me a ton of time…which will be spent with the family and cooking, cleaning, resting, playing etc LOLOLOL

  190. ANGELICA says

    I have more time to spend with my family and with the amazing deals that I get I have more money!!!!!!!

  191. Jenny D says

    I would spend the extra time bragging on IHEARTPUBLIX! 😉 And most certainly with my kids, Church, family & friends. Ultimately, it is HIS time either way.

  192. becky decapua says

    I usually go to another grocery store for my meats, but it would really be nice to shop at publix for all my groceries it is a pleasant store to shop at.

  193. Michelle says

    I will work with my son on his reading he’s trying very hard but we need to work on it together

  194. Kristin says

    I will use the time I save to lock myself in the bathroom, ALONE! No one knocking on the door, or little fingers wiggling underneath trying to get my attention! Ha ha ha! Like that is actually going to happen! :)

  195. Collette Jarmolinski says

    I would love to finish reading a book or take a nap, but I would probably end up getting my butt kicked at Candy Land again :)

  196. Lori says

    I shop once per week on Sundays or Mondays and seriously use the time saved to help my boys with their homework a little more, play with them more, make sure all the housework is done and maybe spend time on a little baking for my hubby :)

  197. Shellie Middleton says

    I just started a new job on Tuesday (Hooray!!). So shopping at one store now is extra important. I’ll send my extra time with my daughter in the afternoons.

  198. Amanda says

    I would use the extra time to take my kids for some ice cream :)I love when I can get everything I need in one place at the best prices.

  199. Amber says

    I’m a mom of a 3 and 4 year old. I’m also a teacher. Time and money are both tight so the more money I save, the more time and energy I have for all of my kiddos 😉

  200. Amber says

    I am a working mother of 4 children, and my husband is a stay at home father. My Husband and I have not been able to have a date night in over 3 years because we can not afford to pay a baby sitter. This gift card would give me the extra money to pay a baby sitter so we could have just a couple hours to ourselves!!!

  201. Stephanie says

    I would take the time to read through some of my most recent magazine subscriptions I haven’t gotten to yet.

  202. vickie says

    Time! I need some extra for sure.
    Therefore with my time saved…MUST organize my stockpile and go through my closets to weed out and donate.
    A early spring cleaning is needed now.

  203. ashley says

    I will help my sister learn to coupon! She has fallen on hard times and needs to learn how to coupon now, more than ever!

  204. shirley L says

    Making a parents life easier is a glorius thing. Saving time by shopping and getting everything in one spot gives me extra time in the nice hot shower. I know its something simple but it is a wonderful thing I can do for myself

  205. says

    This is so easy! I have spent literally hours running from store to store, looking for sale and clearance items to save money, walking up and down the isles looking for discontinued items, no longer do I have to do this, shop and save at one store PUBLIX, I work two jobs and have more time to rest and enjoy my life!

  206. Dawn says

    I would take the time to pull weeds in my garden. Not exciting but needs to be done and it is a stress reliever for me.

  207. alisha says

    I spend a lot of time running to several stores on my day off, so actually being able to enjoy my day off and not run, run, run!! Just sit outside in the hammock and get some sun and relax with a nice glass of wine.

  208. says

    Honestly it would give me some “me” time, which I never get due to homeschooling and taking care of 2 family memebrs and my child.

  209. johnnie jones says

    i would spend more time helping out shelters or even group homes where there are kids who just need someone to play with thats how i will use my extrs time.

  210. Carol P says

    With the time, money and energy I save by doing all my shopping at Publix, I will buy a book and be able to curl up to read it! ME TIME!!!!

  211. Sherry says

    I will spend my extra time ever so wisely and get started reading the FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY series I got for Christmas! 😉

  212. Becky says

    Now that is a good question but hard to answer…..So many possiblities but I would love to have the option for any free time…

  213. Kandice says

    Busy, BUSY Mom of 4 teens/tweens! With any free time I would bake!
    Sancks, make ahead dinners, and prepping for meals to freeze. Saving
    money and extra time is a gift!!

  214. Toni says

    I would COUPON!! I barley have any time to do that but if I could I would be able to save more money in order to spend more time with my family because my life is considered full time in it’s self!!

