• Jen says

      Do you have Java enabled? To check – Look in the top left corner of the Qple window. There should be a bar there that shows the progress of your coupon printing. If you don’t see the animation and all it says is “Inactive Plug-In”, then Java is disabled and it can’t print your coupon. Enable Java and it should print.

    • Kristy says

      I’m in the Smyrna area and I’ve seen it for sure at Publix, Kroger and I think Walmart. Are you checking in the deli section of the store? That’s where I found mine, in the area where they have the Cuban sandwiches and upscale cheeses.

  1. Kristy says

    Anyone know if you can print these on more than one day? I got one the first day of the promo and am just wondering if it’ll let me print again tomorrow? TIA

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