Publix Coupon Policy Explained – Coupon Stacking

Publix coupon policyFor the past couple of weeks we have been breaking down the Publix coupon policy. I am hoping this series will help new couponers and even some of the old pros out there.

This week I thought we'd talk about coupon stacking.

One of the fabulous ways to save at Publix is by pairing a store coupon and a manufacturer's coupon. The additional savings can often score us some fantastic deals. I think this is the most exciting news for folks new to couponing at Publix. I get several coupons per week from new couponers wanting to verify that they can actually use two coupons on one item at really is a very exciting discovery!

Before Publix implemented a written policy, some stores allowed you to use a manufacturer's coupon, Publix coupon as well as a competitor store coupon on one item. This is no longer possible since the Publix coupon policy on specifically addresses this:

Q: Can a store coupon, competitor coupon, and manufacturer’s coupon all be used for one item?

A: No. A manufacturer’s coupon can be combined with a Publix coupon or with a competitor’s coupon, but not both.

Every once in a while, I see a comment here on the site suggesting that folks can use a Publix coupon and a competitor coupon together. Hopefully seeing the policy will help folks see that you have to choose one or the other.

Remember, each store will have a specific list of competitor coupons that they allow to be used. If you are unsure about what competitors are accepted just stop by the customer service desk and they will be able to give you the scoop.

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  1. LisaR says

    I printed mine up!! My Publix would NOT take Target’s store brand coupons!! glad to see that that is a YES in the Policy!! I printed it up and will bring it with me!!

    • chris r. says

      It will only take a Target coupon IF target is considered a competitor for that specific store, aka target is within 5 miles of the store. You can ask each store who they consider a competitor.

      • Kristin says

        My store has a sign at cs that tells you who the competitors are (by the way Target is listed, and the nearest Target is over 12 miles away – so I don’t think 5 miles is always the rule – we live in a more rural area so people would be willing to drive further since there are not a lot of stores around anyway)

    • ro says

      yep my store wont take any coupons for target brand (market place) or whatever other target brand they have they have told me it has to be the exact item and they don’t sell target products..

  2. Sherri says

    has anyone else had an issue with a store stating the policy is changing and that store is already using the new policy???

    • Danielle says

      I would check with the customer service desk or call the corporate office. I have been shopping with coupons for almost 3 years at Publix and I think their coupon policies are a corporate decision, not a store one.

      • Viv says

        I have the same problem here in Florida! The Pubix is in front of my house, at my store sometimes I have to check with the manager to see, If he’ll allow me to do the transaction.
        So I drive 17 miles to another one that even welcome and hold the books for me! :-)

    • sis2 says

      Gotta choose one. I’d go with the higher value, but if they are the same I would go with Publix. I don’t know how Publix coupons are reimbursed (some may be sponsored by the vendors), but competitor coupons are losses for them.

  3. Shelley says

    Where I live, Target is a competitor because it has a full grocery. My mom lives 25 minutes away and Target is not a competitor because the Target stores near her do not have full groceries. She gets Whole Foods as a competitor though, and I don’t.

    • Laurie says

      I live between two Publix and two Target stores. One Publix with a limited grocery Target within about 5 miles will take Target coupons. The other Publix with a full Target grocery less than 1/2 a mile away will not take Target coupons. It just goes to show that you really have to check with each store. On most items, the Publix near the full grocery Target has higher prices than the other Publix but they have a much larger selection.

