Publix Wedding Cakes – Beautiful & Delicious!

publix wedding cakesPublix cakes are the best thing on earth. I have been known to stop by the bakery and get one single cream cheese frosted cupcake and then hide it until the kids are in bed. Oh - so good! Now imagine that goodness times 50 and that is what you get with Publix Wedding Cakes!

I have a dear friend who is getting married very soon and she asked me what I thought about her getting a Publix wedding cake as well as a groom's cake. You know what I said..."Do it!!"

When I got married I spent way too much money on a cake that was just OK. Of course it looked pretty but honestly - it did not taste very good. My wedding was long before I found out how much "I Heart Publix" so I didn't even know that Publix was an option.

Now, anytime I need a cake - Publix is my first choice. They have so many options to make sure you get exactly the cake you want. You can choose from so many styles - whether you want a classic cake or something more modern. You get to choose every aspect of the cake from the frosting to the filling...all the way to the smallest design on the outside.

Besides being beautiful and tasting delicious - you just can't beat the price. I can still remember exactly how much I paid for my wedding cake because I just about fell over when the bakery told me the price. In looking at the information that my friend brought as we looked at wedding cake options from Publix - the size cake I had would have cost me almost half if I had got it at Publix. That's money I could have used on my honeymoon in Hawaii 😉

My buddy Jessica decided to go with Publix and I can't wait to see how her cake turns out. I know it will be beautiful and I can't wait for her wedding just so I can have a slice of that cake. I might also have to sample the chocolate strawberry cake that they are getting for the groom's cake. It's coming from Publix too!

Based on comments and emails from you guys, I know that lots of you were smart cookies and chose Publix Wedding Cakes too. Send me your pictures and I will share them. You can also share your wedding cake story in the comments.


  1. Carly says

    I had a small cake for us to cut, and cupcakes for our guests. Very delicious and looked perfect! Now our fruit tray from the deli- that’s another matter. It had pretty strawberries on top but several toward the bottom had mold!

  2. Jennifer says

    About 15 years ago, my brother and sister-in-law got married outside Atlanta. I remember that they had a beautiful multi-tiered wedding cake with lattice work icing, and it was absolutely the best cake I have ever tasted. I mentioned to the bride’s mother that it was delicious, and that they were so fortunate to have such a fabulous bakery in town. That’s when she told me the cake came from Publix. I had never heard of Publix at that time, but was shocked to find out that it was a grocery store. Now, we have a Publix where I live in Alabama, and I also sneak the occasional cupcake. I also buy Publix cakes to celebrate all of our special occasions, and even sometimes come up with reasons to celebrate just so I can have a piece of cake! In fact, I think that tonight we will celebrate the fact that the election is over! Take it from this sweet lover – Publix cakes are the best around.

  3. Susan says

    I use Publix for all of our cakes – birthday, graduations, you name it. I ordered a graduation cake for my daughter this past May for her college graduation and used a Publix I had never used before since her graduation was out of town. They made a mistake on the order (left out the fruit filling I had paid for) and when I mentioned it on Publix’ Facebook page, they asked for my contact info and then sent me a gift card for twice the amount that i paid for the cake. You can’t beat their customer service and, in spite of their mistake, the cake was delicious. Even when we take one of their cakes to a restaurant for a celebration, the servers always comment on how beautiful the cake is and how good it looks!

  4. Ashley w says

    I got my wedding cake at Publix and it was awesome!!!!
    I am obsessed with their red velvet…. So soo yummy!
    (South Florida)

  5. Hope says

    My wedding cake came from Publix almost 5 years ago. Since then every birthday cake and special occasion cake comes from Publix. Love their cakes and cookies!

  6. Leah says

    I did not consider any other bakery to make our wedding cake – we got it from Publix. Our cake design was fairly simple, so I’m sure any bakery would have made it look as beautiful as Publix did. But no one can beat the great taste and quality from Publix. It was AMAZING!

