Grocery Totals For 2012 – Share Your Savings!

4a001355f315fad1a84ceb46d3d8a2b8I hope your new year has started off GREAT!

This is the time of year that I start working on my saving and spending goals for the upcoming year. I use accounting software as well as spreadsheets galore to keep track of my spending across all the categories. I am one of those nerds who keep every receipt that I get as you never know when you might need to go back and look up something or for returns. With the holiday craziness, getting in those last numbers takes a little bit longer.

I am ready to share my grocery totals for the year!

For 2012 I spent $2174.69 or an average of $41.82 per week (this total does not include my produce delivery which is a separate budget). So, I am just slightly over my budgeted amount of $40 per week.

You know's all good! I am very pleased with what I accomplished. I haven't decided if I am going to increase my 2013 budget or keep it the same. My boys are getting bigger and making more specific requests for foods. BUT--I am always up for a challenge so part of me wants to see if I can go another year on the $40 per week budget.

Now it's your turn! Share your weekly or yearly totals. I can't wait to see how you guys did this year!


  1. Abby B says

    I have a goal to keep all receipts and write down my savings in my planner this year. I just at the end of the year got the hang of this whole coupon thing after 3 years of doing it. I am learning and it’s been fun because yesterday I went to publix and saved 85%!! Woohoo!

  2. raluca berger says

    aww we save some money but my husband’s resolution for 2013 is to buy more organic food heh so we will save some money for cleaning products ….if
    Happy New Year to you all!

  3. Jessica says

    It was my goal to spend $50 a week to feed my family of three (two adults and a toddler.) I spent about $2,400 or roughly $46 per week, so I saved $200 from my grocery budget, which I was able to add to some Christmas money from my parents and in-laws to order a brand new fridge, so I have deemed 2012 a definite success for couponing!

    For 2013, I have adjusted my budget to $75 per week for groceries as we have a little one on the way and I know that we will be needing formula and diapers once again. However, I’ve been trying to plan things out to stock up on big ticket items (that darned formula…) for when I can also utilize gas card deals and such. Today I was able to get four containers of formula for just $41 with a combination of gas cards, MQs, and PQs–if I can save 60% on formula, I’ll be doing great on my budget.

    • Brittany says

      Have you considered breastfeeding? You can save a ton of $$! I would try not to stock up on formula too much since you never know if your child will have an intolerance to a particular kind. Then you will likely have to sell it back for a fraction of the price. I’d also recommend signing up for the free samples/coupons on all of the major formula sites. There is a baby coupon/formula swap board on called “swap spot.” Lots of great trades to be made!

  4. kellie says

    What a great idea to save your totals from the year…..I will have to do that from now on!

    Thanks Michelle for all you do for us everyday all year long! It is much appreciated in my household of 4!

    • says

      Nope…you are not crazy. I actually upped it by $20 per week for the organic produce delivery. But, I decided to create a separate budget category for it since it was a set amount and I just prepaid.

      So in technical terms my food budget includes:
      produce box
      meals out

      (meals out and entertainment can get mixed together sometimes :-) )

      I was not under budget in any category but I was not crazy over either. I have a ton of subcategories as it is the easiest way to see exactly where all of our money goes!!

  5. Patty says

    Spent 3683.47 oop for 4 adults (and many donation items). Includes all groceries, HABA’s, cleaning and paper products. Total before sales and coupons: 12,322.02 – Saved 4832.90 with coupons. Saved 3805.65 with sales :)

  6. Neia says

    I like the idea to save your totals from the year. The total is all you had have spent at Publix? That I understood, did you spend anything at CVS or any beauty , drug store. Try to figure out what I’ll do.

  7. Jennifer M says

    My cvs savings alone this year was $10,500 (i have the exact figure but not in front of me.) I spent mainly tax there, very little ever oop. I got a ton of summer Clearnace including a “set” of 12 folding chairs and 3 tables, about 3/4 of Christmas gifts for around 24 people, and all of my personal care products, pull-ups for LO, drinks, some food, milk, laundry detergent, paper towels, the list goes on and on. I hope to continue to do the same this year :)

  8. Kristi says

    I haven’t figured out my totals yet. I will sit down with my spreadsheets around tax time because how my year works. The thing that amazes me is that in 2012, I was able to provide so much for my community and my extended family. My children made the decision that they wanted to give gifts to others who didn’t have all that they had. So, me, my husband and our children provided Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner to an amazing 15 families and we adopted a family with 5 children for Christmas. My children were so amazing in not wanting anything and it was an amazing budgeting lesson for them because we had to plan what we were going to buy for the families and we had $100 to buy everything. During the summer, my brother and his family lost everything in a house fire and me and my sisters took my stockpile and made 225 baskets and had a fundraiser and made $5000 of which went straight to my brother to help him rebuild his life. These are just a few of the things that I was able to do, and I was only able to do it thanks to I <3 Publix!!! Publix is where I shop 98% of the time and only because of all the hard work Michelle does!!!
    Thank you so much for all you do!!!

  9. cristina says

    I just started couponing 3 months ago. I got all my receipts and the total I saved for 3 months was 6,500 dollars( coupons and special savings together), 4,442 dollars (coupons only) , 292 dollars (tax only) , I paid 300 dollars for 3 months at publix but I spent some at other store too. This is just publix. I think I’m over doing it.:-)

    • Doug says

      I just use Excel. Each column is one week (the heading title is the Thursday start date). The rows are Spent, Total Savings, and Coupon Savings. All these are available on the Publix receipt. I added coupon savings this year so I could tell how much was coupons and how much was sale price savings.

  10. Becky says

    We had an interesting year living in 2 different states – its a good side by side comparison.

    In Northern CA, I ran to an average of 30 stores per month. Spending $24.66/wk at drugstores and $100.67 at grocery stores – $125.33/ wk total.

    Back home in GA, I go to an average of 18 stores per month. Spending $15.99/wk at drugstores and $68.55/wk at grocery stores – $85.55/wk total.

    All of the extra time running around and effort to keep track of 5 grocery chains in CA and still an extra $40 per week to feed a family of 4 with 2 in diapers.

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