  215. Melissa says

    I Broke my foot and ankle in Dec, and I am not yet healed and mobile. The shopping trips for the last several weeks have been very short and small, as I cant overload my Hubby with coupons or mistakes start happening. Plus hes been in charge of dinners! we will use the sale to stock up on some needed toiletries (from not being able to chase the deals I usually go for at several different stores) and make dinner 100% easier and healthier for my hubby to get together!

  216. Sarah Ramberg says

    I’ll make some chicken enchiladas that, ironically, called for shredded rotisserie chicken- and then I’ll clip all the coupons that will be in this Sunday’s paper!!!!

  217. Elyse says

    Family time, dinner time, time for couponing. Love your site! I bought 30 loaves of rudi’s gluten free bread, thanks to the notice your site gave me! We hardly eat bread because I never had the time to bake it. Store bought is usually out of our budget. Thanks, again!

  218. Lisa Serr says

    I will be able to spend more time with my kids and mom and dad who have had some major health issues these past few months. I would love to have more time to spend with them and help them with things they can no longer do themselves.

  219. Wade Phillips says

    Study! My wife and I are both in school, with one daughter in middle school and a son about to begin college. Time is critical.

  220. Elaine says

    With the ‘extra’ time I’ll have getting all that I need from Publix. I will organize my coupons better – so that when I get at the checkout I don’t have a panic attack over misplaced coupons.

  221. Laura says

    I would FINALLY get caught up on laundry. 7 people, one washer and dryer isn’t cutting it with the time I spend running errands.

  222. Sheri Stone says

    I would spend the time I save by getting everything at one store, having some “me” time playing my favorite Facebook game, Criminal Case.

  223. Jeannie says

    More time to spend with my kids, because this semester is kicking my butt with all my homework and studying and I feel like I don’t get enough time with them when my school is in :/

  224. Jayda Maher says

    I hate to admit it but I would probably spend more time looking for great coupons and deals…and maybe taking a few photos around Venice!

  225. Janis says

    With teaching high school full time, and working a part time job at night, I would use the extra time to CLEAN and do laundry so that I don’t have to do it on the weekend when I can spend time with my finace instead of cleaning!

  226. Moranda says

    More time for homework or should I say more time to procrastinate by goofing around with the kids. :)

  227. Cindy says

    I retired to keep my 2 Grandkids…I do my main shopping at Publix and believe it or not that is my relaxtion. So what would I do with my extra time…stay a little longer at Publix!!! LOL

  228. deb brent says

    I could spend more time with the kids doing something fun outside. Like playing soccer, or riding bicycles.

  229. Michelle M. says

    Give more time to my six year old as he continues to master his love of reading. Thank you for all you do.

  230. Jennifer Vukicevic says

    I love saving and shopping at one place because then with my extra time I get to go to fun places with my 4 year old son Nikola. I truly do heart publix!

  231. says

    With the time I am going to save next week, I will be giving my house an early spring cleaning with some of the otems I intend buying. Thus killing two birds with one stone. Thank you P&G and Michelle.

  232. Michelle Langlois says

    I will have the time to deliver items to the food bank that I have collected with my coupons and BOGO’S!

  233. Phyl says

    I will use the time I saved to spend with my favorite people on the planet – my husband and son!

  234. Brenda says

    Is it wrong to say I woould love to spend some time on me? I would love to be able to do something as simple as make a cup of tea and read for 30 minutes, lol. :)

  235. jackie says

    i would probably be on this site getting the best deals! Time is money and i love to save it with i heart publix<3!

  236. Linda T says

    Able to cook the good food that I purchased at one store and have great sit-down family meals.

  237. Daryl Owens says

    With the time I save I will be getting my coupon book upto date and looking for more deals to save more money

  238. Kristin says

    Just a reminder there is a p&g ad in this Sunday paper! I’m going to enjoy an easy dinner after work.

  239. Cheri says

    I would write my lesson plans for school at a time other than my typical Sunday afternoon time slot.

  240. susan says

    With the extra time, I will devote to my son, who I have not been spending a lot of quality time, since I am always seeking the best deal for my family, and he has suffered a little. With this time, maybe we can do some one on one activity with my undivided attention

  241. Lisa says

    In my free time I will be working on finding some deals for my daughters upcoming wedding. Every little bit helps!

