Ham & Cheese Pretzel Bites – Tide You Over Tuesday Recipe

Ham & Cheese Pretzel BitesLooking for something to do with all that Smithfield Ham that we picked up for free a week or so ago? Amanda over at A Few Short Cuts has a great way to put it to use - Ham & Cheese Pretzel Bites.

I am planning on baking up some Scalloped Potatoes & Ham with some of my ham. If I can find some spare time, I might give her pretzel bites a try too! I am thinking these and some warm honey mustard might be a great snack or even the makings of a great meal.


  1. NancyNurse says

    Thanks for the suggestions. I have been making Brocolli & Ham Quiche with all the free Smithfield ham I picked up that week. Easy to make, makes a great reheat the next day, or stick one in the freezer for a busy schedule. Goes great with a salad, or fruit.

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