Publix Coupon Policy Explained – Rain Checks & Coupons

Publix coupon policyTime for our weekly discussion about the Publix Coupon Policy. For the past few weeks we have been breaking the policy down in order to help folks make sure they are using coupons correctly.

This week we are going to talk about rain checks and coupons.

First, for anyone who might not be aware - Publix will write a rain check for any advertised item that is not in stock. So, if you get to the store and find the advertised item you had intended to buy is gone, grab a rain check and you will be able to get the item at the sale price when you find it back in stock.

I know finding a bare shelf is not fun - but, it is impossible for a store to predict how items will sell. We all know that those hot deals that pop up can create a bit of a frenzy 😉

So what happens when you have a coupon that is soon to expire and the product is not in stock? Publix addresses this scenario in their Publix Coupon Policy Q & A.

Q: What if I have a rain check and a coupon for an item, but the coupon is now expired, though it was valid on the date the rain check was issued. Can I still use the coupon on the item?

A: Yes, Publix will accept the coupon that was valid on the date the rain check was issued.

So, next time you are shopping and find an empty shelf - don't stress. Just grab your rain check and staple your coupons to it. You will be ready to roll the next time you shop! This is a fantastic option in the policy as it helps make sure we never miss that deal!

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    • Shayelyn says

      I just had that happen to me with the Spice Islands vanilla in the YAF. I was told that they don’t do it because the items are on sale for a longer time, even though I had been checking for days and it was never in stock. Shockingly, it was in stock today.

    • Derpy Hooves says

      Mine does rainchecks on the advantage items, they will even put little cards on the empty shelf slot, apologizing for being out and making sure you know you can get one.

    • Kim says

      My store just started doing this sometime after the first of the year. It’s frustrating when you go to the store 2-3 times a week and they’re STILL out of the product every time. The previous management allowed rain checks on Advantage Flyers.

  1. Mary says

    Recently had THE manager at the Decatur, AL store refuse to give me a raincheck…he wanted to substitute a different brand product fir the sales price, but I had a coupon for the actual product that was on sale, which I couldn’t use if he substituted. He was a royal butt about it because they can’t keep their shelves stocked and write more rainchecks than almost any other Publix (according to one of the CS girls), They were attempting to not write rainchecks by substituting. Went back a couple of days later and still didn’t have 4 of the items I wanted and again wouldn’t write me a raincheck, but the CS person that night bent over backwards with the substitutions. Definitely haven’t been shopping Publix as much lately. We desperately need another one in our area!

    • DontMisuseQs says

      Chris Sheffield is just following the rule the District Manager has put in place. No rain checks on Yellow or Green flyer items period… doesn’t matter if they’ve been out since the first day the flyer was valid.

      If customer service personnel write rain checks on those two flyers, they can get in trouble (just ask the most northern District area store).

    • Sherri says

      Mary I think if I were you I would put a call into the District Manager. It is great that for some they are offering substitutes, but if you don’t want a substitute you should be able to get a raincheck. I doubt Publix wants to lose customers because their manager is being inflexible.

    • Sherri says

      Sounds to me like that store gets a new Stocking Manager if they are constantly out of stock. I’d put in a call to the DM as well.

  2. rena jones says

    I’ve been told the raincheck refers to expired publix coupons ONLY and not expired manufacturer coupons . Is this true? I just wanted to know because the policy doesnt differentiate between store qpon or manufacturer qpon.

    • Sherri says

      I was told by the Customer Service manager at my store (Atlanta area) that they will take the expired manufacturer Q’s and an expired Publix Q with a raincheck, but they will not accept expired competitor Q’s.

  3. KB says

    I always get a rain check when the shelf is bare. I always get the max of 5 deals(10 quanity) if it is Bogo, but I was recntly informed that if using a rain check and coupons for that product that I could only use 5 coupons per day and that they would not could not extend the rain check for the other 5 remaining products on the rain check if they are on the shelf. I love Publix, but this isn’t good. I have a family of 5 and we donate to 3 separate organizations a month. Has anyone else had this problem or has this always been in Publix’s policy?

    • Shayelyn says

      I had a problem a while ago with a Progresso soup sale and Publix coupons. They told me they would only take 5. First I asked to see it in writing which they didn’t have. Then I spoke with the assistant store manager and asked even if you are having a 10 for $10 sale and I choose to purchase 10, are you telling me I can only use coupons on 5 and he said yes. So I wrote to Publix corporate a very nice inquiry email which they forwarded to the store. The store manager wrote back and informed me that if I bought 10 items, I could use 10 coupons. I am saving that email forever.

  4. AD says

    I recently had three rain checks. Two with manufacturer’s and Publix coupons and one with competitor coupons. Both the Publix and Target coupons had expired. i was told by management they would make an exception that day only and I could use the expired Publix coupons but not the expired Target coupon. I was a cashier there and the previous management would have accepted both. Some coupon rules vary by store because of the managers.

  5. Dave says

    “Publix will write a rain check for any advertised item that is not in stock.” If this is the case, why wont they offer rain checks for Yellow/Green Flyer items (sale items, not flyer coupon deals)? I love Publix, but this is one area where their own policy is inconsistent and at times frustrating.

  6. Ann-Marie says

    I had an issue awhile back when the Dr. Pepper was on sale in the YAF. They said it wasn’t their policy to write rain checks on the YAF because it was a month long sale. I mentioned to them I had been in the store 3 times per week during the sale and they never had more than 3 packs on the shelf. I even put in a special order for it, since I wanted 12. They did write the raincheck, even honoring the coupons from the YAF, that I had them write on the raincheck. I purchased 12/12pks of Dr Pepper 10 for $1.81 after other MQ.

  7. Linda says

    I get the rainchecks and then end up not using them because I feel like they will refuse them because I didn’t return to get the items real soon. I live and work in a different town about 40 minutes away and try to make the trip every week or two, but it is sometimes longer. Does anyone know if they would still accept them? Thanks!

  8. Desmond Thomas says

    I got a raincheck from one store that did not have snapwear went to another store that had the product they did not honour the raincheck the store superviser said it is a publix policy could you tell me if this is true

  9. Susan says

    I had to get two rainchecks tonight, both items were in the purple flyer. The first item was no problem, no questions asked, then the 2nd one I had a different person at customer service. She said that she was told they weren’t supposed to write rainchecks for items in the advantage flyers. She called the mgr who came up to the counter, looked at the item in the flyer, asked how many I was trying to obtain, I said I just want to get two. She explained that they were only supposed to write rainchecks for items in the sale flyer, the weekly flyer… I didn’t have the policy printout with me, but I got the rainchecks… No wonder I don’t mess with rainchecks… Oh my goodness…

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