  242. John says

    I would give my dw a break do the shopping and cook too. A romantic home cooked meal.
    Thank you.

  243. Heather Nix says

    I would love to spend the time studying for a test I have in February to further my education and have an awesome day out to the park with my 3 year old son and husband.Great times! :)

  244. nikki says

    Me time….homemade facial and long soak in bubble bath….full time mom…full time worker…full time money saver….tend to lose time to pamper me

  245. Bamagal says

    I think I will use my extra time to take a nap. :) I’m exhausted and definitely don’t have time to run from store to store.

  246. Pat A. says

    I will spend the time cleaning up around the outside of our house. We are trying to get a lower insurance rate and the agent will not send in our paper work until it looks a certain way for the picture. The only draw back is, my husband is 45, disabled and physically not able to help. So saving money is a big issue at our house and how I spend my time.

  247. Moriah says

    I will use it making delicious casseroles w/ the rotisserie chicken to stock my freezer. Double time saver!!!

  248. Aaron says

    Great question, Easy answer, Spend more time at home following and printing out coupons by the wonder person who runs. I heart publix.. It’s beginning to turn into addiction for me.. I check when I get up, at lunch, dinner time, Thank you for all that you do, helping everyone save money… Thank you again

  249. susan says

    I have CFS, so any time I can save is a huge blessing and allows more time for much needed rest.

  250. danielle says

    I would use the extra time to take a ‘me’ break….but in reality I would probably do something for my family or my students.

  251. Valerie says

    I would use the time to play with the kiddos and anytime I can put my kids in their carseats only once is a BIG plus!

  252. Amy Murphy says

    I love P&G Products, I am brand loyal to them. And I LOVE Publix!!! It saves me so much time and money couponing at Publix. This gift card will really help my family!!

  253. Dana says

    First of all do any of us really remember what free time feels like?!?!? I would enjoy taking my dogs on longer more leisurely walks or maybe catch up on some tv time!

  254. says

    Any shortcuts I can take while shopping with a 1 and 3 year old are very much appreciated! Extra time is spent doing fun things, though saving at Publix is actually pretty fun for me!

  255. Shauna James says

    Hmmm…what would I do with the extra time? Maybe I’ll get my hair done. I’m way over do 😉

  256. Sharon R says

    I would clean and organize my closet and get rid of some of my old clothes to charity, I just need to find the time to do this and an extra hour would help!!!

  257. Sylvia Cunningham says

    I would take a few minutes for myself…i have a disabled husband and a mother that i help take care of so not really ever any time for myself….i would love to just go get a pedicure…

  258. Christy W says

    I would love to spend extra time helping my son get ready for his upcoming baseball season.

  259. CarolH says

    Doing all my shopping at one store would allow me to spend more time cleaning each week…(just kidding…I’d work on my quilting project.)

  260. Diane M says

    I would spend that extra time updating and purging my coupon binder, getting rid of expired coupons and filing new ones. And possibly writing a letter to Publix to tell them how much I love their store!

  261. dawn says

    Since I would probably be shopping after work, one stop shopping would allow me some extra time to relax after shopping and dinner before its time to go to bed.

  262. Kristian W says

    By saving time at the store, I will spend more time cleaning and crafting – my favorite things!

  263. Stacy says

    I should clean the house up or spend quality time with my boys, but what I would love to do is take a little nap :)

  264. teresa martinez says

    I would definitely spend more time with my 3 month old baby girl and my 2 year old son going to the park and enjoying the nice fla weather since dinner will already be waiting and everything will have already been stocked in the diaper drawer since i will get diapers and some other necessities!

  265. Meshell says

    I will take the time to sit back and read a book I’ve been trying to finish for about a month now. :)

  266. Ann Y. says

    I don’t have any kids at home anymore, so I think I would take some Me time to curl up with the dogs and catch up on a good book!

  267. Vicky says

    Make a chocolate cheesecake! The cream cheese has been sitting in my fridge for two weeks but I’ve just been toooooo busy.