  7. Sierra says

    Publix cakes are awesome! I swear my family finds any reason to celebrate something just to buy a Publix cake! Just had an awesome birthday cake from Publix two weeks ago with peanut butter and chocolate frosting….it even had their delicious peanut butter cookies on the edges of the cake. I wish my wedding cake had come from Publix….it probably would have been a lot better! Just look at this amazing Groom’s cake…it’s chocolate heaven:;jsessionid=B14D9D2FCF9DA17957962263212EF8C2?id=153

  8. Evan says

    Y’all must have never had a homeade cake! Publix cakes are good for grocery store cakes, but they do not compare to my wife’s made-from-scratch cakes and buttercream icing. I guess I’m spoiled!

  9. Olivia says

    We got married almost 4 years ago and got our cake from Publix. It was a three tier cake for 150 people and we paid only $350 in south florida. All other quotes I got were at least $700. It was beautiful and tasted great! We received so many compliments on the cake.

  10. Tricia says

    We had a small beach wedding 3 years ago and had a 2 tier cake that was delicious. Raspberry filling top layer and chocolate on the bottom, everyone raved about it. Publix was great and let us bring in our own shells and they used them beautifully. The only place I will ever buy a cake!

  11. Alexia says

    We got married six years ago and got our cake from Publix. It was beautiful, reasonably priced, and delicious! We had about 100 guests, and the cake from Publix was about half of the price of the cake quotes I had received from other bakeries. I know some people have asked me if they delivered (for some reason people were worried that they won’t deliver the cake since they were a grocery store), but of course, they do! If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing!

  12. Kristen says

    I got married a year and a half ago and had a Publix wedding cake. It was sooo delicious and no one could believe that it came from Publix. The amount of compliments we had on the cake was huge! It had pineapple filling that was to die for!

  13. Chrishelle says

    I got married 20 years ago and my wedding and the groom’s cake, a yummy german chocolate birthday cake for my hubby, both came from publix. Everyone freaked when I told them my beautiful cakes were from Publix. And they were inexpensive.

  14. Jamie says

    We got our wedding cake from Publix. It was great- I didn’t have to worry at all and it got rave reviews from our guests. They even did a little tasting cake for us, which I wanted to bring home and eat all romantic like with my fiance. He thought the parking lot with plastic forks was a fine venue for our tasting! Men!

    My bridal bouquet also inadvertently came from Publix. I’d ordered flowers from the florist that works with our church. I wanted a very simple hand tied rose bouquet. What I got was something that looked like it belonged on top of a funeral coffin. In my bridal daze, I decided that I should hop in my mom’s car, full bridal hair, makeup and veil, and run over to the local Publix to get a new bouquet. The Publix employees in the floral department were a little surprised to see me, but managed to make me a new bouquet that I liked much better! And the guy in front of me in express let me cut in line too! :-)

  15. Stephanie says

    My husband and I got married on the beach in Panama City, FL in 2009. We had no idea what bakeries there were good or priced well. I had to plan everything from 3 hrs away and looked online at local bakeries but their cakes were so expensive and just looked okay. We wanted a cake that had a beach theme but was not corny and overly beachy. On one of our planning trips down there we stopped in Publix to grab a few groceries for the trip and I decided to stop in the bakery to check out the cakes. I saw a beautiful cake that was exactly what I had in mind. It reminded me of an elegant sand castle. We ordered chocolate with buttercream since we decided not to have a separate groom’s cake. We got them do deliver it and set it up. The girl from Publix who set it up was great- she even decorated the cake table for us with brown sugar to look like sand and shells surrounding the base of cake. It turned out gorgeous and tasted awesome. Our wedding guests raved over the cake and could not believe it came from Publix. My only complaint was that it was warm in the room we had it set up and since Publix’s buttercream is so soft it started to slide a little right before we cut it but that was really our fault and not the cake’s.

  16. Sarah says

    I got my cake at Publix and this was before I shopped there. My family just knew that Publix made great cakes and it turned out beautiful and delicious!

  17. Lana says

    I love Publix cakes but if you live in the Spartanburg SC area you really should consider Spartan Bakery. Their prices are close to Publix but they make their own buttercream icing from scratch and the cakes taste like homemade. Absolutely delicious. Our son’s July wededing cake came from there and it was beautiful.

