Goody Items Coupon – Entire Stock Of Goody Products On Sale At Publix!

Goody items coupon

Woo hoo...remember that Goody items coupon that I shared yesterday? Happy emailed to let us know that the products are on sale right now at Publix!

The entire line is 30% off and the coupons will make for some FANTASTIC deals! Here are just a few of the items you can pick up for next to nothing after the coupon combination!

  • Bobby Pin 60ct, $.76 (reg $1.09)
  • Black Rubber bands 250ct, $1.11 (reg $1.59)
  • Ponytailers 42ct, $1.53 (reg $2.19)
  • Mini Clips 14ct, $1.60 ($2.29)
  • Headbands 5ct, $1.60 (reg $2.29)

$1/2  Goody items (zip 19057 or 90210)
$1/2 Goody Hair Accessories PUBLIX coupon Winter Family Savings Booklet or PRINT
That is $2 off 2 products and makes for freebies and cheap products! 

Print while you can and get great stocking stuffers or gift basket items for free and cheap!

Thanks to the wonderful Happy!


  1. Morgan says

    I’m curious as well if this is in the current ad or the upcoming ad. Will it carry over? I just went to Publix today and don’t want to go back until the new ad starts if I can help it.

  2. Jenn says

    Is anyone else having trouble printing these Publix coupon? I’ve tried IE & Firefox. My store doesn’t have the booklets & CS looks at me like I have two heads when I ask. So frustrating!!

  3. Joanna says

    FYI: I went to Publix today to purchase the Goody products and see if they were 30% off. Well, nothing was marked as on sale, so I went with the bobby pins (since I go through them like crazy!). They were $1.07 each, but rang up 76 cents (or something like that), instead.
    My sale ends tonight since I’m in S. Florida. I’m not sure if it will continue in next week’s sale.

  4. Joanna says

    So, I just printed another manufacture coupon out today (Thursday).
    It now says “Valid in US Target Retailers only” next to “when you buy any 2 Goody items”. Yesterday, it said “Valid in US Retailers only” (or something like that). It still says Manufacturer’s coupon on the top. The fine print has address of where to send it, etc. Can I still use it at Publix along with the Publix q?

  5. nikki f says

    Happy News! My store had the Goody products on sale. It wasn’t marked with a sign but it was on the tag. The bobby pins were .76 cents. It says saved .33 cents on my receipt! The bobby pins were FREE Yay! since my daughter is in dance and uses and loses them like crazy. I am not sure what this sale is is not in the ad nor in the advantage buy flyers. Maybe it is just a special savings that differs from store to store? My store is in Sarasota County, Florida

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