Check Your Papers – Publix Coupons & Sweetbay Coupon For Some

gatorade-publixCheck your papers this morning as there are several coupons you might want to grab.

Melinda emailed to let us know that there are several Publix coupons to grab:

  • $1/2 Stacy's Pita/Bagel Chips (6.75 - 8 oz) Publix coupon (exp 2/3/13)
  • Free Gatorade Perform or G2 32 oz wyb Gatorade Prime and Gatorade Recover Publix coupon (exp 2/3/13)

sweetbay-couponAlso, look for a $10/$50 Sweetbay coupon that is valid through 1/12. Based on all the emails, looks like this one was found in the Tampa papers.

Thanks to Melinda, Emily, Steve, Tracy, Meredith and Jess


    • sue says

      Do you get your paper delivered or did you buy it? I bought mine and there were 2 smartsource and NOTHING else. Im very upset about it.

  1. Brittany says

    We checked our Tampa Bay Times newspapers & did not see the Seeetbay coupon in it. Where is it found in this newspaper? Thank you.

  2. Elissa says

    Got one in the Naples Daily News this morning, from the Pebbleborroke Publix location. THis coupon also comes with a bonus… $10 coupon from the cashier when you use the first $10 off $50. I would love if Publix would somehow honor this, but they do not have register coupons, that I know of. Unless they would give a $10 Publix gift card. I guess I’ll have to ask Publix customer service.

  3. Terri D says

    I’ve been wondering for awhile, does the $10 off coupon count b4 coupons are taken off – or after they have already been taken off?

    • Doug says

      Sweetbay Qs are usually worded “after all other discounts”. I’ve always used Publix $$/$$$ Qs before all others.

  4. Lana says

    Don’t see it in the Fort Myers News-Press. Not surprised as this has to be the worst newspaper in Florida. Also, you can forget getting ANY coupon inserts if you buy the paper at at a store rather than have it delivered.

    • jennifer says

      I just bought mine a few hours ago and it had all 5 inserts and it had the Sweetbay one as well. I bought it at a gas station in the Cape

    • tk says

      Yeah, you i can see how you feel. I’ve got a couple nps in the past with missing inserts. :/ I always take the time to check now and grab from the middle or bottom of the pile on the shelf.

  5. MeL says

    I used the SweetBay coupon this morning & received a $10 Publix gift card in addition to the $10 off $50. 😀 It was in my Tampa Tribune.

  6. Lesa says

    I got in my home delivered Fort Myers Newspress. There is a 7/11 on Daniels across from the Publix. The papers always have the coupons.

  7. Sasha says

    No SweetBay here in Atlanta burbs…
    but still had a fabulous shopping trip @ Publix & the drugstores this morning! It was great to get both the free cat Party Mix Q’s AND the free Good n Natural bar Q’s in one set of inserts.

  8. Mape says

    I get delivered at home the Tampa Tribune but I couldn’t find the sweetbay coupon. Can anyone tell me where in the Tampa Tribune they found it?

    • Nancy says

      It’s a separate insert. Can’t vouch for whether it was included in the Tribune, but look for a 1 sheet glossy ad.

      • kayla says

        It was in my tampa tribune (home delivery) it was a a seperate sheet for sweetbay and its a huge coupon u can’t miss it

  9. Elissa says

    This coupon states that it can be used only after all other discounts are taken I.e. coupons, and does not include the purchase of gift cards.
    Danielle, Pebblebrooke Publix did give me a $10 gift card. I spoke to Jill at customer service before I checked out. Then I bought another newspaper while I was there, so I use another coupon this week!
    Happy shopping!

    • Kim says

      I disagree. Coupoms are NOT a discount. They are tendered as CASH ! You should be able to use your competitor coupon on the total BEFORE other coupons are deducted.I argued this fact w/ corperate & 2 days later I recieved a letter of appology from the store manager tell me that I was correct, coupons are tendered cash, not a discount. Fight for your rights peeps !!!! This one is do-able !!! Happy Couponing !!:)

  10. Sharon says

    Used the Sweetbay coupon at Publix. I thought I would just get the $10 off, but my store ALSO honored the “$10 coupon for next week” by giving out a $10 gift card! So it was like $20 off $50!

    I’m thinking: 25# of chicken = $50
    Less $20
    Equals $30 ($1.20/pd!)

  11. Brittany says

    Kim, my husband & I agree with you, that coupons ARE NOT discounts, they are a form of payment. Most stores agree with that, but there are some that do not. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Sandee says

    So, today a friend went to the Publix right across the street from Sweetbay – when she handed over the SB $10/off$50 she was told that she had to reach $50 “after” discounts were applied. And the manager also refused to budge. I happened to be at Sweetbay at the same time so I asked their CS Mgr. He explained that Sweetbays computer/register does not understand if you’ve reached $50 if other coupons are scanned prior to the $10/$50, he also said some people in trying to achieve the $50 count a BOGO price twice (makes no sense to me, but some people so that). He said when you’re in line have the cashier first scan the in store $10/off$50, then the rest of the coupons and the system will be able to accept them. They do Not consider coupons as “discounts” and you do not have to reach $50 after all coupons are applied. I understand some Publix managers wanting to interpret the coupon to the store advantage, however they have always allowed competitor coupons as a way to increase business. I will say that if it hadn’t been for the $10/off & $10/GC I wouldn’t have purchase as much as I did yesterday and plan to this week. So the increased exposure and extra manufacturers’ coupons should be the incentive to give a little. Anyway, just relaying the conversation had at Sweetbay today.

  13. Denise says

    Our store at Championsgate, Florida didn’t give out gift cards. I hadn’t even asked, the cashier told me when she saw the coupon (she had already been asked about it earlier). I am still very happy with the $10, a gift card would have been a nice bonus!

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