  268. wendy says

    Anyone that knows me will tell you I try to spend every extra minute with my 4 beautiful cats. I found a stray who very soon after had kittens. I have been in love ever since. I get up early to be with them and rush home from work to see them. I run errands on my lunch hour and spend my days off at home. I always take my lunch to work because I would rather spoil them with every treat and lots of cat food. Your site lets me get everything I need at a great price and get in and out in a jiffy with my list. Thanks

  269. Maria DiFonzo says

    I would spend more time working on my online selling site. I’ve been job hunting since I was unemployed but selling online gives me the most satisfaction, just need to get it to a point where it can support me so I can work for me not someone else!

  270. Angela says

    My husband is celebrating a “Big Birthday” soon, however, both of us will be working on his birthday….can’t afford not too! Finding some extra time will definitely help us to celebrate the “right way”….he’s deserving of an off day!!

  271. Nancy says

    The extra time I will save will allow me to spend more time with my dad who is 92 and can’t drive anymore,can’t see well, can’t hardly walk and it is so hard to do everything i have to do for my family & business and find more time to just go sit down and have a good heart to heart talk which i want to do so much, I don’t want to wish i had and it be too late……

  272. Pam says

    I’ll be scouring the internet and local businesses for a new job and be thinking about potential fund raising ideas to help pay for my daughter’s trip to Europe this summer with the People to People Student Ambassador Program.

  273. Jessica says

    Read a good book, take a bubble bath, paint my piggies, rub my preggy belly, sit on the floor and play with my 3 little ones. Ahhhh, what’s free time?!?! :)

  274. Amber says

    I would spend more time with my 2 beautiful girls! Grace, 2 yrs old and Faith 8 months old. Thank you!

  275. Lisa R says

    I would have a little time to relax. I work 2 jobs during tax season so there’s not much leftover time.

  276. Michele says

    I will have the time to experiment in the kitchen & work on doing some of my many pins on pinterest. Yay!! :)

  277. Jessenia Candelario says

    With the time left I will def sit in the couch with a double chocolate chip frappucino ill close my eyes and then realize my 2 babies(22 and 3 month old) are screaming in the background sooo relaxing time is over hehehe

  278. Sally says

    Thank you for the great heads up on the Publix specials. My only opportunity to go over there will be tomorrow. I have it all mapped out with everything ready and organize d so it will be really epic. I wont have much time in the store to ponder over it, but am going to get these great bargains. Extra time? Well, I just keep it movin. Maybe pray for my elderly relatives in the freezing cold up north. †

  279. Carol says

    I would stay home and relax and ofcourse spend time with my family.I’ve been doing so much couponing because I’m preparing for 2nd little one to arrive in a few weeks. When he arrives ill be taking a short break from couponing.

  280. Jennifer Brown says

    I like this promotion and I like to do as many things as possible at one stop. I have 3 teenage daughters so the Tampax/ Radiant Always deal with coupons of course and the free chicken is a great deal.

    • Jennifer Brown says

      and I forgot to mention anytime I can save time I enjoy getting time to read or sleep with those extra minutes :)

  281. Abby Walker says

    Enjoy a warm bowl of homecooked chili and corn muffins with my family of 9, get all the homework and chores accomplished, then cozy up on the couch and watch a “Little Men” episode together – during which we will eat a bowl of Breyer’s $2 ice cream from the deal you posted! Nothing better than family, food, and good Publix finds 😉

  282. Maria says

    I would have more time to get things done at home..like iron all t he clothes in one day, vacuum both floors of t he house and also spend time reading books that I have put off reading or have not finished ..

  283. Hope says

    I will be enjoying time with my family, as we watch the game.There will be great (inexpensive) foods…and just quality time together.We have alot to be thankful for. I began couponing to offset some of our expenses, and it has helped dramatically. We have tracked my budget over the past year and a half. I began with a small savings of 24 percent for the first month I couponed. January of 2013, we are at 70 percent savings. Thankyou for all the information from I Heart Publix. I refer everyone to this site. May God Bless.

  284. Suzanne says

    I will take The most precious uncle in the world to McDonalds this is his favorite place to eat he has downs sysdrome and just turned 56 It just doesnt get any better than a afternoon with him he makes you smile nomatter how bad you may feel.