Earth Fare Coupon – Free 24 Pack Of Spring Water

earth fare couponThere is a new Earth Fare coupon available for you guys whose Publix stores accept them as a competitor.

Now, to use this coupon I would think that there would have to be an identical size Publix Spring Water option. I can't guarantee that there is a corresponding Publix package, but if you feel like giving it a shot you can print your coupon.


          • lashonda says

            I had the same thing happen to me last night. The cashier didn’t know if they could accept the coupon and called over what I assume to be shift manager or head cashier to help. She told me we cant accept this coupon because we only accept competitor coupons for items we sell.I said very nicely with a light laugh “I know you wouldn’t sell earth fare water because this is publix”. So I pulled up the q policy on my phone and read it to her. She said she would be right back and went into the office with my q. came back and said nope I’m not accepting this but you can talk to the manager. She talked to him and brought him over to me, I gave him the q and read the poilcy to him. Then he proceeded to tell me I must make a $10.00 purchase, I told him I did. I bought some of the vitamins and used q’s to bring my total down. He didn’t say anything, just handed the q to the cashier and walked away. Didn’t acknowledge me as a customer, he was very non chalant. the cashier entered the q, I paid and left. I was made to feel as though I was doing something. Publix really needs to train their employees an the ENTIRE coupon policy. I’m thinking about calling or emailing corporate because if I am misunderstanding the policy I would like to know, or if the policy does not apply to all stores. I like to use q’s the right way.

    • Ubiquitous says

      I wondered if they woukld accept this type of coupon because I thought their policy said they only accepted “X$ off” type coupons, or perhaps I am thinking of the time I tried to use one of Earth Fare’s “$5 Food Revolution” ones.

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