Centrum Vitamins As Low As 25¢

Centrum Pronutrient MultivitaminsThe Fabulous Happy has been busy price-checking Centrum vitamins so that we can all grab some nice deals. Remember, Centrum Vitamins are 25% off in the ad that starts tomorrow (today for some). There are a couple of matching Publix coupons we can use to get some fabulous deals.

Here are some prices for Happy's metro Atlanta store (AFTER 25% discount):

  • Centrum Adult under 50 100 ct, $6.22
  • Centrum Ultra Women’s 100 ct, $8.99
  • Centrum Men under50 100 ct, $8.99
  • Centrum Silver Adult 50+ 80 ct, $5.99
  • Centrum Silver Adult 50+ 100 ct $8.99
  • Centrum Silver Women 50+, 100 ct $8.99
  • Centrum ProNutrients Super B Complex 50 ct, $7.50
  • Centrum ProNutrients Vitamin D3 120 ct, $7.50
  • Centrum ProNutrients Omega 3 50 ct, $8.62
  • Centrum ProNutrients Fruit & Veggies 50 ct, $8.62
  • Centrum ProNutrients Probiotic $9.74

Happy even worked up a couple of nice deal scenarios for us with the coupons that are available right now:

Centrum Silver 80 ct, $6.00
ProNutrients Super B Complex or Vitamin D3, $7.50
-$5/2 Centrum or ProNutirients Publix coupon in the Green Advantage Buy Flyer or Publix Pharmacy “Healthy Living”
-$8/2 Centrum Multivitamin AND Centrum ProNutrients Supplement 1/6/2013 RP Insert (exp 2/2/13) or PRINT
Pay just 25¢ per bottle after both coupons!

(2) Centrum Adult under 50, $6.22
-$5/2 Centrum or ProNutrients Publix coupon in the Green Advantage Buy Flyer or Publix Pharmacy “Healthy Living”
-(2) $3/1 Centrum or Centrum Silver Multivitamin (100ct or larger) 1/6/2013 RP Insert (exp 2/2/13)
Just 72¢ each!

You should be able to get some great prices no matter what type of vitamins you need. Here are all the coupons I could find so that you can make your own deal:

-$5/2 Centrum, ProNutrients, or Caltrate Products Publix Coupon Jan Pharmacy Booklet
-$5/2 Caltrate Centrum, Multivitamin, Centrum ProNutrients, Centrum Specialist or Emergen-C Products, Mix or Match Publix Coupon Make A Healthy Start in 2013 Green Advantage Buy Flyer
-$8 off Both ANY Centrum® Multivitamin (80ct or larger) AND ANY Centrum® ProNutrients® Supplement
-$3/1 Centrum® or Centrum® Silver® Multivitamin (100ct or larger)
-$1.75/1 Centrum Silver Multivitamin, add $0.50 to coupon by watching video 
-$1.75/1 Centrum Flavor Burst Chews, 60 ct+ 
-$8/2 Centrum Multi-Vitamin, 80 ct+ AND ProNutrients Supplements 01/06/2013 RP Insert (exp 02/02/2013)
-$3/1 Centrum Multi-vitamin, regular or silver 01/06/2013 RP Insert (exp 02/02/2013)
-$2/1 Centrum Flavor Burst Chews, 60 ct+ 01/06/2013 RP Insert (exp 02/02/2013)
-$2/1 Centrum Specialist Multi-Vitamin, 56 ct+ 01/06/2013 RP Insert (exp 02/02/2013)
-$5/1 Centrum Specialist Multivitamin 12/02/2012 RP Insert (exp 01/05/2013)
-$3/1 Centrum, regulär, Silver Multivitamin, or Flavor Burst Chews 12/02/2012 RP Insert (exp 01/05/2013)
-$1.75/1 Centrum Silver Multivitamin Target.com (exp 01/05/2013)


  1. Lynette says

    Michelle, the q for $8 off of any vitamin & any pro-nutrient is also available to print in Red Plum along with the $3 one. 😉

  2. Mary says

    I was hoping someone could help me. The last 2 weeks anytime I try to print a Reddplum coupon 0.0.47-35-g43be9cd comes up. Any idea how I can fix it. Thanks

  3. Cindy Roberts says

    FYI: the $3 off manufacturer’s q is for 100 count and the Publix price listed is for the 80 count. Just so you don’t go to the store and get disappointed. I don’t know how much the 100 count vitamins cost.

  4. Jayline says

    Cindy Roberts I’m sorry but she didn’t make a mistake the 3 dollar coupon does say 100ct but she’s not saying to use that one wit the silver she’s sayin to use it with the centrum under 50 one beacuse the coupon states centrum or centrum silver. so I don’t think anyone is gonna be disappointed.

  5. M Mayfield says

    I just wanted to let you know I had a problem using the $8/2 coupon for the vitamins and supplements. It was crazy. It wouldn’t go through (and I had three). The cashier called the manager who voided out everything and took me to customer service. Customer service thought it was the adult vitamin because the picture had the silver box (for 50+). I told her the coupon said ANY. She said she didn’t think so, so we voided that whole order (again and it was grocery items too), I went back and got the silver boxes and it still didn’t work. She wasn’t sure on what to do until someone came over and told her to over ride it. She said the coupon just might not be in their system yet. (?)
    Customer service told me that If I have any more of those (which I do-several more) that I might have to come to her each time if the cashier wont/can’t over ride them.
    It was a pain but with those and the free Emergin C stacked coupons–I saved over $78.00 this morning!!!

    • Andrea says

      I had the same issue this morning. The coupons wouldn’t scan and 2 separate stores. At the 1st store, the cashier manually put them in. In the 2nd store, I went thru the same jazz you did (having to go to customer service.

      More savings…if Target is a competitor of your Publix, there is a $2 Target coupon for the Centrum vitamins (25 count or larger) on target.com/coupons.

      • crystal says

        Do you think it wouldn’t scan because they might need a manager override for coupons that are over $5? It’s in the coupon policy “Manager approval is needed for individual coupons above $5.00.”

        • Andrea says

          You know what? That is probably it….Thx for the heads up because I will be going to another Publix together with 4 more $8/2 coupons….LOL

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