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ask I heart publix questionsAs I mentioned a couple weeks ago, the Ask I Heart Publix stockpile is getting VERY low on questions, and I need your help getting it filled up again!

If you have a question, please send it in. Your questions can be about anything - basic couponing information, how to use the site, finding coupons, other ways to save, whatever you're curious about! Questions from new couponers or old hands alike are always welcome. Email your questions to contactiheartpublix @ (remove spaces).

Also, if there are any questions that you have sent in and have not appeared yet, shoot them over to me again. My mailbox can be a booger and while I try very hard to keep up--sometimes things get lost or sorted incorrectly.

I'm also looking for new people to spotlight for the ongoing Reader Spotlight section. If you'd like to be featured, email me your story at contactiheartpublix @ gmail dot com. These are one of my favorite features on the site so please share and help keep it going!!


  1. Ann Segler says

    Can you plz explain the new “digital” coupons that Publix is using. Do you have to have a Smart Phone and how many q’s can you load on ur phone? What limits,exemptions,exclusions etc are involved with this new system? thanks

  2. Wendy k says

    The Catalina’s that print out at the end of a Target store transactions say mf on them but are only redeemable at target. If your publix accepts target as a competitor can these be stacked with a publix coupon? Specifically a publix baby club coupon?

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