Target Coupon – $5 Off A $30 Grocery Purchase!

Target CouponThere is an awesome Target coupon available this morning.

Head over and grab a coupon for $5 off a $30 grocery purchase! Oh boy, I am so excited as my store accepts Target as a competitor so I will be able to use this one! The coupon expires 12/24.

Also, Tracy emailed that there is a $5/$40 Sweetbay coupon in her Tampa paper!

Thanks to Tracy at Having Fun Saving, Amy, Shannon, Tara & Mindy!


    • says

      I can’t make a direct link on Target coupons…you just have to look through the pages. Several folks who emailed me said they found it on a particular page and it wasn’t on any of them for me…
      So it will jump around. Look under “grocery” and you may find it quicker.

  1. Samara says

    i can’t find it either… and i’ve already scanned target’s coupons this morning for new ones… looking again now and still not seeing it. hmmm

  2. Caroline says

    I found it! I clicked “groceries” (as instructed) and then clicked the radio-button (circle) for “expiring soon” That brought it to page 1, second row for me.

  3. Contessa says

    I tried going to grocery coupons for the Taret coupon and it wasn’t there for me. I went thru all the coipons page by page and didn’t see it. I went through all of the coupons again and this time I found it on page 15 (of 16 pages). Of course, I did a big grocery trip yesterday and hadn’t planned on going again before Christmas. Oh well! Maybe there will be some super extra special deals in the upcoming week’s ad that I just have to get and then I can use the coupon.

    • Contessa says

      wow, way too early in the a.m. for me, cannot type worth a darn :) I only came on here this morning to verify that there were no coupon inserts in today’s paper :)

  4. Jesslyn says

    You would use this coupon before your other coupons right?? Like at the end of the transaction it wouldn’t reverse the 5 dollars right?

  5. Amy G says

    I didn’t have the Sweetbay q in my home delivered Tampa Tribune . I did have a Sweetbay liquor store q. Anyone else in Tampa get one?

  6. says

    I went to the groceries and then last page, backing up a page or two. Thanks! I’ll actually use it at Target for hopefully good deals and free movies with General Mills cereals if available. :)

  7. Danielle says

    Thanks so much for posting this Michelle. I used it today and hopefully can use one next week for the remaining Christmas dinner items I will need.

  8. LeeAnn says

    Thanks for posting this – I had to search around for it too and the second time it showed up in a different place than the first. Thank you for all your hard work!

  9. libby says

    I have never heard this metioned but if I buy products and use Target coupons for most or all could I use the 5 off 30 still, in way it looks like double dipping but I think Target lets you

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