  18. Laney says

    We got married 18 years ago and Publix made our wedding cake. I don’t think we ever considered a bakery cake because the ones at Publix were beautiful and tasty! The cake was wonderful and I also wish I would’ve eaten more!

  19. Rhoda says

    I also got my wedding cake at Publix. It was beautiful and delicious. And all my flowers came from Publix too. They were reasonable, fresh and beautiful. They delivered the flowers and wedding cake to the hotel where we got married and set everything up. They gave me a coupon for a dozen free long stem roses which I gave to my mom.

  20. Amandanell says

    I had a Publix cake too at my wedding and I couldn’t have been happier with it. It tasted great and was very inexpensive.

  21. says

    We also had purchased our wedding cake from Publix. You know which one it was? The raspberry cake with the fancy creme icing. They pot some pearls on it to fancy it up for us. The best part? $19.99!!!

    • Ally says

      Dana I had the exact same cake, except instead of pearls we had Publix ice a pointsetta in the centers (we had 3 layers that stood alone-so a tier but not quite a tier) as we got married on Dec 5. It was so elegant and oh so yummy. My wonderful hubby isn’t very expressive with words, so whenever he wants to tell me that I am everything to him he comes home with “our” cake. I will never get tired of that cake-even when he brings it home 3 times in a month!

      • says

        That is awesome Ally!!! I will sometimes bring a slice home for mine, and on our anniversary we had it again :) It was really beautiful isn’t it? I wish you many joyful years full of happiness, and elegant understated raspberry cake!!

  22. gina says

    Oooh my cake to was from Publix, 3 tiers, with fresh red roses on top! We had vanilla custard with raspberry filling! It was the best!! And didn’t have to worry about cutting small slices for our 150 guests.

  23. danish says

    Publix did my wedding cake and grooms cake 7 years ago and they delivered because the facility was across the street. Cant remember the filling on the wedding cake but of course it was delish. The grooms cake was chocolate with chocolate fudge frosting and people still comment about it. Priced so well and looked so good and tasted so great!

  24. Liz says

    I got my wedding cake from there a couple of years ago and received so many compliments on it! It was decorated gorgeously and was definitely my kind of pricing!! Not to mention, it tasted amazing!

  25. Laura says

    My Husband and I got married in Ft. Walton Beach FL. and got our cake from the Publix there, it was the ebony and ivory cake and it was so amazingly delicious. We only had 12 people at our wedding so we even had cake leftover.. but instead of saving it for our first anniversary we went ahead and ate it since we knew we were moving to Nashville TN and they have Publix here.. so for our first Anniversary I went ahead and got the exact same cake.. but it was much harder eating the whole thing with just 2 people rather than 12.. we still accomplished it though.

  26. Shannon says

    We also had a small Publix cake to cut and then cupcakes and cake balls from another source. The Publix cake was the white with the raspberry filling and oh my, how good it was!!! We also did several trays with different assortments from the deli since we did all our own food too. How well it all was handled and how perfectly it turned out is what made me a believer in how amazing Publix is.

  27. Carolyn says

    Our wedding cake was from Publix and it was amazing. (It tasted like Twinkies!) We decorated it with fresh flowers from our florist. Not only was it beautiful, it was delicious. You can’t go wrong with Publix cake, any time.

  28. Donna says

    When I got married 25 yrs. ago, we got our cake from publix. It was so beautiful and delicious!!! My mom placed the top layer back in the box and wrapped it in 5 layers of foil and put it in our freezer. On our first anniversary we ate it and it still tasted great! Now 7 children later, I can’t tell you how many publix cakes we have had, and never been dissapointed. We have two birthdays next week on the 13th and 15th and can’t wait!

  29. stacey says

    Got married almost 15 years ago next April. Had three tier basketweave cake – orange pound cake with cream cheese frosting from Publix and then decorated with flowers I also ordered from Publix – was awesome and looked great too! They came and set it up for me – thank you Publix of Saint Augustine Beach, FL!

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