Coupon Question and Answer: Ask I Heart Publix 12/19

coupon question and answer
If you have a question about couponing at Publix, this is the place to find the answer! Each week my buddy Christy over at Winn Dixie on a Dime and I have a little coupon question and answer session here on Ask I Heart Publix. Keep sending in those questions - we love to answer them! Just remember if we didn't get to your question this week...we will do our best to cover it another week!!

Remember--there is a tab at the top of the site under "About" titled “Ask I Heart Publix” where you can find the questions and answers from past weeks!

Here are this week’s questions:

  1. Why do some stores have peelies on items when others don't?
  2. Does Publix do special orders (ie, bulk orders) for sale items?
  3. How many coupons should I use for this deal?
  4. I have a question about the gas card deal - help!
  5. Does Publix occasionally run specials offering you a deal to try their brand versus a national brand?

And here are the answers!

1.Rae wants to know: I have the luxury of being able to shop at multiple Publix stores. There are two near my home and three within ten miles of my work place. So I can honestly say, I have my pick of Publix stores to shop. I know these stores pretty well and I know when there is a sale what store will have a specific product in stock or not in stock.

My question is this - why do certain stores have peelies on products that are not on the same product at another store? The store closest to my home hardly ever have any coupon books or peelies on any products. However when I shop near my workplace, there are peelies on almost a tenth of the inventory in the store. Obviously, I do the bulk of my shopping near home but sometimes I ponder on whether or not I should take the drive to work on the weekend when I'm off and do most of shopping  just for the peelie coupon savings!

Christy: I think we've addressed this before, but it's a good question and worth talking about again. Honestly, it all depends on the area you're in - both in terms of how many couponers frequent your particular store, and how often the manufacturer's representatives come to your store and put out the peelies/tearpads/etc. There are at least 10 Publixes in my college town (basically within a 10-mile radius) and the differences in the coupons that you find at various stores is really noticeable.

I don't know if it's worth a separate trip on the weekends for you - maybe you could plan to do your shopping one night after work instead so you don't have to spend the time or gas money?

Michelle: I think Christy answered this one perfectly. If I had a store that where coupons were abundant, I would probably drive those extra few minutes or at least work it into another errand.

2. Cindy wants to know: Does Publix do special orders (ie, bulk orders) for sale items? Sometimes I see BOGO items at stockpile prices after coupons, but I don't want to clear shelves and I have never done this before at Publix. If they do special orders, how far in advance do I need to place my order to get the sale price?

Michelle: Publix will do special orders if they are able. Be aware that they may limit the number of items that you can order and you probably want to make sure the items will arrive before the end of the sale so that you can be assured to get the sale price. The grocery manager should be able to let you know how far in advance to place your order. Publix gets many trucks each week, so you should be able to get your items fairly quickly.

Christy: Yes, Publix will often special order for you (be aware that some stores may have ordering limits on particular items). The few times I've special ordered, I've done so either a few days before the sale starts or on the first day of the sale, and my items have always come in before the sale was over.

3. Natalie wants to know: I will be purchasing the Frosted Mini Wheats this week. I want to purchase 4. I have a free product coupon that I will be using and the $1.50/1 from Kellogg's rewards. Should I only be using 2 of the $1.50/1 and the free product coupon, or should I use 3 and the free product coupon? I managed to confuse myself :).

Michelle: You can use one coupon for every you can use THREE $1.50/1 coupon and the free product coupon on 4 items. If it had been a BOGO coupon instead of a FREE product would have only used two $x/1 coupons :-)

Christy: Michelle's got it right (of course! :) ), but I'll just chime in to say that this is a better deal if you have true BOGO!

4. Tracy wants to know: I have a question about the gas card deal (I’ve never done it before). Does it work like this:

Buy $50 pre-coupon groceries
Pay $40 for a $50 gas card

Is this correct? So I’ll pay OOP for the $40 of gas, but then at the pump, it’s a free $50.

Also, am I correct that it’s pre-coupon? So would this work:

Items – $54
Purchase gas card – $40
Subtotal – $94
Store coupons – $20
Manufacturer coupons – $30
Pay $44

Go to gas station and get $50 gas?

Christy: Yes, the $50 in groceries requirement is pre-coupon. If you have the right coupons, you can get $50 worth of gas and $50 worth of groceries for less than the cost of the gas - and you do pay $40 for the gas card in the store, and then get $50 at the pump.