  4. Laurie says

    The check out manager pulled my husband aside the other day and although I missed most of the conversation the part I heard really upset me. I was shopping before the 19th so I could use the One Shop, One Stop Publix coupons and purchase at least $50 to get a gas card. I had manufacture coupons on nearly everything and Publix coupons on most items. I had a few Target coupons on items that I did not have Publix coupons for. I was following the rules – one man and one store (not both Publix and Target, just one or the other). The managers complaint was that I was using Publix and Target coupons because neither are reimbursed. I was trying to watch my order and hand the coupons over as the clerk scanned each item (I asked her if that would help and she wanted to do it that way), so I couldn’t participate in the entire manager’s conversation. So basically we had two conversations going on right at the credit card counter. The manager was trying to talk over me and I clearly heard the end of the conversation. She explained to my husband that my coupons were causing Publix to lose money and if Publix didn’t change their policies soon they would have to close the store and she would be out of a job. Then she said she was really worried that she would have to try to find a job in this economy. The clerk immediately jumped in and said, “Wow, you did wonderful. Looked what you saved!” I was still furious and didn’t catch the manager’s name as she had a sweater over he badge. I couldn’t believe it. My husband was upset and wanted me to explain how my couponing worked. He didn’t want me to save a few bucks and cost this poor lady her job. I explained that I had picked up the Publix coupon book from the front turn style right in their own store. I did have both a manuafacture and a store coupon for almost everything but most of the store coupons were Publix coupons. I explained to him it is their policy to allow me to use one of each (a man and store) and I was not doing anything wrong. I explained that if they didn’t want me to use a Publix coupon than they shouldn’t print them and display them for me to pick up. Still upset, thanks for letting me vent.

    • April M. says

      I would call Corporate and tell them what happened. I think what the manager said about your coupon use ultimately costing her her job is untrue but more so completely unprofessional.
      It doesn’t sound like you are misusing coupons and if the manager had something to say about it, she should have addressed you. Still would have been inappropriate.
      You could call the store and ask to speak with the store manager (if it’s not her) or the district manager first.
      I’m sorry that happened. I would be upset too.

  5. jess long says

    My manager said shr is happy about the archer farms target btand coupons! Gives people the chance to get publix brand! I have tried the cheese and the frozen veggies! They also have a frozen chicken coupon I think! Might go well with the sale on publix chicken!

  6. Rebecca Lucianno says

    so I have been told by other bloggers that you can use coupons on free items. for example:

    Buy (2) Degree Men Deodorant, priced 2 for $7
    Buy (2) Clear Men Hair & Scalp, priced $4.99 each
    -Use (2) FREE Clear Men Scalp Therapy when you buy 1 Degree Men product (Limit 2) (RP 9/30/12, expires 10/28/12)
    -Use (1) $3 off $10 worth of participating Unilever Personal Care Products (Publix Green Advantage, expires 10/26/12)
    -Use (2) $1 off 1 Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy product (12.7-12.9 oz.) (Publix Green Advantage, expires 10/26/12)
    Total = $2 for all 4 products!

    Is this correct? I always thought that you could not use the publix 1$ off clear scalp q because the item is free. I even called corporate and they said no q’s on free items. I am not the type that tries to see what I can get by the cashier, I just want to do things the right way! Thanks!

  7. says

    this weekend i had was going after ge lightbulbs that were bogo. i had a manufactors coupon for $2 off 2 and then 2 target coupons worth $2 each. the store (for the first time) would only allow me to use 1 target coupon. even though the coupon was $2/1. and since i got 2 boxes of light bulbs i should have been able to use 2 target coupons. my cashier told me that publix was only allowing 1 coupon from publix/competitor with bogos anymore. anyone else been told that?

    • jennifer w. says

      My publix told me the same thing. they would not allow me to use two separate coupons for a BOGO offer. Is this accurate? the printed coupon policy states that BOGOs, each item is considered a separate sale.

  8. Angie says

    I had issues with my local Publix this past weekend. They told me I could not use a $5 off $50 comp coupon and a gas card coupon unless my total was equal to it. So my comp $5 off total must meet $50 then to use the gas card coupon I need $50 more in groceries. So my total must be $100 then the $50 gas gc. I asked and questioned the cashier, customer svc mgr and store manager. The casher told me a new coupon policy was in effect. He said I am making publix lose money with my $5 off coupons and that they are now cracking down on all the couponers. The customer svc mgr actually handed me a coupon store policy flyer. To which she could not explain to my understanding, why they would not use both. So I spoke with the mgr, he said it states you can’t use both. I read the policy to him and both coupons, to which neither stated on it or in the policy that I could not use them. They refused to use the coupons unless I totaled $100. Does anyone understand this issue or have the new policy around. I can’t find one that states this.

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