Publix FamilyStyle Magazine – New & Improved?

publix familystyleIt looks like Publix has changed up the magazines that they are sending out. Nicole emailed to share that she got the first issue of the new Publix FamilyStyle magazine today.

From the Publix website:

We've combined the best of Publix GreenWise Market magazine with our previous Publix FamilyStyle magazine for a brand-new Publix FamilyStyle. Each issue is packed with recipes, family-friendly meal ideas, health tips, natural and organic info, and more, all with beautiful, inspiring photography.

If you live in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, or Tennessee, you can receive your FREE issues six times per year.

Now, I am not sure if those of us who had signed up before will need to request the new version. Also, I did not see any mention of coupons being offered in the magazine. I guess we will have to wait and see!

UPDATE: From the magazine "Please note that receiving the new Publix FamilyStyle is not automatic, even if you are a current FamilyStyle or GreenWise subscriber: so go ahead and take a moment now to visit"



  1. Jennifer says

    I received mine. I haven’t looked through it yet to comment on the issue of coupons, but I did NOT sign up for the new one. I imagine they are using their old mailing list?

  2. Susan says

    I think you have to sign up again for the new magazine. Inside, on the first page, the Welcome letter says “to ensure that you continue to receive the new PublixFamilyStyle free, go to or fill out the card attached to the green cover of this magazine.” Mine came with a green paper cover over the magazine.

  3. Nathalie says

    The inside of the informational cover specifies that you gve to sign up again even if you currently subscribe to FamilyStyle or GreenWise by either mailing back the RSVP card or visiting

    Also, it mentions a few things that will be included (recipes, tips and shortcuts, ideas, that sort of thing) but doesn’t mention coupons. Personally, seeing that coupons had pretty much disappeared from FamilyStyle and GreenWise in the last few issues, I’d be surprised if the new version contained them.

  4. Liz says

    I received mine. No coupons, and it specifically said that “you must sign up.” they give you the web link or you can use the RSVP card on the back (needs postage).

  5. felicia says

    I received my copy today in Tampa, Florida and it did not include any coupons. It had recipes and full color pictures.

  6. Tracy says

    Same here. I’m in the Orlando area and no coupons and the green paper cover states you need to re-sign up to keep receiving the magazine.

  7. Anne S says

    no coupons, some good recipes…and it says you have to sign up to continue to receive it at

  8. Sally says

    Honestly, the recipes in this issue are NOT family recipes, they are more the Grape magazine-style recipes. I know my family probably wouldn’t eat any of those AND not to mention they all seem complicated and not something I would attempt.

  9. Laura S says

    I accidentally tossed my copy before I got a recipe out if it that I wanted to try. :( Is anyone willing to help me out?

    I want the sweet potato recipe from the thanksgiving meal section. If you just snap a picture of it you can email it to me. I would be SO appreciative. It looked delicious to me. laurasnell at gmail dot com

  10. says

    Recipes are printed on black or
    dark pages. Please print the recipes on white pages so they are easier to read.

    dark pages. Please print the recipes on white pages so they are easier to read.

  11. Judy says

    Now that I am her, where do I sign up for the Publix/familystyle magazine?
    Strange I can’t find a place to sign up, lots of other stuff to sign up for.
    Advise, please don’t print recipes in reverse on dark pages, besides being too small print, its hard on the eyes to read or make a copy to share.
    The Dec/Jan issue was pretty, an some great recipes.

  12. Mary Hendricks says

    I have tried to registar for future FamlyStyle magazines. Not sure it was accomplished. Your website seems a bit confusing to me. Just hope my subscription will continue.

  13. barb says

    This is what I get when I click on “subscribe here”

    Uh-oh! This page is past its sell-by date.

    Seriously? Just received the magazine today.

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