I love the gas card coupon - when there are a lot of deals in the weekly ad you can really stockpile those gas cards at a great price!

Michelle: I also love the gas card deal. I see it as an automatic $10 discount to help me stay on budget. I see it as exchanging money. It's like taking $50 cash from my auto budget and replacing it with a $50 gas card. It's an even trade but in doing the trade, I get an automatic $10 towards my groceries. If you have the "cash" to exchange and can get to the minimum grocery  purchase - you just can't beat the deal.

5. lindab_29 wants to know: Does Publix occasionally run specials offering you a deal to try their brand versus a national brand? If so how does it work? Is it only on certain products? Only when announced?

Christy: Publix does have a program called "Buy Theirs Get Ours Free" that runs from time to time. The products included vary each time and are usually only good for a particular ad week. When you see the advertisement, you just buy the national brand product indicated and you will get the corresponding Publix brand item for free (no coupon required). There are usually 3 to 5 products included in a particular promotion so you have the option to get a bunch of freebies as long as you buy all the national brands

You can also use manufacturer's coupons on the national brand items to make your cost lower - so this is a nice deal to take advantage of when it comes around.

Michelle: The "Buy Theirs Get Ours Free" promotion is a fun one. You just buy the national brand and you will get the corresponding Publix brand for FREE. It is the store's way of showing you that their products are comparable to the national brand. They typically offer a group of similar items (organic items, breakfast items, snack items, etc...) Adding coupons makes the already great deal even better.

I have taken advantage of many of the promotions and can honestly say - we have enjoyed the Publix brand items as much as the national brand!

I wish their was a schedule for the promotion but it really seems to be hit or miss.

I hope our answers to these questions were helpful! Make sure you 'tune in' next week for even more Q&A with I Heart Publix. If you have a question you'd like to see answered, email me at


  1. Amy says

    Question #2:

    All of my normal stores in the Nashville area will no longer do special ordering for sale items. They stopped because a couponer who would order products with coupons then turn around and sale the items….the store that it happened at got in trouble and then next thing you know all the stores around me quit special ordering sale items. I have come close to clearing the shelf a couple of times for the church food pantry….luckily in a non-heavily couponed area. It really kinda sucks. So ask your store. Mind will no longer do it, not even for churches :(

  2. Fort Myers says

    #1 – Not only do the peelies, booklet availability and coupons vary from store to store, the prices do as well and what sales they have. In my market there are more than a dozen Publix stores and they all use the same ad. The Del Monte Fresh Cut Green Beans were BOGO at 1.39 at one store and BOGO at .99 at another. The Hormel Cure 81 was not in the paper ad but was a sale item at some stores but not at others. Fresh Brussel Sprouts were not a sale item in the paper ad and were $3.99/lb at some stores and $1.99 at others. One store here seems to stand apart for systematic good prices, coupon and booklet availability and having items well stocked and honoring just about every competitor possible. Unfortunately it is not the closest store to me, but it really is worth the trip for the savings. The closest to me is ok but pricey and the next closest is pricey and you have to ask at Customer Service pretty systematically for yellow flyers and coupon books because they don’t even put out the cardboard holders for the special books.

  3. Cathryn says

    I found $1.00 peelies on the Kraft Fresh Take. They sell for $2.99 each , so use the 2-$1.00 peelies and the $3.00 Publix coupon from the yellow advantage flyer and get 2 packages for $1.00

  4. Melissa says

    I have a queston – WHERE is CHRISTY?!?!?! Nothing on Facebook, nothing on, we just want 1 pic of the baby. we KNOW she is busy and definitely has her hands full but golly!

  5. kathy says

    The location of the peelies and the quantity have a lot to do with the product vendors that work the store also. I work at a store and they come in with big rolls. Sometimes they stick on a bunch, sometimes a few.
    Also it also has to do with the amount of product your store moves, stores that sell more will get more of the boxes with peelies stuck on the product. One store may sell may 3 cases of a item a week where another may sell 11 cases…..

  6. gail says

    Question #4
    Some Publix stores may allow gas cards with the pre-coupon total of $50. Mine does not. When I buy a gas card, the cashier holds the card out until she runs all of the groceries, the coupons, and my senior citizen discount. If my total is still $50 or higher, then I can purchase the gas card. (Not until all of the above has gone through the register does the cashier even ring up the gas card.)

    Does the information you provide for Question 4 a national policy? If so, I need to know where to get a copy of this for my store!

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