Philadelphia Cream Cheese 9¢ At Publix?

Cream Cheese Spread couponRavern emailed to let us know that we should be able to grab a great deal on Philadelphia Cream Cheese at Publix.

We got a a nice 50¢ coupon in the inserts a couple of weeks ago. The 3 oz cubes of cream cheese are $1.09 at Publix. If your store doubles, you'll pay 9¢ per cube.

You know I would have missed this coupon. My paper that week got soaked - I pulled it apart and it is currently sitting in my basement storage room drying out 😉

Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese 3 oz, $1.09
-$0.50/1 Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese Spread 10/14/2012 SS Insert (exp 11/17/2012) 
Only 9¢ if your store doubles. 

I looked on their website and they don't have a category for "Cream Cheese Spread" so I would think that you could use it on any of their cream cheese products including the brick, soft cream cheese, whipped cream cheese, or minis...they are are spreadable - right? I am not an expert on cream cheese so you may have to use your best judgement on this one - tee hee!

If you prefer to use the coupon on the tubs, I believe the 8 oz is around $2.25 at Publix - so $1.25 after coupon.


  1. Dianne says

    The tub of cream cheese is what the coupon is for it is spreadable. The blocks are not spreadable. You could spread it after it gets soft. Any one who cooks knows the different.

      • Patti says

        It is really about whether you cook or not it is about how much you LOVE cream cheese. I know the difference and have cooked with both and both worked out just fine, but if you love it on crackers then the whipped spreads easily.

    • maggiemac says

      Actually the coupon is for cream cheese spread – plain and simple. How one person interprets that may vary and it not based on their ability or inability to cook.

      I SPREAD the brick cream cheese all the time on bagels. I don’t think your argument holds water. I cook with both, spread both and eat both the tub and the brick cheese.

      I also brought up the Philly website and there is not a defined listing for cream cheese spread. Michelle listed the ways they categorize their cream cheese and none include cream cheese spread.

      Bottom line, use the coupon as you see fit and try using your manners. This community is overall very positive until those rare people pop in to act ugly. Disagreements can occur without being nasty.

    • Patty says

      EEEEEWWWWWWW – snotty remarks are soooooo not necessary! I have posted on Kraft’s facebook page about their intended use of the coupon – I will update here when I get a response…..

    • Ashley says

      I asked on their FB wall and this is what they said.

      Philadelphia Cream Cheese Hi Ashley, the coupon is for Philadelphia Cream Cheese Spread, which is the product in the tub. However, if you purchase the brick product, the coupon will still be good.

  2. Miriam says

    Yes, they are for the tubs, not the blocks. The paper has a picture of it. Bummer, I was excited about this one.

  3. Brenna says

    Dianne not everybody knows that and you don’t have to be negative about it. Michelle is just trying to help and I think alot of people appreciate that.

  4. Mary says

    Coupon is definitely for the tubs, not blocks, BUT I DO cook with cream cheese AND i do know that the tubs of spread (as long as it is not the whipped variety) do just fine in recipes, though I wouldn’t use them for a cheesecake by any means.

    • Ashley says

      Philadelphia Cream Cheese Hi Ashley, the coupon is for Philadelphia Cream Cheese Spread, which is the product in the tub. However, if you purchase the brick product, the coupon will still be good.

  5. Jennifer says

    Yay! I was hoping they would go on sale soon! Lol, about the wet paper. I have had to do that before too. When they dry you have stiff coupons. hehe

  6. Ashley w says

    B*tches not welcome here!!! Michelle works hard to show us deals… If you are going to be a nasty hater take it elsewhere!!!

  7. tracey says

    Winn Dixie has the tubs on sale this week for $2.00 each. So if your WD doubles, that’s only a dollar per tub. My WD doesn’t double, I live in FL. But still, its a good deal for down here!! With the holidays coming up, you could go ahead and stock up on cream cheese if you use it in any recipes. My fave holiday recipe is double layer pumpkin cheese cake. It’s a HUUUUGE hit with my family. One layer of pumpkin pie mixed with inst. vanilla pudding and one layer of cream cheese mixture and chill. Its AWESOME! recipe is on

  8. Anonymous says

    I checked with my store and they accepted the coupon for the block and I only paid 9 cent after doubling. Thanks Michelle for posting.

  9. Derpy Hooves says

    I was questioning this deal, also and I put in a phone call to Kraft customer support. I spoke with a lovely representative who looked it up and she said the coupon IS good on both tubs and bricks.

    • Miriam says

      I guess it all depends on your cashier then. I had such a nasty cashier last time, I doubt she’d accept this. Thanks for sharing, though.

      • Derpy Hooves says

        You’re welcome. It’s just something I always do with YMMV deals. She even said at first “I’ll check and make sure but I’m pretty certain it will be for just the tubs.” Then after a sec she goes “You know what? It IS good for the bricks, also. How about that?”
        Then, I excitedly snatched up my inserts and discovered we didn’t get the coupon here LOL

  10. Jenn says

    Don’t forget about the “On Course to Fight Hunger” Winn Dixie booklet that was mentioned a couple of weeks ago. It had a $1/1 MQ for 8 oz. or larger Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

  11. Rhonda says

    Say you promise this is an argument!!!! Coupon clearly says any cream cheese spread! I believe whether in a tub or block you can spread cream cheese on a bagel or whatever! Lets not be analytical here!!

  12. Traci says

    I think there is a difference, to be labelled “cream cheese” it has to have pretty specific ingredients to meet USDA requirements. The spreadable stuff and flavored varieties have to be labelled “cream cheese spread” because they have additives and additional ingredients that are outside of the definition of cream cheese. But who knows? Maybe the coupon is coded to work on either or you could make a convincing argument that it’s confusing!

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